There’s nothing harrowing at all about The Office on Harrogate

The Office on Harrogate, West Leederville

Open for business!
You won’t miss The Office on Harrogate with signs everywhere leading to it.

I was keen one day to try The Office on Harrogate in West Leederville, as I love to try places close to my house. The Office on Harrogate is aimed for the office workers around the area, hence the name. On the morning that I went, the majority of the customers were workers in the area, grabbing their take away coffees and lunches. Their location is quite well placed as I don’t think there are any other cafes around that area. Furthermore, you can’t get lost looking for the place because they have their signs everywhere to direct you to it!

A feast for your eyes!

Their counter top is amazing. It was filled with the most delicious lunch choices such as corn fritters, savoury croissants, bircher salads, wraps and even mini burgers, which looked so impressive, by the way. Sweets-wise, they had oversized cookies, muffins that were still in the baking tin, loaves and slices. Our eyes lit up when we saw the counter, but unfortunately, we didn’t get anything afterwards. I would’ve loved to have taken away their massive cookies!

Herb Scrambled Eggs ($17.50)
Pear, watermelon and lemon juice ($7)

I caught up with one of my friends for brunch, and easily secured a table for us. My friend ordered the Herb Scrambled Eggs ($17.50), which came with baba ganoush, roast red peppers, grilled haloumi, balsamic glaze and toasted olive bread. There was a huge amount of herby scrambled eggs that sat on top of the toasted olive bread. The dish was reported to be really good, and it looked amazing on the board. The haloumi was too salty for my friend, which I gladly lapped it up. My friend also ordered the pear, watermelon and lemon juice ($7), which came in a jar. The juice was delicious, fresh, light, and tasted so healthy. If you are into fruit juices for drinks, then this is what you should have.

Corn Fritters ($16.50)
Beetroot, green apple, orange, lemon and ginger juice ($7)

I ordered the Corn Fritters ($16.50), which included poached eggs, crispy bacon, roast tomato relish and rocket. There was also an option to add avocado for $4. My corn fritters came out as a huge serving on a wooden board, similar to X-Wray in Fremantle. There were two fritters topped with generous servings of streaky bacon, tomato relish and two poached eggs, served with a side of rocket and drizzled with balsamic glaze. There was so much flavour to this dish; so much that I wasn’t after it in the first place. This wasn’t a bad thing, I just wanted something more simple, however it was a well balanced meal. It was a little bit awkward trying to eat the poached eggs on a flat board as I didn’t want to spill anything. I also had the beetroot, green apple, orange, lemon and ginger juice ($7). The juice was definitely delicious, and also quite interesting. There was an amazing purple colour to it due to the beetroot. I was a bit skeptical at first due to the beetroot and ginger, but the ginger taste was subtle, thank goodness!

Brunch is served
Inside The Office…

The Office on Harrogate wasn’t anything special, but offered another decent brunch option in Perth. Its menu isn’t too fabulous, but it had good food on there. It offered the usual breakfast suspects such as toast, granola and ricotta pancakes (which sounded amazing, by the way) and also unique savoury options. They are also open at night time for dinner, as they also serve as a small bar. The vibe felt like it catered more towards business workers in the area, hence I would go to catch up with a friend there, but I wouldn’t stay for long. The prices were also decent for what you get, with no meal (at the time of writing) exceeding $20, which is quite rare in Perth!

Do me a favour: if you do visit The Office on Harrogate, make sure you the oversized cookie for me!

Rating: 7 out of 10
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Address: 32 Harrogate St, West Leederville 6007


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  • Open for breakfast every day from 6:30am (Monday and Tuesday closing at 5pm), and dinner until late from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • There is an amazing array of take-away options for a snack or for lunch.
  • The Office on Harrogate offers chilli mussels on Wednesdays, beef burgers or thai beef salads on Thursdays, and happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Limited paid street parking outside.

– A.


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