A new chapter is a positive one @ Chapter 88

Chapter 88, Nedlands

Walking to Chapter 88 from the car park

To be honest, I have never visited Ciao Italia in South Perth before (shock horror!). Every time I drive past it, lines spill out onto the street – it just always looks extremely busy no matter what night of the week, and that’s always deterred me from going… I’ll go one day, but their new restaurant, Chapter 88 in Nedlands, was my alternative. I have many places that I want to try out in Nedlands, and Chapter 88 was one that both myself and my boyfriend wanted to try – he had heard from workmates that Chapter 88 was good, and I had seen delicious food photos everywhere about them. We decided to make it a date and headed there for brunch on a Sunday.

Chapter 88 features an open kitchen, where you can watch your food being made!

Chapter 88 is easily within walking distance from UWA, which makes Chapter 88 the perfect place for students to go to for breakfast or lunch, which I’m super jealous about – I wish I could have done something like that near Curtin University when I was a student! This area also houses Tommy Sugo and down the road, The Tenth State, both places I desperately want to try out. Nedlands is starting to create some top eateries as of late, and I’m excited for more to open up.

We found parking at the nearby IGA on Broadway, which was a short walk to Chapter 88. When we arrived, there was a huge group of university students waiting outside. We waited for a couple of seconds before heading inside to see if there was a table for two available, to which there were a few. We were led to our table, and were advised that we had just missed the breakfast menu… darn! Lunch it was then.

Chapter 88 has a completely open space, including an open kitchen. The restaurant was really busy with different groups of people. We ordered straight away, as we were starving. The menu was quite big, featuring some not as heavy dishes, pasta, meat and seafood dishes. Lots to choose from, even for the most pickiest of eaters!

Mango Tango smoothie: mango pulp blended with honey, yoghurt, milk and ice-cream ($7.50)

My boyfriend, being a huge mango lover, ordered the Mango Tango smoothie ($7.50), which had mango pulp blended with honey, yoghurt, milk and ice-cream. The smoothie was deliciously sweet and had a very authentic mango taste to it, which was really nice, as some smoothies we’ve had didn’t have the strong mango flavour to it. The smoothie was also really thick from the mango pulp. So good.

Honeydew Green Tea, pot for one: Pure Japanese green tea and honeydew pieces infused with apricot flavours ($4)

I had the Honeydew Green Tea, pot for one ($4) which had Pure Japanese green tea and honeydew pieces infused with apricot flavours. This definitely felt like it was a pot for two – there was so much (which I could never seem to finish), but who’s complaining? My honeydew green tea was delicious, and super fruity with the honeydew taste. It was definitely the alternative kick I needed, other than the usual green tea.

Steak Sandwich: Grilled scotch fillet, caramelised onion, cheese melt, slow roasted tomatoes and Jamaican barbeque sauce served open on toasted Panini with a mixed salad and chips ($23.50)

Our meals came out and my boyfriend’s Steak Sandwich ($23.50) arrived first. It featured grilled scotch fillet, caramelised onion, cheese melt, slow roasted tomatoes and Jamaican barbeque sauce, served open on a toasted Panini with a mixed salad and chips. My boyfriend really enjoyed it. The chips were hot and crunchy, but lacked salt, and my boyfriend wanted some sauce with it. We asked if we could have any sauce with it, and we got to choose any sauce we wanted. He chose aioli in the end, and when we asked how much it would cost, they said it was for free. Better yet, we were given heaps. Score!

Handmade potato rosti with a salad of honey roasted sweet potato, eggplant, capsicum, tomatoes, rocket, pine nuts & herb pesto ($21.50)

I had the handmade potato rosti with a salad of honey roasted sweet potato, eggplant, capsicum, tomatoes, rocket, pine nuts & finished with a herb pesto ($21.50). My eyes lit up when it arrived – it was MASSIVE! And it was incredibly delicious. The potato rosti were of the mashed potato variety (instead of grated potato) and it was hot and crunch. There were two big rostis, and they were very filling, so much so that I didn’t even get to finish the meal. There was an abundance of flavours, including the herb pesto flavour that was all throughout the meal. The honey roasted sweet potatoes were my favourite as they were so soft, and sweet from the honey. Very delicious – I highly recommend this dish! I always feel bad for not finishing my meals, but I tried to finish it as much as I could, but in the end, the potato rosti won.

Sweet treats and cakes! I see the tiramisu…

I had heard that Ciao Italia’s tiramisu was amazing, and hopefully the next time I’m at Chapter 88, I can try it. I would definitely come back to Chapter 88, now that they’re open for dinner as well. We didn’t have a reservation but I would recommend making one if you are thinking of going during a popular time. Their menu is not exactly cheap, but it is affordable with huge portion sizes. The service is warm and excellent – we were able to strike up a friendly conversation with them, which we love doing. They were incredibly accommodating, happy to give us free sauce and were able to fit us in during peak time. There were smiles all around, and we had a great time. Their portions are quite big which is something they have taken with them from Ciao Italia! Next time, I’m trying their infamous pasta mains.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Address: 39/88 Broadway, Nedlands WA 6009
Website: http://chapter88.com.au

Chapter 88 on Urbanspoon


  • Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11:30am to 3pm, and dinner from 5pm to 9:30pm (according to their website). Their opening hours may be out of date on their website, as we were able to go on a Sunday at 11:45am.
  • Reservations are recommended at any time of the day. You can call them at (08) 9389 6689.
  • You can check out their big menu online here.
  • Why not have lunch at Chapter 88, then head down to the Swan River for a nice stroll along the foreshore? Just a suggestion. :)

– A.


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