Falling in Love with Sidney Loves Audrey

Sidney Loves Audrey, West Perth

(Sidney Loves Audrey has unfortunately closed down as of April 2015 :()

I have always loved Audrey Hepburn and her iconic 1961 movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is one of my all-time favourite movies from the old Hollywood era, and Audrey Hepburn to me is a timeless beauty, the epitome of elegance and natural talent. So when I found out there was a little cake and coffee place named after the Academy Award winning actress, I had to try it out. Technically, Sidney Loves Audrey is named after the owner’s two dogs (who in turn, are named after Sidney Poitier and Miss Hepburn herself), but whatever the origin, the name is super cute and quirky.

Sewing time!
Sewing time!
Gracing the window sill....
Gracing the window sill….

The besties and I decided to go there for a late afternoon tea session on a Thursday. Stepping into Sidney Loves Audrey was like entering a vintage art and craft store. We were instantly captivated by the mass number of merchandise, ranging from trinkets and gifts to homeware. This blog post is particularly dominated by photos – I couldn’t wait to capture all the creative little displays here and there.

Craft table!
Craft table!
Books for the kiddies
Books for the kiddies!

Better yet, Sidney Loves Audrey was very child friendly, with storybooks, toys and play areas set aside for the young ones. For the school aged children, there were art and craft materials placed here and there to entertain them and to encourage their crafty imaginations. I was falling in love with the whole store already!

People milling around inside....
People milling around inside….
Chocolate brownie
Triple chocolate brownie ($5)

The four of us ordered a few of the tantalising home baked treats at the counter, including the triple chocolate brownie ($5). The triple chocolate brownie was ridiculously rich and muddy, the trademark of any great baked treat. The top was crisp, the corners sightly crunchy. It wasn’t a mangy little slice as well – this chocolate brownie came out as a thick slab. Embedded at the bottom of the brownie were white and dark chocolate chips that broke up the cake-y texture of the slice. A fresh dollop of cream came alongside it.

banana and choc chip bread ($6) - smearing with cream
Banana and choc-chip bread ($6)

The banana and choc-chip bread ($6) also came with a dollop of cream, that was sadly smeared unevenly on the bread by the bestie and her sister, before I managed to take a decent photo. After a dramatic wail of despair, I dug into the slice. The whole loaf looked beautiful in the glass confines of the cake stand – gleaming white icing dotted with chocolate chips. The banana bread itself was packed with banana, moist and crumbly. It was a great banana bread that was devoured quickly.

Blueberry and lemon muffin with lemon curd ($4.50)
Blueberry and lemon muffin with lemon curd ($4.50)

The blueberry and lemon muffin with lemon curd ($4.50) was another winner. Like the banana bread before it, it was soft, friable and littered with juicy globules of blueberry. The lemon curd off to the side was of the home-made variety, treading between tart and sweet, a hallmark of the very best lemon curds. Eating the two together worked a treat.

Hot chocolates ($4 each)
Hot chocolates ($4 each)
Latte ($3.50)
Latte ($3.50)

We needed a few drinks to wash down the brownie, the bread and the muffin, so the bestie and I had a hot chocolate each ($4). My friend also had a latte ($3.50). Both were nice and hot with a velvety, even froth. They both also came in mammoth sized china mugs, which was real value for money.

Food cabinet!
Food cabinet!

Sidney Loves Audrey had a warm, homely environment, which was also simultaneously filled with cheer and enchantment. The layout was fun and kooky, packed with so much merchandise that you couldn’t possibly get bored browsing. It really was a special little gem to behold, especially on a bustling, jam-packed road like Fitzgerald Street. Better yet, it is a family owned business!

More merchandise!
More merchandise!
Join them on Facebook!
Join Sidney Loves Audrey on Facebook!

Sidney Loves Audrey also happened to have one of the most memorable farewells we have received in the history of our cafe experiences. An adorable baby with the bluest eyes and the widest beam ever seen, waved at us continuously, up to the point of us leaving the shop. It actually took us a good 5 minutes to leave; we were too busy cooing at him. So sweet!

High tea options also available
High tea options also available!
Even more gifts!
Even more gifts!

Service was fantastic. The ladies at the counter were so friendly, and happy to offer recommendations for drinks and food. We had also arrived at 3pm (rather late) and even though the store closed at 4pm, they weren’t in a hurry to usher us out or wave away last minute customers, who came darting in. The list of drinks was rather expansive and there seemed to be a good range of different afternoon tea treats to try. I would highly encourage everyone to try out Sidney Loves Audrey – it’s now my go to place for afternoon tea!

A few more lunch boxes...
A few more lunch boxes…
Enticing sign outside...
Enticing sign outside…

Rating: 8 out of 10.


Address: 307 Fitzgerald Street, West Perth WA 6005
Website: http://www.sidneylovesaudrey.com.au/


Sidney Loves Audrey on Urbanspoon


  • Open from Tuesday to Friday (from 8:30am to 4pm) and Saturday (10am to 4pm).
  • Coffee is made from Rubra organic coffee beans. Sidney Loves Audrey also stocks Parker’s Organic juices, sodas and iced teas.
  • Savoury tarts are also baked in house for those who feel like a bit of lunch!
  • No reservations available, but there are plenty of seating options inside and out.

– L.


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