Sugar & Spice… And All Things Nice!

Sugar & Nice, Inglewood

Welcome to one of the best  afternoon places on Beaufort!
Welcome to one of the best afternoon places on Beaufort Street!

There are several essential things you need in order to be a good food blogger and having a decent camera is one of them. Sadly, I have the absolute worst luck with technology – many things (i.e. laptops, desktops, printers, iPads etc., the list goes on) have died on me during the most inconvenient of times, usually out of the blue. This particular day, it was my digital camera, my Canon 650D. For someone who had food plans all weekend, this was a category one disaster – not having an adequate camera to take good food photos would lead to all sorts of frustrating situations.

Take a seat inside
Take a seat inside…

The Canon’s lens had decided to malfunction, meaning that I had to quickly duck into JB Hi Fi in Malaga to grab a replacement. The staff at JB Hi Fi are seriously some of the nicest, most helpful people in the business – they recommended me a quality single lens, whilst I waited for my new one to come in, which fitted easily on my camera. Just in time too – I was going on an eating spree that week, so I needed to sufficiently prepare myself, for what would be imminent snap shots of food, and me constantly saying, “could you please move your arm/hand/empty plate/mobile phone/face AWAY from the camera.” Thank you.

That mesmerising front counter….
That mesmerising front counter….

In addition, my sister and I had our My Kitchen Rules instant restaurant that night. It was a fun event that my friend had organised between eight of my closest friends, and was sure to stack on the pressures of expectation, such as cooking to order and plating presentation. My sister and I had done a lot of prep work that morning, so after grabbing my camera lens, we decided to try out Sugar & Nice, which had barely been open a week. A baby! Despite this, I had an inkling that it was going to be wonderful – and I was pretty accurate in my projection.

Just a few trinkets inside!
Just a few trinkets inside!

The interior designer of Sugar and Nice leaves plenty to be pleased about – it’s gorgeous! Delicate, feminine, but with a playful feel. The booths were dark grey, fitted with yellow spots that looked like buttons. They matched with the yellow and white striped wallpaper too! My sister had turned her keen eye to the front counter, a layout which was like something taken out of a modern American kitchen – white tiles on the walls, patterned floral counters in powder blue, glass cabinets and china cake stands. Flowers jazzed up the ambience, and the whole place was dimly lit. It was all rather romantic and intimate! Best of all was the great merchandise surrounding the shelves towards the back, an assortment of jewellery, accessories and hand care products.

Hot ginger tea
Hot ginger tea

To start off with, I had some hot ginger tea (which is always the best kind of herbal to have with any cake-based treat). It came in a little pot and was hot, heady and aromatic. My brother had a hot chocolate that was downed in mere minutes (no surprise there) and my sister had a latte. The barista had worked her magic for both the latte and hot chocolate – the milk had an even, silky consistency with a decent amount of froth for both. My sister’s latte even displayed a brave attempt at latte art – a beautiful heart.

Red Velvet Cupcake ($4.50)
Red Velvet Cupcake ($4.50)

My sister and I shared one of the red velvet cupcakes ($4.50). I used to work at a cupcake shop and remember devouring one a many cupcakes during my days there – they were buttery, dense things that were packed with sugar. Luckily, the ones at Sugar and Nice were contrary to these typical features. The red velvet cupcake was exquisitely light and fluffy inside, ruby in colour and not excessively saccharine. There was a cloud of icing on top, reaching up for the sky, which sadly was a little grainy with sugar. However, the icing was thoughtfully sprinkled with crumbs of the red velvet cake, just to add to the decoration!

Cookies & Cream Brownie Slice ($)
Cookies & Cream Blondie ($5)
Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

The cookies and cream blondie ($5) was worth every cent. It was this delicious slab of chunky, crumbling, brownie–like concoction which again, wasn’t too sweet. I loved its marbled pattern and the shards of oreos embedded on the top. So very good, one of the best slices I’ve had for a long time!

Salted Caramel Slice ($)
Salted Caramel Slice ($3.50)

My sister also had the salted caramel slice ($3.50) which was a tri-layer of biscuit, caramel and chocolate. The salted caramel was on the ball – gooey, oozy, golden, with flecks of salt. The chocolate on top was fudge-y and rich, the base easy to plough through. There were rows of salted caramel slices encased in the glass, set on marble slabs, twinkling at us tantalisingly.

One more of the interior decor!
One more of the interior decor!

The only problems I have about Sugar and Nice are all future foreseeable predicaments (and rather selfish ones), with none of them being particularly negative. I have a feeling that Sugar and Nice is going to be so popular in the coming weeks and months, that soon I will be unable to find a table in the quaint little cake shop. Will they expand? Will I have to resort to take away? Will I be able to try everything on their menu? #firstworldproblems

Just another day!
Just another day!

What is there to love about Sugar & Nice? Lots. Heaps. Loads! Sugar and Nice has a great ambience – an eccentric décor, which is wielded with a touch of dainty class. It’s cozy with sexy jazz and blue tunes playing in the background. The service is friendly and comfortable, with happy smiles. The slices, cupcakes, bread and almond balls are gorgeously presented and taste wonderful. They also do rose chocolate and baci if you are up for a chocolate fix. Sugar & Nice would make a fantastic high tea place, or for a lovely catch up with friends. I can’t wait to show off Sugar & Nice to everyone I know!

The unmistakeable shade!
The unmistakeable shade!

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Address: 882 Beaufort St, Inglewood 6052


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  • Sugar & Nice is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, Saturday from 8am to 5pm, and Sunday from 8am to 4pm.
  • They have a coffee window open from 7am (Monday to Friday) if you need a pick-me-up!
  • They also do cakes, cupcakes and macarons for birthdays, tea parties and other events!
  • Walk in’s only!

– L.


3 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice… And All Things Nice!

  1. Something similar happened to me last year! I managed to destroy both my lenses within a week or so of each other… Meaning I was touring Europe without a useable DSLR. Was my own fault though, I’ve dropped it soo many times

      1. I’ve got to say those lenses experienced quite a bit of dropping over the course of several years. Marble tiled bathroom floors are obviously a disadvantage of staying at luxury hotels as far as comfortably dropping your camera is concerned… I’m trying to be more careful these days but I miss the feeling of thinking they were pretty robust because I don’t want my camera to bother me in any way, which is why I’m anti-tripod & don’t own a camera case

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