So A Little Bird Told Me…

Little Bird Café, Northbridge

Loungin' around
Loungin’ around

The best thing about having foodie friends is that they can often give you brilliant recommendations. A few of them had rave things to say about Little Bird Café in Northbridge, so I was keen to give this little corner café on Newcastle and Lake St a chance. It just so happened that my group of friends and I had decided to organise a quick catch up during lunchtime (on a work day too – adventurous!).

Steak Sandwich
Steak Sandwich ($17.90)

I followed the footsteps of my friend’s boyfriend and grabbed the steak sandwich ($17.90). It was so unbelievably good. There was a time in my life where all I would order at cafés would be steak sandwiches – since the craze, I haven’t really ordered as many (I tend to overdose on certain types of food), but this one was a revelation in my mouth. Juicy, tender beef fillet, with a slurry of caramelised onion. Rocket popped out from the sides and the sourdough bread was buttery and lightly toasted. I could not stop, bite after bite.

Lamb Burger ($14.50)

The lamb burger ($14.50) had a chewy bun, with a touch of crustiness to it, which was easily squashed to sandwich the tender lamb patty. The lamb patty crumbed easily in the mouth and was a touch pink inside. Ginormous slices of cucumber and avocado laid inside (the avo was a smart addition – I usually don’t like greens, but when integrated as such, I have no particular qualms). The house made chutney was fantastic, sweet, tangy and packed with fresh tomatoes. You could tell it was the real deal.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Peanut Cake ($6.50)

I also got a slice of the salted caramel chocolate peanut cake ($6.50) – a combination of all my favourite things in life. The slice was hands down the single biggest slice of cake I have consumed in my life. Thankfully, there were three people on hand to devour it. The popcorn on top had a salty, crunchy caramel coating and peanuts specked the top. The chocolate ganache was rich, but the cake itself wasn’t a diabetic shock – it was rather crumbly and dense (rather than moist), which actually worked in our favour, because it broke up the richness of the peanut butter icing sandwiched in between each layer.

Cakes galore!
Cakes galore!
Cinnamon cake
Cinnamon Cake with Orange Maple Buttercream ($6.50)

The cinnamon cake with orange maple buttercream ($6.50) was a four tier monster – cloud-like sponge, the cinnamon not too prominent. Sugar speckled icing was slicked in between each layer and smeared on top. The candied orange was surprisingly soft, and sticky sweet. I ate it from the bottom up (don’t ask me why, I just felt like it), which seriously affected the structural integrity of the cake. A mammoth amount of fresh cream lay off to the side – it was a bit too runny for my liking, but the top had been sprinkled with this sugary crumb, which reminded me of the caramelisation you get on top of a crème brûlée.

Take away smoothie for the road
Take away strawberry smoothie for the road!

The strawberry smoothie I ordered as a take away supplement tasted just like the ones I use to make at home, when I was going on an all-liquid diet (projecting note to future self – don’t try that fad diet again… it turned me into Godzilla). It was a good $8 at Little Bird (collective gasp), but it had my favourite combination of strawberry, milk, banana and raw honey. I think I will just have to succumb to the fact that drinks with fresh fruit, like smoothies and thickshakes, are always going to be around the $7/$8 mark in Perth…

Help yourself to free water (with a fruity twist)!

I had the misconception that Little Bird Café was all about the health food/raw food craze. I couldn’t have been more wrong – whilst there were definitely items catered for the health conscious, there was plenty on the menu to keep the rest of us entertained food wise. Big plates of man food for me, for example. The variety across the board was very inviting!

The interior had a very autumn feel about it, warm hues with a striking splash of violet and forest green. There were plastic winter berries inside containers of coffee beans, and a bird motif flowing throughout the café, with a large spacious place to eat and dine, or to grab a quick coffee with mates. It’s also delightfully sunny inside, with floor to ceiling windows, making you feel that all is right with the world.

Splattered picture!
Splattered picture!

Service is down-to-earth and enthusiastic here at Little Bird. They give service with a smile, which is always great to see, and you can tell they go out of their way to please customers. There are pitchers of water here too, with glasses for self service. Not ordinary water by the way – jugs bobbing with fresh strawberries, mint, orange or lemon slices (whatever you fancy). With food to suit anyone, and some seriously killer cakes, Little Bird Café is a brilliant place to catch up with friends or workmates. A great spot for any kind of meal!

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Address: 100 Lake Street, Northbridge 6000


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  • Open for breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm.
  • Little Bird Cafe does an all day breakfast including buckwheat pancakes, granola and a sweet potato hash!
  • Free wifi available inside!
  • No reservations, walk in’s welcome.

– L.


6 thoughts on “So A Little Bird Told Me…

  1. Those cakes look massive! Have you ever been to P.S Cafe in Singapore? They have this chocolate blackout cake which is mammoth-sized and your entire month’s worth of calories is contained within one slice!

    1. They were huge slices!! Definitely a more-than-one-person job ;). I’ll be in Singapore very soon for a holiday, so I will be sure to head down there for some cake. Thanks for the recommendation!
      – L.

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