Chefz Table is the right kind of surprise

Chefz Table, East Perth

Note: Chefz Table has sadly closed, which is so unfortunate in the Perth food scene. Hopefully there will be a similar restaurant in the future. 

Word around the street was that there was a restaurant in Perth that created a menu based on the ingredients you wanted to eat, set at a price that you give them. It was definitely intriguing, and somewhere I wanted to take my boyfriend for a surprise birthday dinner. So I did my research, which included watching a review by Rob Broadfield on Youtube. I needed more information on what Chefz Table was all about. The chefs at Chefz Table loves a bit of a challenge, so you can inform them of your likes, dislikes, and preferences, all to your heart’s content. For us, his selection included at least 70% of the dish to have meat (for my meat loving boyfriend), chocolate, mash of any vegetable variety, and absolutely no seafood or bones. Mine was rather more simple, which included lots of seafood, fruity desserts, no raw food, and no chilli or spicy food.

I reserved a table for two on their website for the Chefz Table Experience, and they emailed me back the next day advising me of the process of how things run, including an example of preferences. In addition to the preferences list, I included a budget of up to $140 per head (their prices start at $125 per head). You can add wine matching but we opted out. You need to pay a deposit beforehand, which can be done over the phone. Better yet, Chefz Table was in the 2014 Entertainment Book! Now, it was time to wait!

Amuse Bouche

When we arrived, we were the only ones there. We were taken to our table, and immediately recognised the waiter, who happened to be one of the best waiters we’ve ever had. We were happy to see him, and he recognised us too — we briefly caught up before our amuse bouche arrived. I can’t remember too much about it but it had broccoli in it, and it was kept rather simple. As I am not a huge fan of the “frothy” texture, I wasn’t too fond of this amuse bouche. There wasn’t really too much to this dish.

My boyfriend’s similar dish without seafood
Scallops entree

As my boyfriend and I had different requests (a major one being our seafood differences), my first dish was a scallops entree, which was served next to a bed of an apple slaw. The slaw was crunchy and tangy which worked well with the simple taste of the scallops. The scallops were perfectly cooked, as well.

Can’t quite remember what was in this dish!
Fish dish


My next dish was another seafood number, with both poached fish and panfried fish. The panfried fish was not as crispy as I hoped it would be, but had a nice semi-salted skin on top. There was tapioca on the dish which was an interesting choice, in my opinion.

Lamb main dish

Our next main dish arrived that featured lamb — our favourite! There was surprisingly a lot more meat than what it looked like, and we were pleased.  The lamb was soft and pulled apart so effortlessly. The peas had an earthy taste to it. We were told the interesting piece of meat on the top was lamb bacon, which was something we had not come across before. It was delicious! Both our dishes had lamb and so my boyfriend loved his lamb dish.

Beef main dish

Next up was easily our favourite dish of the night — beef! The beef was absolutely perfect in the middle; tender, and absolutely full of flavour. There could have been more of the sauce, though, as the amount that was on the plate was definitely not sufficient.

Orange and Beetroot Tea


Our palate cleanser looked more like a candle in a teacup, but it was in fact orange and beetroot tea. Hot water was poured into the cup so that the orange and beetroot can infuse. As we waited, we could smell the scent of the tea infusion, which was tantalising our tastebuds! We mixed the tea around once it was ready, and sipped the hot tea. The beetroot taste was more distinctive than the orange, but overall, the tea wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be, but it was still nice to have.

Happy birthday!


Inside the chocolate cake with layers of cake and chocolate ganache!

To be honest, I slipped in the email a mention that this dinner occasion was a surprise birthday dinner for my boyfriend, because I had heard that they give out birthday cakes. So I was anxiously waiting all night, hoping it would come out… and it did! My boyfriend was mighty surprised. We were able to take the rest of the small cake home, which was nice.

Chocolate Fondant.

My boyfriend loves chocolate fondant, so he was happy when he saw this given to him. Inside oozed our the gooey warm chocolate with the salted caramel sauce. It was to-die-for.

Chocolate Pannacotta

My dessert came in the form of chocolate pannacotta. I love my pannacotta, but I had never had chocolate pannacotta before. I requested that I love fruity desserts, so they scattered different versions of strawberries all over the plate — dehydrated strawberries, which were so crunchy as if it were strawberry chips that was still tangy in flavour. The macerated or drunken strawberries were delicious. Chocolate and strawberries are always a match made in heaven.

Petit Four.

The final dessert was a plate of petit fours, included white chocolate truffle that was interesting and delicious, and a chocolate “brownie”,  which was rich in chocolate but otherwise very nice.

It was definitely a unique experience, especially in Perth where the concept is pretty much non-existent, It’s not for the average diner, so it’s quite expensive for what you get (small degustation portions). Their creativity is unique and exciting, and I almost felt bad for the chefs with our picky requests, but they’ve probably had worse, and they do love the challenge! My boyfriend still remembers the experience 7 months later, and I’m sure he’ll remember it for the rest of his life. The service was impeccable and friendly. Couples began to arrive after we were seated, which was nice as I thought we were the only diners for the night! Some people had ordered the set menu which looked just as delicious.

I’m so sad that Chefz Table has now closed. I’m not sure of the reason why — maybe the concept didn’t take off as well as they hoped? Too expensive? Who knows. I just hope there will be something new that they open up because I would be there in a heartbeat.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Address: Fairlanes Building, Unit 1b 181 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004


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  • Chefz Table closed down mid-2014.

– A.


One thought on “Chefz Table is the right kind of surprise

  1. Such a shame this place closed, I’d heard such great things! Sometimes I really need to get to my wishlist restaurants faster :)

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