Morning Magic at Mary Street (Mary Street Bakery Revisit)

Mary Street Bakery, Mt Lawley 

Getting up early is clearly not my forte. This particular Thursday was my day off and like any other end of Autumn season day, the chilly cold was doing nothing to motivate me out of bed and beyond. Fortunately, my motivation/enthusiasm was fuelled by the prospect of food with one of my best friends. She was leaving for Singapore for a 6 day trip and despite it being a relative short passage of time for a vacation, I was going to miss her dearly and needed to have a proper send off with her before she left.

Awake at the crack of dawn….
Awake at the crack of dawn….

The criteria was simple enough – it had to be a place within a 10-15 minute drive from the Galleria (my friend had a haircut appointment there) and serving a hearty breakfast from 7:30am. Mary Street Bakery popped up immediately on my list of options; I hadn’t been since my sister and I went almost 6 months ago, and the enticement of sitting inside a warm, bread and pastry scented cafe sounded like the ideal way to kick start the morning.

Morning glow of Mary St Bakery
Morning glow of Mary St Bakery

We grabbed a table and a menu was placed on the table, graced by some newbie dishes. Everything looked amazing and my friend and I had a fun time saying the dishes to each other – Mary Street Bakery’s dishes lists their prime ingredients across a running line with limited punctuation, so we attempted to mimic the lack of commas by saying it all in one breath. It was childish, but pretty funny at the time. Maturity is the key word sometimes….

Chai Tea
Chai Tea

The whitewashed walls and dim glow of the establishment gave the Bakery a sense of austereness, with further warmth coming from the amber radiance of the heaters, and bursts of colour from the tall flowers at a few different tables. My friend ordered a Chai Tea Latte that came in a pot. The milk was fluffy at the top, hot with a flurry of chai leaves crushed at the bottom. My friend quite enjoyed it.

Slow cooked eggs with buttered toast ($12) & side of mushrooms ($5)
Slow cooked eggs with buttered toast ($12) & side of mushrooms ($5)

My friend ordered the slow cooked eggs with buttered toast ($12), along with a side of mushrooms ($5). It was a simple dish that looked like it could have come from a country kitchen – two grilled pieces of thick cut toast, with two gleaming slow cooked eggs which came alongside it. I’ve never been a huge fan of slow cooked eggs (I’m more of a scrambled person), but I liked these, sprinkled with a bit of pepper. The large grilled field mushrooms added to the country-side illusion – they certainly hadn’t skipped out on the basics!

Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancakes ($21)
Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancakes ($21)

My Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancakes ($21) was a monster of a dish. Its sheer size and uniqueness prompted a “that looks delicious,” from a fellow customer. I couldn’t have agreed more. It seems like an odd combination, but I’m a huge fan of combining sweet with savoury. The dish had a slight Asian influence, from the thick peanut pancakes to the deep fried chicken. I love the use of buttermilk as a batter for chicken – it makes the skin a tad crispier than the norm, retaining a crumbling element to the deep fried batter. There was maple syrup in the proceedings too, but only a smidge had been used (luckily, the pancakes hadn’t become soaked in it too). The fried egg of top had a perfectly gooey yolk.

I was totally stuffed by the end of it – there had been layers and layers of spongy pancakes, at least a half a chicken smacked on the top and if that didn’t finish you, the egg would have! It was a heavy dish that would please a starving strapping man (and someone like me who has a uncontainable appetite).

The pink neon sign!
The pink neon sign!

It was soon time to leave for my friend’s appointment, which meant we didn’t have time for a sweet treat (I’m a massive advocate of Mary Street Bakery’s rhubarb tarts) and we passed on take away. Service was great as always, the food coming out at a timely manner, the staff on the ball with replacing empty water bottles and cleaning the place up.

Too cool for school, yo!
Too cool for school, yo!

Mary Street Bakery also caters for young kids, with a selection of baked treats at the front counter, or cheese on toast from the menu. There is also plenty of outdoor seating for those who want to soak up the craziness of Beaufort Street. My friend hilariously identified the plates as belonging to Ikea, but I like the ambience of Mary Street Bakery – there is not just warmth in the setting, but in the smiles of the people at the counter and in the heartiness of their food. Don’t miss a chance to go down there and try their food!

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Address: 507 Beaufort Street, Highgate WA 6003


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  • Open every day for breakfast and lunch (from 7am to 4pm).
  • Spaces are available for functions (contact
  • Morning booze (i.e. Bloody Mary, wine and beer) on sale for the adventurous types!
  • No reservations available.

– L.


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