Growling for Grillah

Toastface Grillah, Perth CBD

Owls and whatnot…
Owls and whatnot…

When Toastface Grillah first opened, I couldn’t help but scoff at the concept – a place that sells toasties? What a medicore idea! I could easily make my own at home with my trusty Breville sandwich press and a few loaves of bread from Coles, so why would I want to spend a handy $10 for one made by other people? As expected, my ignorance and lack of open-mindness was sure to backfire on me – quickly.

Alice in Limboland
Alice in Limboland

Turns out that, despite me thinking that a toastie specialist place was an incredibly overrated idea, Toastface Grillah had soared in popularity over the past few years. I finally plucked up the gall to taste test one on a weekday morning, on the way to work. That particular day, I was craving a bread-based something – I had a light breakfast before leaving the house, but my appetite had reared its ugly head once again, and I could feel my stomach rumbling. Having been past the blackboard sign too many times to count, I finally entered the squalor that was the little alleyway off Wellington Street.

Outside Toastface
Outside Toastface

After initial concerns that I wouldn’t be able to find Toastface (alleyways and I do not meld well together – must be my undeniable inability to find anything, anywhere at any one time), I was able to spot it relatively easy. The place itself is tiny, to the point of being cramped. Being particularly indecisive that morning, I needed a few seconds to figure out which toastie I was going to indulge in, while people squeezed in and out of the store.

You’ve found it!
You’ve found it!

Service was minimal on Toastface’s part, but that is probably the nature of the business. It has a similar service style to that of a food truck (side note: I think they would do swimmingly in the food truck industry if they expanded!), where the order was quickly taken, currency exchanged, and food delivered out pronto. The guy that took my order was a little bit too hurried, leaving me in one of those awkward buyer-selling interactions. It was one of those moments when you barely get a word in edgeways. I actually wanted to order a drink, but the guy already has his hand out for the money. Needless to say, I didn’t get the cold pressed juice I originally was tempted to try out – maybe for next time.

The infamous B.A.G ($8)
The infamous B.A.G ($8)

Back to the toastie. I ordered the B.A.G toastie, or to be more specific, the bacon, apple, gouda and white onion toastie ($8). I waited a good 10 minutes for it, which was finally delivered to me after I had peeled through the daily newspaper. I was a little miffed at the wait, but my indignation quickly turned to delight when I took my first whopping bite. I could finally see what the fuss was all about – this was not just a toastie, it was a toastie. The bread was buttery and chewy, crunchy on the outside, pressing together the contents of the sandwich. These contents included a few slabs of sizzling bacon and an abundance of gooey gouda cheese.

The open jaw of a toastie monster
The open jaw of a toastie monster

It was well executed toastie, but what made it special was the fact that it was piping hot and housed some deliciously crisp slices of green apple. I would have liked a couple more slices of the apple, as I’m a huge advocate of the sweet/ savoury mishmash, and it would have been good if there had been a tad more apple to balance out the saltiness of the bacon. The white onion was in sparse quantities, adding a delicate balsamic-like element.

Turn this way for toasties!
Turn this way for toasties!

I had (expectantly) burnt the roof of my mouth from devouring the toastie with fervour, but I’ll be honest – it was so worth it. I was pretty full and content with my toastie and the best part was pulling the cheese apart with my teeth – it must the sensory aspect that I enjoy! I loved the ambience of Toastface’s al fresco area as well – sunny, with a splash of colour from the mismatched pillows, scattered amongst the wooden benches – it reminded me a bit of Little Willy’s in Northbridge. A few people filtered in and out of the shop, all pretty happy with their toasties. The artwork decorating the outside alley was also very funky and retro, adding to the fun that is Toastface Grillah. It’s a great place for a quick pick me up, or for food on the go. It also, predictably, does some great toasties! One for the books.

Lounges and breakfast
Lounges and lunch

That will teach me to be more judgmental in the future.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: Grand Lane, Rear 143 Barrack St, Perth 6000





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  • Open Monday to Friday (from 7am to 4pm) and Saturday (9am to 4pm).
  • Cold pressed juices on sale, along with soft drinks, tea and coffee.
  • Other toasties include the brie & jam and the chilli cheese! Toasties range from $5 to $9.
  • No reservations available – just walk in!

– L.


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