The Little Pantry is filled with a big heart

The Little Pantry, Subiaco


Once upon a time, I used to drive past The Little Pantry every day, on the way to work. I would drive past early in the morning when most people would be asleep in their warm beds. Before I knew about The Little Pantry, I would wonder what this place could be. It is attractive on the outside, and when I would have my afternoon shifts at work, I would see this place buzzing, and filled with people. The Little Pantry is located on a main suburban street within walking distances from nearby homes (lucky them!). And you know how I love hidden gems in the suburbs! So when I had a catch up brunch session with a best friend, she left the recommendation up to me, and I knew where I wanted to go.


When we walked into The Little Pantry, there was a rustic, old feeling about it. The high ceilings, wooden floor boards, the dark walls and furniture with the pop of colours here and there. There is also an additional seating area at the back, but we did not go to see it. It was fairly busy, but we managed to find an empty table at a cosy nook, next to the window at the front. We grabbed some menus, analysed the menu, and ordered at the front (I was happy that they also accept Rewardle cards, yay!). They were also helpful when it came to my friend deciding what coffee to have, despite the queue forming behind us. We had such a hard time deciding what to eat because everything was so good on the menu – I decided on savoury and my friend decided to go with sweet.

The Little Pantry’s cappuccino.
The Little Pantry’s chai latte.

Our coffees came first, and my friend ordered the cappuccino, which was reported to be sweet and really good. I had the chai latte and it was perfect, and just the way I liked it, with that famous dusting of powder on the top.

Pancakes with blueberry and vanilla compote, fresh honeycomb, and marscapone ($16).

How is this for presentation? Just from the look of it, the pancakes appear so soft like clouds. This was my friend’s dish – Pancakes with blueberry and vanilla compote, fresh honeycomb, and marscapone ($16). My friend loved it. I had a taste, and I loved it, too. The pancakes were absolutely delicious, and so soft that it melted in your mouth with every bite. The stack of pancakes were also uniform in shape. And the presentation – oh my goodness – was again, just beautiful The icing sugar dusted all over the plate made it just that extra special. The blueberry and vanilla compote around the plate was not too overly sweet, but had the slight tang.

Boston baked eggs, speck salsa verde ($13) – without the salsa verde, with rocket and Japanese rocket.
Boston baked eggs, speck salsa verde ($13) – without the salsa verde, with rocket and Japanese rocket, now with the poached eggs.

My love for baked eggs continues, so of course I ordered the Boston baked eggs with speck salsa verde ($13). I was later informed by the staff that they had no more salsa verde available, so they offered me rocket and Japanese rocket plus two poached eggs at no charge. Score! The poached eggs later came on a plate to which I placed on top of the rocket, so that the runny yolk can ooze into the beans. The dish was really delicious, and it was also very filling with a lot of different types of beans. The baguette, torn in half, was crusty, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to eat it with the dish, so I broke it up in slices and spread the butter cubes on the bread. The bread probably doesn’t look hard, but it was, as the dish wasn’t runny enough to soak the bread. Nevertheless, it was really delicious.

  Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

We stayed for a few hours to chat, and slowly eat our way to the bottom of our plates. The Little Pantry has enough natural light to feel comfortable to relax in. I thought the prices of the meals weren’t too bad, as I opted to get something cheaper on the menu (as I was travelling to Melbourne that night, I wanted to save on the money!), and was really surprised that my Boston baked eggs was only $13. Cheap! The food was of top quality, fresh and delicious. I do have to note that I had a bout of a week long stomach bug that came into effect when I arrived in Melbourne (thank goodness not on the plane!), and after much thinking, I can only put it down to The Little Pantry, although I have no idea how (I can only guess from the poached eggs, but I always have poached eggs so I don’t know how). I’m not sure how, but don’t let that scare you – I would return to The Little Pantry for their amazing food and coffee.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Address: 206 Nicholson Rd, Subiaco WA 6008


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  • Open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 5pm, and Sundays from 8am to 3pm.
  • The Little Pantry uses Ponchione coffee, who is the only place to use these coffee beans in the southern hemisphere.
  • Limited street parking at the front.
  • Check out their amazing food at the front of the counter, with special paninis to go!

– A.


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