A Café Elixir Fix!

Café Elixir, Wanneroo  

Not to sound like an overly clingy child, but Sunday is “me and mum” time, especially when my dad is on site for his fly in-fly out shin dig. This particular sweltering day, I was looking forward to taking mum out for some quality food in a casual setting. My brother, mother and I hopped into our (thankfully) fully functioning air conditioned car and drove a considerable way to Wanneroo. I had been to Café Elixir twice previously, initially at the recommendation of my cousin, who had rave things to say about the café. She hadn’t been wrong about its exemplary service, great good and affordable dishes, which made it a potential winner in my mum’s books.

Welcome to green-town, aka Cafe Elixir!
Welcome to green-town, aka Café Elixir!

After a few wrong turns (I have the worst sense of direction known to mankind, even when armed with a smart phone/ Googlemaps), we parked in a vast parking lot and made our way to Café Elixir. Café Elixir is situated at the new Library and Cultural Centre. It was rather imposing, compared to its surroundings, as it was brand new, gleaming and vibrant in strokes of lime green. Inside was impressively colour coordinated in shades of apple green, with vases, swirling wall paper, lanterns and clocks.

Armed and ready to eat...
Armed and ready to eat…

It’s not hard to find something to your liking on Café Elixir’s menu. The “Anytime” menu pretty much covered… well, everything. The menu included dude food (e.g. chips, wedges, buffalo wings, steak sandwiches), some pasta dishes, salads, specialty parmigianas and for good family fun, a children’s section (aka “something for the little people”).

Garlic Prawns ($19.90)
Garlic prawns ($19.90)

Mum went for the garlic prawns ($19.90) which would have been my second choice for mains, as I love my seafood. Seven large king prawns sat on a bed of softly cooked short grain rice. The prawns had been cooked well, with the tails still attached, succulent with a slight pearly translucent quality that indicated its freshness. It was coated in a glossy cream sauce, which was nice and light, combining with the rice to resemble a delicious risotto. A salad of mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, grated carrot and sliced cucumber came on the side, as did a thick, buttery portion of garlic bread. I could have easily polished this off myself! Thankfully, mum was nice enough to share.

Smoked Salmon Linguini ($20.90)
Smoked salmon linguini ($20.90)

Still in the realm of seafood, I settled on the smoked salmon linguini ($20.90) which was also gluten free. The linguini was well cooked to al dente standards. The pasta was tossed up with a lemon infused olive oil, which gave the dish an mild acidity overall. The addition of the olive oil allowed the pasta to slip and slide across the dish, but thankfully it was not excessively greasy. A light touch had really done well in this dish. Torn portions of smoked salmon were scattered throughout the pasta, immaculately fresh and was complimented well with the addition of capers.

The spinach was also out in full force, slightly wilted and matched well with the shaved parmesan on top, which wasn’t too strong or pungent, as parmesan can often be. My only complaint would be the red onion, which was sliced lengthways and intertwined throughout the dish. I thought it was a little overpowering, a bit too strong and sharp to be in equal portions to the salmon and spinach. Maybe if it had been diced into smaller cubes it would have been a bit more manageable and balanced, however overall I thought it was a cracker of a dish.

Taylor's burger ($18.90)
Taylor’s burger ($18.90)

My brother had the Taylor’s burger ($18.90) which was mammoth in size. His jubilation reached new heights when it came out.The light focaccia bread sandwiched a slice of ruby red tomato, crunchy lettuce and a gigantic beef patty. The beef was well cooked and tender, which my brother (and my mother) approved of. There was a slick slide of BBQ sauce in the mix to add a savoury punch. The battered chips were particularly memorable, trying to outdo the burger in terms of size. They were super hot and fleshy inside, with the batter delicately crunchy on the outside. Some seriously good chips.

Coffee Torte ($4.50)
Coffee torte ($4.50)

I was pretty insistent on dessert as per usual, so mum and I shared a slice of the coffee torte ($4.50). It was heavenly – the vanilla sponge was airy, but still retained some moisture. Saturated in the lower levels was a coffee syrup that counteracted the sweetness of the sponge cake and the double thick layers of chocolate ganache icing. It was inspiringly coated in a gelatinous layer of coffee, which added to its gleaming presentation. No cake is the same without a blob of fresh cream and Elixir’s coffee cake thankfully came out with that. Happy all around at our table!

Beautiful Cafe Elixir!
Beautiful Café Elixir!

Having been at Café Elixir twice previously, I was ever pleased to find a place that consistently produces great food. It’s simple, homely and decently priced for the quantity of food you get. We got an added bonus with the Entertainment Book voucher, which Taylor at the front counter seemed happy enough to accept. I love that Elixir has an all day breakfast, which appears to be a rarity here in Perth – we alos got our breakfast menus on the table as we entered from the smiling waitress, who served us throughout the day. Service at Café Elixir is also top notch – attentive, polite and eager to engage in conversation. They seem to really value their customers, which I wholeheartedly appreciated. Overall, it was a wonderful casual dining experience, recommended for anyone in the area!

 Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo 6065

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  • Open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week (from 7am to 5 pm) and for dinner Thursday to Saturday (till 10pm).
  • Caters for high tea, parties and business functions.
  • If you’re feeling a little chilly, Café Elixir has green blankets for a bit of wrap up, obtainable in wicker baskets in the al fresco area.
  • Entertainment Book voucher discount (25% off total menu up to the value of $30).
  • Café Elixir received 2nd place in Perth Now’s Top 5 Breakfasts!
  • Reservations highly recommended (contact via phone 9404 5493 or email at cafeelixir@elixircafe.com.au).



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