About Us

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Lyvia & Anna are two aspiring foodies from Perth, Western Australia, that have long desires to work with food. They first met in high school in the northern suburbs of Perth, and have had a long friendship spanning 12 years. Since entering the next chapter of their lives after high school, they have become more passionate about food. Fast forward to post-university, the endless amounts of food photos on their personal Instagrams and Facebooks and desire to try every restaurant in Perth has inspired them to share their photos and stories.

Anna is a twenty-something year old, born and raised in Perth, who is unable to stay still in one place. She loves to travel, and has visited mainly Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. She loves her fashion, and dreams of one day opening her own bakery selling sweet delectables. She is also passionate about interior decor and styling, plants, and DIY, and is always constantly updating her new house. She currently works as a part-time registered nurse at a major hospital. You can follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

Lyvia is also a twenty-something year old, who spent the first five years of her life living in the mining town of Telfer before moving to Perth. Apart from her obvious obsession with food, she is a bit of a movie buff having absorbed random irrelevant details about the latest films that are coming out and also enjoys the odd novel. Lyvia dreams of eating Anna’s bakery to bankruptcy in the future but for now is stuck in her day job as a paediatric speech pathologist, working with young children with disabilities such as Autism and Global Developmental Delay. You can follow her on Instagram.

Together the two are planning to conquer the growing Perth food scene restaurant by restaurant,  resulting in potential long-term obesity but overall exemplary quality of life.

Read more about us on our introduction post.


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