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Mrs S, Maylands

Let it be known that I don’t like exercising. You are constantly out of breath, stinging cramps always appear in your lower abdomen and your shoulders actually feel like they are going to fall off. This particular Anzac Day however, I was enticed by my friend to do some training at our local Yokine Reserve. It became immediately apparent within the first few meters of my supposed 12 km run, that without extensive training, I would not be cut out for long distance running.

So, why the forced exercise? This year, I was a proud participant of the HBF Run for a Reason, as a proud supporter of the Cancer Council WA. One of my best friend’s mother had been diagnosed the previous year and I wanted to do something about it, besides from sitting about and moping, feeling largely sympathetic about this sudden life upheaval. I was so in admiration of the journey my friend and her family had been though, and was finally motivated to do something about it (and simultaneously get super fit).

Well said, random card.
Well said, random card.

After my legs had turned to jelly, my friend and I decided to go out for a spot of brunch. We met up with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s three friends to try out Mrs S, in Maylands. I have been a previous customer of Mrs S and have been impressed every single time by its inventive brunch menu. I had been a bit worried about it not being open (Anzac Day is one of those big holidays that is reserved for reverence, hence not a lot of places are operational) but a quick Google search informed me that I needn’t worry – it was open!

Mrs S was ridiculously crowded when our party of six got there. We stuck our names on the makeshift list and were told by a friendly man that the wait would be about 15 minutes or so. He offered to give us menus to browse though and quickly cleared the end of a large table for us. Another waitress informed us that the wait on food would be about 30 minutes, which was a considerate “heads up” for our hungry party.

Hot chocolate ($$$$$$)
Hot chocolate ($4.30)

To sate the hunger pangs, I ordered a hot chocolate ($4.30) that came in a ginormous China mug. It had a sublime amount of velvety froth and had been steamed to a good hot temperature. Alongside it came a small silver jug of molten chocolate and a pink marshmallow. I am a huge fan of drinks that include coverture chocolate and loved that I could administer the rich, decadent goodness to my own free will.

Oreo Brownie ($)
Oreo Brownie ($4.50)

To continue keeping the hunger at bay, my friend’s boyfriend ordered a chocolate Oreo brownie ($4.50). It was one of the highlights on a two-row display of baked treats at the counter, including muffins, cupcakes and slices. I had a corner of the brownie and loved its crusty exterior. It was delightfully rich and decadent, the crunchy shards of Oreo lodged on top.

Smoked Pork Hock ($20.50)
Smoked Pork Hock ($20.50)

Our food came out at the 30 minute mark and thanks to the brownie and hot chocolate beforehand, I didn’t have to wolf my Smoked Pork Hock ($20.50) down in ravenousness, allowing me to appreciate it so much more. First of all, it was a beautifully displayed dish, an array of pulled pork, roasted cauliflower, slices of chorizo, fried potatoes and daubs of aioli. Everything worked together so well, with an even balance of all the main elements.

I loved how the potato was fried crispy on the outside, but buttery soft on the inside. The aioli had a creamy consistency but wasn’t overpowering in its lemony acidity. The parsley and lemon added something to freshen up the dish when it got too heavy. There was a delicious tomato quince that added a herbal sweetness to the ingredients. The fried egg smack in the centre had a beautifully gooey golden yolk. Hello, heaven. Well worth the wait!

Manwich ($16)
Manwich ($16)

Four of our party had the Manwich ($16) including my friend. I got a bite of it. My friend told me it was soft, which I didn’t experience first hand until I picked up the ciabatta roll for myself. The bread was pillow-y in texture, though across the four that were ordered, some of my friends got a chewier version of the roll. The Manwich was a delight in itself, packed to the brim with pulled pork, beetroot pickle, cucumber and aioli. The pulled pork was a smear of moist, tender meat, with a sweet kick from the beetroot pickle. One of my other friends commented that the cucumber was a nice touch.

Croque Madame ($13.50)
Croque Madame ($13.50)

My friend’s boyfriend had the Croque Madame ($13.50) with ham, gruyere cheese, fried egg. It was a massive toastie, that came with a side of tomato relish, dressed leaves and an additional side of bacon ($4) which my friend added.  For a total of $17.50, it was a loaded plate. He really enjoyed the gruyere cheese and commented that it was very filling.

Our feast!
Our feast!

I had never seen Mrs S that busy in my life, so watching the staff handle it with collected calm and professionalism was truly impressive. Having been warned of the wait, we were able to make appropriate adjustments as customers, which was due to Mrs S and their on-the-ball service. The food was wonderful, filling, tasty and beautifully presented.

On top of great food and drinks, the ambience of Mrs S is vibrant and chatty. With its storybook menus, pastel paper flags and fairytale characters, it is a cute and quirky cafe with a playful feel to the interior design. I will continue to visit Mrs S and value it as a remarkable brunch spot, not only on the Maylands foodie strip, but also in Perth.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 178 Whatley Crescent, Maylands 6051


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  • Open for breakfast and lunch on Tuesday to Friday (from 7am to 4pm) and Saturday to Sundays (8am to 4pm).
  • Does take away coffee and baked treats (a huge range to choose from the front counter!).
  • Baking merchandise for sale in store (including cupcake decorations, aprons and cookie cutters).
  • No reservations available.

– L.


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