Officially a Regular @ Foam Coffee Bar

Foam Coffee Bar, Leederville

Foam Coffee Bar is distinctive along the Oxford Street strip in Leederville

A few months ago, I had a mild obsession with Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville… that’s if you classify going nearly every day for weeks as “mild”. I was only lucky enough to go so often because the weather was absolutely beautiful and sunny, as you can tell in the photos! I live(d) so close to Leederville that I used it as an excuse to ride my cute bike there (you can see my bike next to the moped in the above photo!). Towards the end of my graduate program, I needed a perfect place to do some work during my days off, just to rustle up my resume and selection criteria for potential work opportunities after my graduate program finished up. Foam was my best bet, and I’m glad I went. I had wanted to try out Foam for ages, as I would always walk past it whenever I was in Leederville. So I rode to Leederville, with my iPad in tow to work on the blog.

Lunch, dessert and a delicious iced chocolate after a hard bike ride!

Foam was relatively busy with people catching up with others over coffee. I went inside to check out their front counter, which was loaded with mouthwatering slices, cakes, huge cupcakes, and savoury food such as toasties, paninis and salads. I quickly flipped through the drinks menu, ordered pronto, and took a seat outside to do some people watching as I waited. I also took advantage of the free wifi set up by the City of Vincent along Oxford Street!

Icy cold iced chocolate to quench my thirst!

I ordered the iced chocolate ($6) which I somewhat regretted in the end because I also got a cupcake. I always seem to do this to myself – too many sweets! I wish I had gotten tea or a juice instead. Nevertheless, the iced chocolate was nice but slightly bitter for some reason, possibly from the type of chocolate they used. Otherwise, it was indeed cold and refreshing, thick from the ice-cream scoop and totally indulgent that would send my blood sugar levels to sky high.

Cookies and cream cupcake

I ordered a cookies and cream cupcake as a little treat, to undo the exercise I had done riding to and from Leederville. The cookies and cream frosting was absolutely delicious and beautifully piped on the vanilla butter cake. The Oreo on top was soft, which was nice because sometimes it can be difficult taking a bite of the whole cupcake with a crunchy Oreo on top! The vanilla butter cake was a little plain, but that was okay considering how sweet the frosting was. I found the price of the cupcake to be a little steep – I can’t remember how much it cost but it must’ve been around $4-$5. As an avid baker, I could probably make this cupcake at home and sell it at a higher price to make a profit… I should quit my day job.

Spoilt for choice inside Foam’s display cabinet, in which I chose this uber delicious toastie!

I was pretty peckish from the bike ride so I also got this toasted sandwich that was filled with cheese, mixed salad laves, tomatoes and roasted vegetables. The sandwich was hot and toasty, which was so delicious, and thankfully was a healthier option than the Grill’d burgers next door (which can be healthy too, don’t get me wrong). The toasted sandwich was a little watery possibly due to the tomatoes, but the bread still remained relatively crunchy until the end. There were chunks of vegetables throughout the sandwich, which was great because who likes a sandwich lacking in filling? Although the sandwich was nice, it was still tasted a little bit bland. Their other sandwiches and paninis do look great as well and probably would taste just as better.

Come in!

As aforementioned, I was at Foam at least twice a week for a number of weeks. I finally had access to Foam’s own wifi, and brought along some more work for work. During this time, I ordered numerous things from their drinks menu, such as their smoothies, fresh juices, coffees, and teas, and slices of their delicious cakes.

A slice of tiramisu cake

I once ordered a slice of their tiramisu cake, which ended up coming as a fairly larger slice than usual, compared to other cafes. The cake wasn’t hugely big on the coffee taste, but it was still sweet, spongy and moist. However to me, it was quite cold, to the point where I suspected that the cake was once frozen. It had that icy crunch to it, which explained the coldness of the cake. According to their menu, their sweets are made off-site by someone else. Not sure how fresh it was, but it was still a decent cake.

FOAM Full Breakfast ($22)

I went to Foam for brunch with my girl friends on a Sunday morning after their atmosphere appealed to us for a catch up. It was packed when we came at 11am but we managed to snag the end of the communal table for the four of us. We ordered pronto as we knew how busy it was but the food didn’t come for a while. I decided to go all out and ordered the FOAM Full Breakfast ($22), which had two poached eggs, roma tomato, roasted mushroom, foam chipolata, homemade baked beans, bacon, potato cake and toast. I was completely full by the end of it, as you can see from the size of the plate! Everything was cooked well, bar the poached eggs which were more on the hard side than runny side. Everything was delicious – the toast was perfectly crunchy and toasty, the starchy potato cake was a great alternative to the hash brown, the chipolatas were your usual chipolatas (nothing too special about it), the salty bacon always a good choice, the vegetables moist and full of bursting flavour, and the homemade baked beans… which were ridiculously spicy. It didn’t say anything in the menu about it being spicy, so I got a shock of my life when I had a taste, which I couldn’t eat in the end and had to leave it. Everyone else enjoyed their meals without any memorable complaints, and their smoothies were a hit at the table.

Service has always been top notch at Foam. Everyone has a smile on their face, and they are attentive towards their diners, making sure the tables are always cleared.

I personally think that Foam excels the most in their coffees, and their simple yet delicious food in their display cabinet. Although their breakfast options were good, I found them relatively expensive compared to other places in Perth. However with the lack of decent cafes in Leederville, minus Sayers, Smuggled Seeds and Studio Bomba, Foam ranks highly with them, being in the heart of Leederville. Being open all day until 10pm daily is another reason why I love Foam. Where else can you go to just sit somewhere and chill out with some friends or even by yourself, whether it’s 9am or 9pm, soak up on some free wifi or read a book (that’s not Greens & Co, sorry)? I’m sure you’ll like Foam as much as I do.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Address: 130 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007


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  • Open 7am until 10pm every day.
  • Stay all day with their free wifi! Just ask the friendly staff for the password.
  • Huge communal table is available for those with large groups, which you can also reserve at (08) 9444 7475 if you want to use it for large catch ups or meetings.
  • Breakfast is served until 11am on week days and 2pm on weekends.
  • Foam Coffee Bar uses Five Senses ‘Dark Horse’ beans in their coffees.

– A.


2 thoughts on “Officially a Regular @ Foam Coffee Bar

  1. That tiramisù cake looks quite decent! As does the iced chocolate. If it’s called chocolate it’s supposed to be a bit bitter because actual chocolate will have been used, maybe you’re more used to the unequally more abundant cocoa variant [that nevertheless more often than not gets labeled ‘chocolate’].

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