Sweetly spoilt by Baked 180

Baked 180, Girrawheen

If there’s one thing that everyone likes, it’s cupcakes. How could you get sad at those little sweet morsels sitting there, ready to be eaten? It was an offer that we couldn’t refuse when David and Jenny from Baked 180 kindly invited the Savour The Moment team to come and try their cupcakes. We had heard of Baked 180 before, having seen them at this year’s Taste of Perth Festival whilst ogl-ing over their Maple Bacon Cupcakes (holy cow!) and through word-of-mouth after they had catered for a corporate event. Co-founder Jenny had a passion for baking and initially started in their family kitchen. Her and David started selling cupcakes at university whilst studying (David studied Engineering and Jenny studied Law) and took orders from their customers. Things had taken off with their small business, but they knew it was time to expand. They took over the reigns of a small, run down, and empty what-used-to-be-a-local-fish-and-chip shop, and turned the space into their own kitchen with a small dining area. It’s hard work having to work every weekday at the store and making deliveries, whilst running their stall at the Subiaco Farmers Market every Saturday morning, then catching up on some loose ends on Sunday, before doing it all over again. Now they are looking to move to a new and bigger kitchen, as well as opening a small stall at a major shopping centre. We could see they were proud of what they had accomplished, and it has paid off.

The countertop at Baked 180 is on point.

On one sunny afternoon after stuffing (accidentally) ourselves silly for lunch at Lot Six Zero in Innaloo, we booked ourselves in for ‘dessert’ over at Baked 180 at their Girrawheen store. David and Jenny presented us with their babycakes that were on offer for that day plus some extras – Cookies and Crème, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Chai and Honey, Choc Orange, Cookie Dough, German Chocolate Cake, Lavender and Lemon, Vanilla Vanilla and Carrot Cake (only A could have it).  They all looked so amazing and so pretty – all beautifully decorated with pretty buttercream and garnishes that they have added with their special touch. Their babycakes are priced at $2.20, and their cupcakes are $4, coming in both all year flavours and seasonal flavours.

Let the tasting begin! Cookies and creme on the front left.

Cookies and Crème (all year flavour): Oreo vanilla cake, frosted with Oreo buttercream, sprinkled with crushed Oreo biscuits, and drizzled with dark chocolate.

  • A – The Oreo vanilla cake was moist and delicious, putting in the Oreo in the cake gave it a nice addition other than a vanilla or chocolate cake. The cupcake wasn’t overly sweet as other cookies and creme cupcakes can be.
  • L – Cookies and Cream was my favourite ice cream flavour growing up, and having it in cupcake format was icing on the cake (pardon the pun). The best thing about Baked 180’s version was that it had specks of Oreo cookies stirred through the base, making it a delectable little treat!
Red Velvet (all year round)

Red Velvet (all year round): Light, red Belgian cocoa buttermilk cake, frosted with cream cheese and sprinkled with red velvet crumbs.

  • A – Had the distinct rich cocoa taste with a delicious cream cheese frosting that was simple but tasted like a luxurious cupcake.
  • L – Not excessively sweet, light and fluffy cream cheese icing, and vibrant in ruby red, the Red Velvet was another winner for the team! It also happened to be my mum’s favourite flavour of all the big cupcakes we took as take away.
Salted Caramel on the front left.
Check out that delicious drizzle of salted caramel…

Salted Caramel (all year round): Housemade salted caramel inside our Belgian chocolate cake, and drizzled over salted caramel buttercream, sprinkled with a touch of naturally pink Murray River sea salt flakes.

  • A – This was a favourite of ours as you can’t go wrong with salted caramel! We were happily surprised to see a dollop of salted caramel inside the cake. The cupcake was sweet, the caramel could be salted a bit more – still get hints of salt from the delicious pink Murray River sea salt flakes.
  • L – Ditto from A’s commentary, the salted caramel was probably my second favourite of the whole lot! There was a nice balance of salt and honeyed sweetness from the salted caramel sauce, and it looked mesmerising drizzled across the cupcake.
Chai and Honey (seasonal flavour)

Chai and Honey (seasonal flavour): Chai tea cake filled with smooth honey, frosted with chai tea buttercream, drizzled with more honey, and sprinkled with chai tea leaves.

  • A – Chai tea is my go-to drink, and this flavour was one of my favourites. Reminded me of the carrot cake because of the spices but it was even better. Wasn’t too sweet which was good because that means I could have more than one. No drizzle with honey but there was some inside which completed the whole chai and honey experience.
  • L – Chai is one of my favourite flavours, exotic and aromatic with hints of spice, sugar and cinnamon. The honey was a bonus, snuck in the centre of the cupcake – there was a nice crunch from the tea leaves sprinkled on top too.

Choc Orange (seasonal flavour): Zesty orange and Belgian chocolate cake, frosted with orange zest cream cheese and dark chocolate pearls.

  • A – Strong punch of orange as soon as you take a bite, especially if you only take a bite with the orange zest! Choc orange can be overpowering but Baked 180 limits that overpowering taste with a noticeably lesser amount of the cream cheese.
  • L – I am not a huge fan of the chocolate and orange combination, but I certainly appreciated the execution of Baked 180’s choc orange cupcake. The chocolate cupcake was dark and rich, contrasting dramatically with the zing and zest of the orange icing. The icing had heaps of flavour, and was pretty potent!
Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour)
Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour)
Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour)

Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour): Eggless cookie dough stuffed into our vanilla cupcakes, frosted with cookie dough buttercream, and topped with choc chip cookie crumbs.

