Best Brunch Dishes of 2016

Frisch & Barc (Como)

Brunch. The greatest meal of the day, served best with sunshine and friends on a Sunday morning. Perth’s brunch scene has expanded significantly over the last couple of years, with new joints popping up left, right and centre (to growing competition).

With competition comes an explosive repertoire of twists on classic breakfast dishes. There is certainly nothing displeasing with the humble scrambled eggs on toast, but there is something special and exciting (if not photogenically pleasing) about a unique and inventive brunch dish.

Here is a complied list of some favourites over the past year:

Frisch & Barc (Como)

Angus Corner Beef Potato Hash (Frisch & Barch)

Frisch and Barc’s answer to breakfast: a thick, crispy round of shredded potato, a curl of Angus corned beef hash and something relatively healthy in the form of some pan fried kale. The sriracha soy was deliciously sweet, sour and salty all at once with a bit of heat! With fantastic service (smiles all around from the Frisch & Barc team), a glam interior and an epic crab omelette and pandan custard French toast, Frisch and Barc is one of the best things to happen for breakfast fiends in Perth.

Mary Street Bakery (Mount Lawley)

MBS Smoked Salmon w Slow Cooked Egg (Mary Street Bakery) 

Mary Street Bakery in Mount Lawley has always been one of my favourite, ever reliable places to take my family to for a breakfast feed. The MBS Smoked Salmon is a relatively healthy dish to crack into if you don’t want anything too heavy (aka the next dish below) too early in the morning. Highlights from the dish are the river of gold erupting from the gelatinous slow cooked egg, the zestiness from the lime, the crunch of the fennel, the daubs of avocado and the mini potato rosti off to the side.

Mary Street Bakery (Mount Lawley)

Chicken & Waffles (Mary Street Bakery) 

Don’t feel like something light? Suffering from an epic hangover? Mary Street Bakery is here to lend you a helping hand. Their chicken and waffles have always been one of my favourite ever dishes in Perth, period. The crunch of the buttermilk chicken (which is always cooked to perfection), check. The crispiness of the pancakes, check. Best of all is the syrup swirling at the base of the plate, which is worthy enough to be mopped up by the remains of any carb related object left on the plate.

Nunam (Northbridge)

Son in Law Eggs w Scallops (Nunam) 

All the accolades for Nunam. This Northbridge beauty has such an amazing array of Asian fusion breakfast dishes on offer, including pig ears with fried eggs, a hot bowl of congee & this epic dish of son in law eggs. The eggs are crumbed on the outside with a wonderfully gooey egg inside. Everything is splashed with a hit of the sticky, tangy and sweet dressing. The (generously sized) coconut rice cake is fantastically caramelised on all sides, bordered by thick, juicy slabs of watermelon. The scallops are predictably delectable, seared to perfection.

Secondeli Cafe (Inglewood)

Coconut Pancakes (Secondeli Cafe) 

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of desiccated coconut, but I adore these pancakes. We visited Secondeli Cafe in their early days and was impressed with their service and food. Efficient, friendly and bubbly waitstaff bring to your table some great food, including a killer rendition of your simple pancakes. The pancakes don’t need too many embellishments – a slight crunch and nuttiness from the coconut, a swirl of salted caramel sauce, a side dish of whipped cream & a couple of fresh bananas perched on top to complete the dish.

Cecchi’s (Ingelwood)

Pane Doro with House Bacon (Cecchi’s) 

I don’t think Cecchi’s has ever put a foot wrong whenever I’ve visited. Pane doro is a sweet Italian bread, which in this instance was thick cut and fried into a French toast style dish. The house cured bacon was crispy along the edge, the apple chutney stewed to perfection, a slab of gooey Asiago cheese sandwiched in between two slices of pane doro. The flask of maple syrup to the side was magical too.

Harvest Espresso (Victoria Park)

 Riz Au Lait (Harvest Espresso)

Breakfast trips to Harvest Espresso have always been memorable. Their chocolate tart, coconut mango bread, prawn rolls and French toasts have always been stuff of legends. The Riz Au Lait is their interpretation of a chilled rice pudding, not a dish from your typical breakfast fare inventory. The Riz Au Lait was beautifully light, served with a perfectly poached pear. Add in the crunch of the vanilla tuille and the salted caramel-like blobs of the roasted white chocolate cremeux, this was a memorable finish to our brunch feast (of chicken ballotines and sweetbreads!).

IMG_8396 2

Brisket Benedict (Tbsp)

Memories of pulling apart the beautifully soft pulled beef at this consistently packed Bayswater gem of a cafe still linger in my mind. The beer braised onions mingled with the creamy hollandaise sauce and any residue spillage from our duo of slowed cooked eggs. And in case all of that didn’t fill you up, then the ciabatta toast was there to do the trick.


French Toast (Asado)

Whoever decided that dipping bread in egg and throwing on a flaming pan for breakfast is a certified genius. Asado does a great version: their french toast is encrusted in cinnamon sugar, perched atop a thick swirl of dulce de leche and served with strawberries. If you are into dessert breakfast and feel like something sweet then Asado’s is a win.

Of course, this is not a definitive list and is subject to more change over the next couple of months! What are your favourite brunch dishes?

– L.


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