The Boss is Back (Bossman Revisit)

Bossman, Mt Lawley
(Since we last visited, Bossman no longer opens late, now closing at 4pm, which is a huge blow to the Perth food and coffee scene).

Bossman will always be known as A and I’s saviour as we struggled to find a late night coffee shop on a Friday. Since our first time there, I’ve been back an additional three times and consequently have fallen more and more in love with it. Bossman ticks all the boxes – chilled, friendly staff, great coffee, a broad tea selection, a cosy by-the-fireplace-like ambience and it also houses some delicious teatime delicacies.

Cakes on display!
Cake on display!

My cousins and I all decided to catch up after a big family feast (who doesn’t love it when all the family gets together and totally pigs out?). To wash down the abundance of noodles, curry and rice, we decided to head down the Beaufort Street way, which luckily was only about a 5 minute drive from my cousin’s house.

The baklava!

Despite Bossman’s growing popularity (it has become increasingly more crowded with each subsequent visit), we managed to wrangle a table off a poor man on his laptop, though he was kind enough to move without request from our party of five. He headed off to the bench right next to the kitchen area, while we perched on little stools at the end of a long wooden table.

Hot chocolate ($4)
Hot chocolate ($4.50)

Hot chocolates ($4.50 each) were ordered, with a spot of latte art. My sister does like to indulge in the odd coffee (she is more of a chai drinker) and I’m a big hot chocolate person, so it’s a rare treat when we do see latte art in Perth. Turns out Bossman were able to knock out a few killer hearts. Having worked as a barista during my Uni days, I understand how difficult it is to be creative when you are churning out multiple orders. However, the barista at Bossman seemed to have no trouble creating a peacock like embellishment on my hot chocolate. Technically, it had sublime froth and had been steamed to the right temperature. I was very content.

Seville Orange Cake ($5.50)
Seville Orange Cake ($5.50)

I had the Seville Orange Cake ($5.50), an orange almond cake dotted with almonds. The orange cake was dense and syrupy, laced with citrus. It had a baked, chewy exterior and went down well with a pot of hot lemongrass and ginger tea. It also happened to be mammoth in size – good thing I shared it, otherwise I would have gone into a food coma.

Jam Drop and Almond Cresent
Jam drop ($3.50) and almond crescent ($3.50)

We also got a selection of biscuits including the almond crescent ($3.50), which was crumbly and almost chalky in texture. It came dusted in icing sugar and had chunks of crushed almond melded within it. The jam drop ($3.50) had a layer of sticky strawberry jam, sandwiched between two buttery rounds of biscuit. Both were a treat!

Service is fantastic at Bossman as always. The staff there are fast, but have a very zen-like aura. They make you instantly feel at ease and they all encompass a quirky sense of humour, witnessed during interactions between themselves and their customers. It’s also a nice place to have an intimate chat or even to keep to yourself – the staff are never intrusive, though make sure you are well taken care of, whether that be drink or food wise.

Welcome to Bossman! Open almost all the time :)
Welcome to Bossman! (However now closes at 4pm)

Bossman is a winner of a café. It almost feels a bit like a library at times – there is a hushed reverence about it when it is quiet, and when there is conversation buzzing about, it’s intelligent remarks from the literary and artsy people of the Mount Lawley precinct. The dark furnishings and the sparse furniture also adds to the ‘library’ illusion. The cutlery is also unique, classically European – moon shaped spoons with thin handles, forks that look like they have been fashioned from iron lace, and knives like spades. It adds to the cultured feel Bossman exudes. A place to take your friends!

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Address: Shop 3, 669 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley 6050

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  • Open from Monday to Saturday for drinks and baked treats (from 7am to 4pm, no longer open late).
  • No EFTPOS facilities available so make sure you bring cash (ATMs are nearby on Beaufort Street).
  • No reservations available, walk in’s only!

– L.


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