Meet Me at the CNR

CNR Kitchen, Northbridge

Welcome to CNR Kitchen!
More about their menu is written on the wall

I had always thought CNR Kitchen was way too “raw” for me. I love my full on food and not restricting my choice of lifestyle to a certain type of diet. However after our tea for tu date, L and I found ourselves at CNR Kitchen after meandering around Northbridge for a good 30 minutes, after trying to find somewhere to have some proper food at 2pm. It was just after the New Year and a very limited number of places were open – one of them being CNR Kitchen. Yay!

You could almost miss CNR Kitchen, as it’s right next to the giant TV screen at the Northbridge Piazza. They specialise in Paleo diet food, raw food & vegan dishes, with a big emphasis on choosing healthier options. As L and I walked towards the entrance, we grabbed our menus and a waiter came out and asked us if we were eating in or grabbing drinks to go. He led us to our table and we scanned through the menu. There were a few people already seated inside. We weren’t too terribly hungry, but we were up for some decent food. Everything sounded so good on the menu…. focaccias, burgers, eggplant lasagne, nachos… what to choose?! I was so tempted to go with the eggplant lasagne, but I ended up choosing the Roast Beef Focaccia. L went with the CNR Wagyu Burger.

House green smoothie – apple, orange, pear and baby spinach ($6.50)

CNR Kitchen also has quite an extensive drinks menu. Their juices are unique and I decided to go with their house green smoothie ($6.50). Recently, green smoothies have been the new craze, and they contain fruit plus an added green vegetable, most commonly  spinach. This variation had apple, orange, pear and baby spinach in it. It came out in an impressive tall glass and it tasted more on the fruity side, but you could still taste a hint of the baby spinach.

G.A.P juice – ginger, apple, and pear ($6.50)

L ordered the G.A.P (ginger, apple, and pear) juice ($6.50). It also came out a tall glass, which was well worth the price for what we paid for it. There was a big hit of ginger with a lingering spicy aftertaste. It was mighty refreshing and sweet tasting from the apple.

CNR Kitchen’s own roasted beef with melted cheddar, home made onion jam, cucumber, tomato, mustard-mayo and wild rocket on a toasted focaccia roll ($12.90)

Then out came our food! My big slab of roast beef focaccia goodness contained their own roasted beef with melted cheddar, home made onion jam, cucumber, tomato, mustard-mayo and wild rocket on a toasted focaccia roll ($12.90). Upon first bite of the focaccia, I realised the roast beef tasted just like the ham you have at Christmas. I was confused. Is it really meant to be roast beef? I understood it was their own version but I know the different between beef and ham, and for one, they’re from completely different animals. Even though I was slightly confused, it still tasted so good. The whole focaccia had a tangy taste to it due to the mustard mayo with the ham  I mean, beef. There was heaps of meat and it was loaded with veggies, all inside a perfectly toasted focaccia roll. Why did I have to get so full quickly?!

CNR Wagyu Burger – large wagyu beef burger with crispy bacon, runny egg, cheddar, house onion jam, aioli, fresh sliced tomato and greens, served with their royal blue house fries ($22.90)

L’s CNR Wagyu burger came out so impressively displayed on a wooden board – check it out! When CNR Kitchen said large wagyu beef  burger on their meny, they meant it. The whole burger itself was heavy on the meat with two rounds of bacon and steak, which made it pretty substantial. The steak was really juicy and tender. The golden house fries could have done with a little bit longer in the fryer, as they were a bit limp, but they were seasoned well and fluffy on the inside. On the plus side, L liked the focaccia which was lightly toasted.

Outdoor seating area with a wood fire oven at the back
Comfy couches and a mix ‘n’ match of other furniture

CNR Kitchen is a great place to go if you want to chill somewhere. Even if you get a little bored inside, you can go out to the grass area outside and watch what is showing on the giant TV screen. CNR Kitchen is also one of the few places in Perth that takes part in “suspended coffees”, looking after those in need through the generosity of the public. It is a brilliant idea that originated from Italy (the land of coffee, of course). How it works is that someone can pre-purchase coffee or food for someone in need. Then at the end of the day, someone in need can come in and find out whether they have any suspended coffees, at no cost to them. Of course, this is at the discretion of the place, as it is up to them whether the person really is “in need”. It’s still quite a new thing in Perth at the moment but it has taken over the eastern states of Australia for a while now. We were leaving just when CNR Kitchen was closing up and someone came in and asked for one. Fortunately, CRN Kitchen had one available! Our faith in humanity was once restored again.

The service at CNR Kitchen was pretty friendly from the get-go, greeting us cheerily as we walked in. We also managed to use our 2013/14 Entertainment Gold Card here to wipe 25% off our bill. Sweet!

I’m definitely coming back to try everything else on the menu!

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 44 Lake St, Perth WA 6003


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  • CNR Kitchen is open from Monday to Thursday 7am until 3:30pm, Fridays 7am until 10pm for dinner, and on the weekends from 8am until 4pm. Their kitchen closes before closing so make sure you come well before closing to get some grub!
  • They take reservations for Friday night dinners on (08) 9228 8861.
  • If you want to know more about Suspended Coffees, check out the Perth Suspended Coffees Community Facebook page here. Alternatively, you can check out the national Suspended Coffees website here.
  • They use their own Special Five Senses coffee beans.
  • CNR Kitchen sells health food products from their website, such as nuts, chia seeds, dehydrating trays and more.
  • They also offer workshops, and provides venue hire, functions and catering!

– A.


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