  • A – A special take on a vanilla cake with cookie dough inside the vanilla cake, that fans who love eating cookie dough batter would love. Not too sweet but still tasty for those that don’t like overly sweet cupcakes.
  • L – If you weren’t one of those kids who ever ate raw cookie batter or licked the cake bowl, then you were missing out on an essential childhood experience. The cupcake flavour was a throwback to those good days, a moist vanilla cupcake containing a pocket of raw cookie dough, and topped with a swirl of icing, as well as some soft, crumbly shards of chocolate chip cookies. So good!
German Chocolate Cake in the front center.

German Chocolate Cake (seasonal flavour): Sweet and sticky coconut and pecan filling in our classic Belgian chocolate cake, frosted with vanilla buttercream, topped with a shard of pecan brittle.

  • A – The filling had that rich chocolate taste that chocolate lovers would absolutely love. The cupcake was beautifully dressed with a shard of pecan brittle that wow-ed us. The coconut garnished on top of the buttercream gave the added strong punch of flavour even with just a few pieces.
  • L – If you like Bounty chocolates, then this is the one for you – rich chocolate cupcake, permeated with veins of sticky coconut and crushed pecans. It looks a treat too!
Lavender and Lemon (seasonal flavour)
That lemon curd!

Lavender and Lemon (seasonal flavour): Light lavender cake, filled with our housemade lemon curd, frosted with lightly tinted purple cream cheese, sprinkled with culinary lavender, and a dollop of more lemon curd.

  • A – My other favourite cupcake for the day! I couldn’t taste the lavender very well in this which was a shame but the lemon curd was absolutely divine – I LOVE lemon curd. There was lemon curd inside and dolloped on top so the cupcake had so much flavour to it. This cupcake would be so perfect for a baby shower!
  • L – My number one flavour of all the cupcakes! Lavender is a beautiful hue, and when combined with lemon curd it can be an unstoppable flavour (whilst also looking beautiful). I loved the tartness and sweetness of the curd, and not only was it found on top of the icing, but also in the middle of our cupcake. Highly recommended!

Vanilla Vanilla (all year round): Fluffy Madagascan bourbon vanilla cake frosted with creamy vanilla buttercream, and sprinkled with rainbow confetti sprinkles.

  • A – I thought this cupcake was rather average and simple as vanilla can be. Not too much to say about this cupcake, except it would be nice to have with a hot cup of tea.
  • L – Vanilla cupcakes are seem to be deceptively straightforward, but it shows how the very basics can be done well. The base wasn’t excessively sugary, the texture of the cupcake was airy, but not too dry, and the icing was spot on. There was a nice crunch from the rainbow sprinkles too.
Carrot Cake at the very front next to the German Chocolate Cake.

Carrot Cake (seasonal flavour): Moist carrot, warm cinnamon spice, and walnut cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

  • A – A classic flavour that was full of cinnamon spice in the moist carrot and walnut cake. The cream cheese frosting was delicious and the white chocolate in the cream cheese made it more sweeter and richer in flavour, which was nice.
How amazing in their branding logo? Love.

To top off our wonderful experience, we decided to take a few of our favourites back home to share with our precious loved ones. We selected two of the Chai and Honey, one Red Velvet, and one of the Salted Caramel. Jenny and David were generous enough to give them to us complimentary – we couldn’t believe our luck! And the surprises didn’t end there….

So sweet!

Just as our cupcakes were being delicately placed in their secure Baked 180 container, David brought out a giant box, patterned with the Baked 180 logo. Best of all was the beautiful note attached to the box: “Thank you Lyvia and Anna for coming down and trying our cupcakes. We love Savour The Moment! From the Baked 180 Team.” The message brought a huge smile to each of our faces – it was the perfect touch to a wonderful cupcake-tasting experience. If that didn’t convince us that food blogging was such a promising and rewarding venture for us both, then nothing would!

How to share this between us!?!


Low and behold, we returned home to open our present, and found even more cupcakes, all lined up and ready to be eaten. We now had the dilemma of splitting the cupcakes between us (amidst multiple photo styling shots), but luckily that was resolved quickly, and we had enough cupcakes to last us for the next couple of days.

A final thank you to Jenny, David and the rest of the Baked 180 team for inviting us, for telling us your special story, for the cupcake tasting session, and of course the present and the special note that came with it (it will be a prized memento in our blogging keepsake box!). Their packaging is beautiful in brown and turquoise, and they boast seasonal flavours which will keep us all on the lookout for what’s hot on the flavour scene.

Thanks David and Jenny!

Baked 180 is the perfect option if you are looking for a sweet catering option for a special occasion, and if you have the time, pop into their cafe for some dine in options – cupcakes and coffee is always the best way to go!

No current rating as the food was complimentary :)

Address: 6/1 Tonkin Place, Girrawheen W.A 6064
Website: http://baked180.com.au

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  • Baked 180 is open Monday to Friday 7am until 4pm (but closes at 2pm on Fridays) and is at Subiaco Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am until 12pm. The cafe is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Their cafe is small that fits roughly about 10 people so feel free to take away!
  • As aforementioned, Baked 180 do seasonal flavours to mix it up a bit. Visit their website to see what they’re baking for the season!
  • Baked 180 is currently popping up at Food Amongst The Flowers at Claremont Quarter (located in The Lane opposite Lucioli) from July 9th, 2015, and is open Thursdays and Fridays (10am to late) and Saturdays (8am to 2pm). From August 2015, they will also be showing up at Inglewood on Beaufort (Beaufort Street Monday Night Market) every Monday night from 6pm to 9pm.

– L + A.


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