Good food at Jezebelle in the underestimated Guildford

Jezebelle, Guildford

Jezebelle vs Alfred’s Kitchen, which is right across the road.

Lets face it: when you think of Guildford as a place to have something to eat, you would think, “Are you sure?”, right? Now, Guildford isn’t as bad as you think. Of course, it houses the amazing burgers of Alfred’s Kitchen, but it also has two places I also want to try – Cups Icecream and Pancake Pantry. Guildford is bringing out some of the most raved food to try in Perth, and one of them is Jezebelle. Jezebelle serves tapas style dishes – a style that is showing up in many Perth restaurants today.

Inside Jezebelle

After my boyfriend questioned me why I was choosing to eat in Guildford for dinner that night, we made our way to Jezebelle. We eyed the huge lines at Alfred’s Kitchen on the other side of the road, wondering if we were making the right choice to eat at Jezebelle. I was curious to try Jezebelle, especially with the 25% off the total bill on the 2013/14 Entertainment Gold Card (now also in the new 2014/15 Entertainment Book). We walked into Jezebelle, and I had this vision that I was walking into someone’s house. Jezebelle had a clean decor to it with wooden floors and dark lighting. We sat outside on the deck, as it seemed like the restaurant was booked out inside.

We were absolutely starving as we both had just finished work for the day. It was a Friday night, the start of the weekend, and we were itching to celebrate TGIF with good food in our bellies. We always tend to over-order, so we decided to not get carried away this time. The menu also contained funny and quirky tidbits, such as a FAQs page at the back that is sure to make anyone laugh. At the end of each page, they also included even more frequently asked questions in regards to the ingredients within their dishes (which I personally think every menu should have).

Lemon, Lime & Bitters

It was a hot and sticky day, and we needed something to quench our thirst. We each had lemon, lime and bitters, and it easily did the trick.

Lamb sliders, ratatouille, white anchovy and haloumi ($24).
That haloumi…

Our first dish that came out was the lamb sliders, ratatouille, white anchovy and haloumi ($24). This instantly became our favourite dish of the night, and not just because it looked so damn good on our table. I believe brioche buns should only be used for sliders. The top of the bun was burnt, however we couldn’t taste the burntness on it. We felt that the lamb sliders were actually quite a big size for sliders. There was so much flavour to these sliders, and the lamb patty was absolutely delicious. The haloumi made the slider even more ‘gourmet” as opposed to using other typical cheese such as cheddar. The melted haloumi on the sliders would make any cheese lover excited (like me!). I find that sliders are usually quite simple and limited in terms of ingredients and flavour, but this was basically like a smaller burger.

Marinated octopus, potato puree and pico de gallo ($16)

Octopus! My favourite! This dish was more intended for me, as my boyfriend can’t eat seafood. This dish had marinated octopus, potato puree and pico de gallo ($16). This dish was great and contained the most tender octopus that I had ever consumed. Most octopus dishes that I have had can be meaty and chewy, but this octopus was super soft, which was different. The mash was so amazingly smooth, but they probably should have given me a spoon, as I couldn’t scoop out anything with a fork. There was also small chunks of onion in it. The octopus was also smoked, and had a nice flavour to it.

Field mushrooms, pumpkin, gorgonzola and candied walnuts ($16)

We needed a fresh flavour dish in our choices, so we ordered the field mushrooms, pumpkin, gorgonzola and candied walnuts ($16). My boyfriend easily loved it. It was a great tasting salad, with a sweet kind of syrup-y dressing. It was a good chunky leafy salad alternative.

Pork belly, coconut, white polenta and citrus pickle ($24)

We were only left with a few choices of non-seafood dishes, so we chose the pork belly, coconut, white polenta and citrus pickle ($24). The two thick slabs of pork belly had a crispy and crunchy crackle, and was deliciously juicy. It was placed on top of the polenta that helped reduce that salty pork belly taste. There were bits of chilli throughout the dish, including garnished on top, so I avoided the chilli as I am not a fan of it.

Dessert is served: Taste plate of macarons, nougat, honeycomb, and bolitas de coco ($8 per person)

We were mighty stuffed by that point, but we never skip on dessert. I had begun to get attacked by the pesky mosquitoes, so I asked if we could be moved inside, and the staff happily moved us next to the bar. By this point, the restaurant was full and had a good vibe to it. We promptly ordered dessert, which was the taste plate of macarons, nougat, honeycomb and bolitas de coco ($8 per person). The tasting plate was gorgeous, and we didn’t know where to begin. Bolitas de coco is a bite-sized almond pastry rolled in coconut. The pastry was dense, not too sweet, and would be great with tea. The nougat was soft, sweet and tangy. The pistachio green colour in the nougat made it look pretty. The nougat, as usual, was quite sickly sweet. Last but not least, the delicious macarons. We concluded that the macarons were chocolate, and banana caramel flavour. The macarons were to die for. The banana macaron was my favourite. As we saw a lot of the tasting plates being delivered to the other tables, we noticed that the macaron flavours were different for each taste plate.

The spread!

The service was very friendly and they helped us with any queries that we had. We could overhear the service on other tables, and they were also accommodating to the needs of all the other customers, and answering the many questions being asked. And amazingly, every staff member appeared to have the attitude that they were happy to be working at the restaurant. They seemed proud of the food being served, and offering suggestions and recommendations to the patrons. This attitude, I find, is quite rare in Perth. Having a waiter or waitress being excited or even proud of their food makes the experience so much better.

The dessert ended our night on a high, and we were glad we didn’t end up going to the always busy Alfred’s Kitchen. Guildford is taking off, people. Don’t forget that.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10
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Address: 127 James St, Guildford 6055



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  • Open for lunch and dinner on Wednesday to Friday from 12pm until late, and open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 7am, with Sunday closing at 4pm.
  • 2014/15 Entertainment Gold Card – 25% off total bill

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4 thoughts on “Good food at Jezebelle in the underestimated Guildford

  1. I have always noticed Jezebelle across the road whenever I am having my burgers at Alfred’s Kitchen. Looks like I have to give Jezebelle a try now :)

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