Coffee at 1905 in Northbridge!

1905 Coffee on Newcastle, Northbridge

Inspiration for places to eat usually comes in the form of social media or via word of mouth. Occasionally, I’ll happen to be walking down a street and a little café or restaurant will pop up, immediately rousing me to stick it down on the “must go” list. This was the case for 1905 Coffee on Newcastle – it was a place that I had been past numerous times before, as my friend used to live in the block of apartments just across the road. When it came time to choose a quick lunch spot, I recalled my bestie and I meandering around the Northbridge area, hoping to grab some Chinese groceries for her steamboat party and stumbling across 1905 Coffee on Newcastle. Hence it came to be my target lunch spot for the day!

Hey there 1905!
Hey there 1905!

The best thing about 1905 is its serenity. Newcastle Street is one of the quieter streets during a weekday in the Northbridge area, with only a few cars zooming down the street, compared to the jam packed William Street nearby it. The inside of the cafe was packed with empty chairs and tables, so I grabbed a menu and sat down, peering over the breakfast section. There were a short list of items to choose from drink and food wise, as well as some tasty options in the glass cabinet at the front counter.

pancakes with chopped strawberries
Pancakes with chopped strawberries ($13.50)

The pancakes with chopped strawberries, banana, maple syrup and a side of whipped cream ($13.50) was a strong recommendation from the man at the counter. It didn’t take long to come out and I was instantly spellbound by it. The crepes were paper thin and just like the one’s dad makes at home, with a light crunch on the very edges of the pancake. Cafes often think they can get away with using aged fruits with pancakes, but 1905 happily deviated from that notion, the dish boasting some suitably fresh banana and slices of strawberry. The maple syrup was splashed delicately across the plate and dusted with a flurry of icing sugar. Once I started eating them, I couldn’t stop – they were so good (and I wasn’t particularly hungry either!). They were addictive.

Rose Tea ($)
Persian Rose Tea ($4)

I also ordered a pot of Persian Rose tea ($4), a strong black brew with hints of rose flavouring in it. It stayed hot for a good hour or so, as I sipped through it. It also gave me time to check out my surroundings! The outlay of 1905 Coffee on Newcastle is rather contemporary and classy. The high ceilings and white washed alfresco area makes it the ultimate Northbridge café, providing an aura of spaciousness. It reminded me of a condensed version of Country Road Café in the CBD, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Toasted pumpkin, spinach and feta baguette ($7.50)
Toasted pumpkin, spinach and feta baguette ($7.50)

For lunch I also ordered a toasted pumpkin, spinach and feta baguette ($7.50) from the counter. The pumpkin was thinly sliced, the spinach wilted, with curls of sun dried tomato housed in a crusty baguette. The morsels of crumbling feta fell everywhere as soon as I took a monster bite, as did tiny bits of mustard seed. It was a decent size too, sliced in half for easy consumption and a sure one for the vegetarians!


Service was fantastic at 1905 – everyone was very friendly and approachable, especially the man at the counter. Free wifi password needed? No problem, grab the username and password at the counter. Directions to the toilets? Quickly shown to them at the back. My Macbook was running low on battery? No worries, I could use one of their power points. A very customer friendly place!

I wasn’t the only one to receive special treatment. A girl came into the store looking for a job, and whilst they didn’t have any availabilities, they were keen to list a few places that the girl could potentially apply for. Another lady came in for directions somewhere and they opened up their laptops to show her the way (Googlemaps for the win!). The staff were people pleasers, going out of their way to deliver the goods.

They also maintained great professionalism in rather adverse circumstances. Two ladies and a man came in, rather too loud and obnoxious for my liking. They sat at the couch at the front and instead of going up to order, proceeded to shout their drinks and food order to the woman at the counter, with very little manners intact. It was an eye roll worthy moment. Having worked in the customer service industry for a good number of years, I would have been instantaneously turned off by their attitude. The crew at 1905 didn’t even bat an eyelid – they took the order, patiently explained what drinks they had (could the three people not have consulted a menu?) and were exceptionally pleasant. I was in awe at their resilience in the face of adversity.

There was also plenty to keep you entertained in the cafe itself – books, magazines, and newspapers. It could cater for any type of customer. In addition, it served some great food at very reasonable prices. A lovely little gem that I am looking forward to going back to!

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 231 Newcastle Street, Northbridge 6003



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  • 1905 Coffee on Newcastle is open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 3.30pm.
  • Catering options available, check out their website for more information!
  • No reservations required, just walk in!

 – L.


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