Get your coffee fix @ Milk’d

Milk’d, North Perth

Wall art!

On one of my days off at work, I decided to ride my bike to Milk’d in North Perth, which is about a 15 minute ride from my house, and to try and catch up on some blogging. They also had free wifi, which is why I came in the first place (yippee!). Milk’d is one of my favourite choices to have some food, pick up something sweet or to get my coffee fix. A huge draw card for Milk’d is the fact it’s open so early in the morning (I drive past on my morning shifts and see people picking up their coffee at 6:30am), and closes later than other cafes. I find that Milk’d is a good place to go to get take away coffee and maybe to pick up some lunch, borrow some wifi for an hour or two, or do some people watching. There’s not a lot of seating inside or outside, and I would suggest some place elsewhere for a long catch up with a friend – somewhere like Sayers Sister or Pimlott & Strand, both places that are nearby.

Only a handful of seating inside and outside of Milk’d

I was absolutely starving after walking up the massive hill on Angove Street with my bike (no way was I going to ride up it!). Unfortunately the potato rosti and smoked salmon were not available that day, so I settled on the Milk’d Plate ($17.90), which had poached eggs, grilled Italian sausage and mushrooms, with tomato and feta on toasted sourdough. I also got myself an apple juice to quench my thirst on a fairly warm day. I sat at the back, in front of the interesting fellow on the wall, which reminded me some what of those interesting characters on the wall inside Sayers Sister.

One of the waitresses happily came to me with the password for the wifi, after coming also armed with my apple juice. The apple juice wasn’t too extravagant, but it was what I needed to satisfy my insatiable thirstiness.

Milk’d Plate ($17.90)
Tasty and fresh Milk’d Plate.

My Milk’d Plate came out next. There were thin slices of bread, with two halves being toasted. The bottom layer however, was half toasted and half soggy. The bacon tasted a little overcooked, and it was hard to cut through, but it was still crunchy and delicious. The dish tasted pretty fresh with the tomato and rocket, and there was a very generous layer of feta, which my feta-loving tastebuds gladly appreciated!

A feast for one person!

I’ve heard some stories about the average to bad service at Milk‘d, but I didn’t experience any of that when I came. My previous visitations were much the same. May I also add that they do a wonderful iced chocolate – yummers! Prices were decent with nothing being over $18 (at the time of writing). They also had counter food which looked great as well.

I hung around for a little bit, watching people come and go, and getting some blogging done. I had to be back at home, so I rode down the hill, happy as Larry, with a belly filled with good food.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Address: 32 Angove Street, North Perth WA 6006

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  • Open every day from 6:30am until 6pm, at both the North Perth and Maylands locations
  • And yes, there are other Milk’d locations in Maylands and Subiaco (with different opening hours).
  • Offers free wifi! Just ask the friendly staff for the wifi password.
  • At the North Perth location, there is limited parking on the street and side streets, as there are other businesses around, but you should be able to find parking somewhere.

– A.


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