It’s a chicken feast at Golden Chicks

Golden Chicks, Morley

(We are sad to announce that Golden Chicks has now closed down after this review was written. However we still want to publish this review, in anticipation for whether Golden Chicks will re-open in the future, wherever they may go).

Golden Chicks: Don’t let the looks fool you…

If you disregard the stores around the area and the fact that there is a huge shopping centre in front of the restaurant, you’d think that you’ve stepped into Seoul in South Korea. Or at least, close to it. I was a bit skeptical of Golden Chicks at first; I mean, look at it. Yellow walls, small store with majority of the seats being outside and a seemingly confusing menu on the wall featuring low to medium quality photos of the food on the menu. Have I made a wrong choice for dinner tonight, I thought? No, people have said that this place was cheap and amazing, don’t let looks deceive you.

Golden Chicks is an import from Korea, with their speciality being fried chicken, but they do offer other Korean meals on the menu, from bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) to the lesser-Korean-more-Japanese variety, katsu. According to reviews on Urbanspoon, it seems like Golden Chicks have been around for a few years now, but I had not noticed it before. We umm-ed and ahhh-ed at the menu as we had no clue what to get. My boyfriend was set on bulgogi, his favourite Korean dish of all time. I was starving, so I wanted a meal, but I also wanted the chicken. I made a meal out of it and ordered the rice and a regular size deep fried soy chicken. I almost made the mistake of wanting to order the large and the owner/chef informed me of just how big the large serving was. I was glad he told me, even though I was certainly embarrassed. My boyfriend noticed the kimchi sign and asked for it too but the owner told us they didn’t have any left and that his wife makes them – sadly she was not able to make it until tomorrow. At least we now know it’s homemade!

Regular sized deep fried soy chicken ($18.50)

There were three choices of chicken flavours that were available: original, soy and sweet chilli, all deep-fried in canola oil or roasted, in small, regular and large sizes. My regular sized deep fried soy chicken ($18.50) came out on a huge plate with deep fried chicken goodness layered on top of each other. Even though I could’ve ate a horse (obviously an over-exaggeration) as I was THAT starving, how the heck was I going to finish this?! The owner was well and truly right! Thank god my boyfriend became a walking garbage bin, because he helped me finish off the remaining wings and drumsticks. The chicken came out hot and fresh from the deep fryer. It was sweet from the soy, crunchy and also a little bit spicy, but it was also lip-smacking delicious. There were different sized wings and drumsticks throughout. The meal also came with tongs and a small plastic bag lined bin to dispose of the bones. Talk about cleanliness: what a fabulous idea for a minimal-mess meal.

Bulgogi (Korean marinated beef) ($11)

Amongst all the confusion and explanation of the menu, the owner didn’t hear our bulgogi order, thus we waited 10 minutes after my meal came out before we asked where the bulgogi was. More embarrassment ensued and we ordered it, and it came out within five minutes, as he had promised. Promises kept are the best kind of promises!

The marinated beef came in a similar sized huge plate, mixed with japchae (Korean glass noodles; so good, one of my favourites). It was a huge serving with lashings of its juices and my boyfriend was so excited. The marinated beef brought him back to Korea with its authentic flavour and he managed to polish the meal off. Not bad for $11.

Signs outside of Golden Chicks!

Golden Chicks is humble, simple and doesn’t try to deceive you. They have party packs for your catering and entertaining needs. There is only one person working the floor, kitchen, AND counter, which is pretty impressive, but it probably doesn’t get as busy as it should be. The chef/owner has worked in Tokyo, hence the Japanese dishes on the menu and he’s as friendly as friendly can get. If you are after a cheap meal with huge portions, then Golden Chicks is for you.

Don’t let its exterior fool you. Give Golden Chicks a chance.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Address: Shop 3, 5 Progress St, Morley 6062


Golden Chicks on Urbanspoon


  • Open every day for lunch and dinner until late.
  • They also have what’s called a “tornado”, which is a whole potato that is sliced like a continuous spiral on a stick, for $3. Cheap as chips (no pun intended)!
  • Deep fried food scares you? Don’t worry, they use 100% canola oil.

– A.


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