Pepper Lunch Never Fails to Please

Pepper Lunch, Perth CBD 

Since visiting Melbourne, dining alone has been a pretty comfortable experience for me. I sit there with a magazine, giving me time to rest and reflect on not only the food, but on life itself. The day I visited Pepper Lunch, I was in the company of a Scoop magazine, whilst I decided to devour some dinner after a long day at work. Good old Pepper Lunch was waiting for me, already half-full by the time I arrived there. I had first been introduced to Pepper Lunch by a friend, who had been to the one in Japan, and had highly recommended it. After a great first experience there, I was keen to try it again. That day, I made a beeline for a table after quickly placing my order.

Pepper Lunch on Barrack St
Pepper Lunch on Barrack St

As luck would have it, I had managed to score within happy hour, so my small beef rice (with extra cheese) cost me a mere $7.95. Winning! The food came out super quick, a word of warning printed on the strip of paper surrounding the iron clad plate. The plate reminded me of a sizzling wok, ready to rumble as it hissed at me. I gave it the old toss and turn, sprucing things up with a splash of sweet onion sauce which sat at the table. The rice was dosed in a good amount of pepper, and the cheese melted instantly, adding a gooey element to the dish.

... After
… After

The corn was in abundance within the dish, fresh and sweet, popping in the mouth. The beef trans-morphed from pink to brown in a matter of seconds. I had to be extra careful not to accidentally brush against the side of the hot plate – it would have resulted in some significant second degree burning! As the label around the dish informed me, the iron plate would continue to cook the food for another 20 minutes, so I had exercise great caution.

Service was pretty good, with the rice speeding out from the kitchen only 5 minutes after I had placed the order. Efficiency is always sure to please a hungry, stomach-rumbling customer like myself. The contact with the wait staff was minimal, as I had only interacted with the lady who plonked the dish in front of me. They were smart though, with consistent warnings about not touching the hot plate, with visual reminders about how hot it could get (according to the blackboard on the wall, the pan could heat up to 80 degrees Celsius!). This was reiterated by the strip of paper that came wound around the hot plate, which also gave the customer a basic method of how best to tackle the dish.

Happy Hour!
Happy Hour!

The staff also seemed happy enough to let me sit and read after I had finished my magazine. People crept in and out and at random moments, and it got quite busy by the 5pm mark! I appreciated the low price range of Pepper Lunch’s dishes – for a less-than-$10 price tag, it was a bargain. It was also a fast, inexpensive meal to enjoy, with a wide range of different “flavours” to choose from. Pepper Lunch is fancy fried rice at its finest, and is a bit of fun!

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: Shop 5g/ 95 Barrack St, Perth 6000



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  • Open for lunch and dinner every day of the week (11am to 10pm most days).
  • Take away food also available!
  • Happy hour is 3pm to 5.30 pm daily, with discounts on the beef and hamburger pepper rice, as well as takeaway chicken, curry, steak and salmon (all under $10!).
  • Sides include rice, miso, chips and salad (ranging from $2.50 to $3.00 per serving).
  • No reservations, walk in only.

– L.


One thought on “Pepper Lunch Never Fails to Please

  1. Although it’s not terrible, the Pepper Lunch in Perth is the worst out of all the Pepper Lunch restos I’ve been to. (Sakae Nagoya, Singapore, Davao, Philippines, and a few other branches in Japan)

    There was cartilaginous tissue in the beef (very rare for a Pepper Lunch branded store, and very unfortunate, as the quality of beef in Australia is supposed to be very good)

    The vegetable servings were not the same size as those I’m used to from Pepper Lunch as well.

    I love the brand and would visit other Pepper Lunch stores in the future… My experience in Perth branch just doesn’t justify another visit is all.

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