Bellisa Cafe is a Beauty

Bellisa Cafe, Morley

Fancy chandelier at Bellisa
I will enjoy myself, thanks!
Lunch while you are at it?
Lunch while you are at it?

Finding a reliable brunch destination in Morley is one of the most challenging tasks in living history. As a permanent resident of Morley for the majority of my life, I have often ventured out for a 15 minute trek to a decent spot on Beaufort Street. Within a 5 minute radius from my house, there is nothing remotely good to eat in the area. Luckily, one busy Saturday morning, Bellisa was up and running, ready to meet our brunch needs. Bellisa is one of the few independent cafes in the area and best of all, it’s not too far from the Galleria, where I had to pick up some things for work. That morning I was at a particularly low point of physical condition, having just gotten over the flu and a sprained ankle (best immune system ever).

Sweet treat, anyone?
Sweet treat, anyone?

Bellisa is always consistently packed with locals, but the staff there are always buoyant and run a tight ship. No missing dishes or wrong orders at Bellisa. They also deal with the crazy people that frequent the area on a regular basis – not once, but twice, have I seen their staff calmly deal with stranger members of the population, who have made a public scene either inside their dining area or out near the road. The situation is always dealt with aplomb by the crew at Bellisa and at the same time, they are able to happily cater for their relatively more sane customers.

Big Breakfast ($22)
Bellisa Big Breakfast ($22)

My sister’s boyfriend had the Bellisa big breakfast ($22) which had the Italian chipolatas, bacon, roasted mushrooms, potato cake, spicy beans, roasted tomato and scrambled eggs on sour dough toast. The chipolatas were still sizzling, as was the bacon which pleased my sister’s boyfriend as he teared through it. The scrambled eggs were said to be fluffy and creamy, the typical characteristics of eggs done well. I received a snippet of the potato cake, a packed disc of fleshy potato, fried on the outside and speckled with salt and herbs inside. Delicious and substantial.

Harissa Chickpeas ($18)
Harissa Chickpeas ($18)

My sister ordered the Harissa chickpea, avocado, pomegranate and feta ($18) on toasted rye bread with a poached egg. It was the ultimate vegetarian health dish and a beauty on the plate, a kaleidoscope of colour. Harissa chickpeas tumbled from beneath a wonderfully poached egg (we sensed the golden yolk before it oozed out), and the chickpeas crumbled once masticated, leaving behind a mild nutty aftertaste. The avocado was in creamy abundance on the plate, mingling with the pop of a pomegranate seed and spots of feta cheese. My sister thoroughly enjoyed the combination of all the different flavours, praising how clean she felt after eating it too!

Smoked Salmon Omelette ($18)
Smoked Salmon Omelette ($22)

Whilst I was eyeing off the French toast, I finally settled on the smoked salmon, saffron potato and confit grape tomato omelette ($22). My waning appetite over the past few days was now coming back in full force, so when the dish arrived, my first reaction was disappointment – it looked so small compared to the size of the plate. Looks however, were deceiving. Delving into the folded omelette revealed thick cubes of soft fried potato, spiced up by the saffron. The smoked salmon threaded its way through the egg, substantial flakes to warrant an internal cry of relief from my starving tummy. If that wasn’t enough to fill me up, there was a piece of ciabatta bread beneath it, as well as some creme fraiche and rocket to add extra colour and taste.

Hot Chocolate ($4.50)

Our drinks came out the same time as our food, possibly due to the fact they wanted us to enjoy the whole food and drink experience together. As the food did take a while to come out however, it would have been nice if we had the drinks beforehand, so we could nurse something in our hands while we waited for the food and kept the hunger at bay. We ordered the hot chocolate ($4.50), the iced chocolate ($5.50) and a long black ($4) with skim milk on the side. My hot chocolate was particularly good – nice and hot, with a luscious amount of froth and a good hit of chocolate sauce. I almost considered taking another one for the road, but we decided instead to take home a biscuit. The other cupcakes at the counter also looked delightful, but we were quite full by this stage and ready to head home.

Iced Chocolate ($5.50)
Iced Chocolate ($5.50)
Long Black with Skim Milk ($4)

As mentioned before, the service at Bellisa is always fantastic, though considering how busy it was, there was a bit of time taken on the food (about 25 minutes). Not a huge worry for me, as I don’t mind waiting for good quality food, which Bellisa always delivers on, plus it was popular that weekend. One of the great things about Bellisa is that it is warm and homely  – dark tables and chairs packed together, the place littered with kitchen homeware and high tea decorations, and newspapers and magazines for your own perusal down the front (near the coffee bar, which gives a good view of the streets outside). They also sell the Weekend West at the front counter, which I was super keen on purchasing because it had the Eat Drink Perth guide in there.

What is even better is the fact that Bellisa is child and pram friendly – the staff will go out of their way to entertain kids with books and toys, whilst also demonstrating super-human abilities while re-positioning the tables and chairs to fit in multiple strollers. Bellisa is always a reliable cafe that will be sure to please the locals.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 60B Walter Rd, Bedford WA 6052


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  • Bellisa is open from Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast and lunch (breakfast from 7.30am to 11am from Tuesday to Saturday; till 1.00pm on Sundays). Lunch is available from 11.30 am to 3.00pm on Tuesday to Sunday (closed at 4pm) and counter lunch on Sunday from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.
  • High tea also available on Sunday from 1.00pm to 3.00pm.
  • Bellisa also caters in house for up to 60 people seated or 80 people standing for functions (they have a fantastic catering booklet outlining the different dishes and prices that are available in store).
  • Picnic hampers are also on offer!
  • Bookings can be arranged via phone on 9370 1348.

– L.


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