Visiting Miss Kitty and her Saloon

Miss Kitty’s Saloon, Inglewood

Miss Kitty’s Saloon in Inglewood

This was my second time trying out Miss Kitty’s Saloon, a restaurant serving American and Canadian cuisine, with interesting opening hours. The first time was when L and I went after the restaurant had been opened for a few months, and it was extremely busy for a normal Thursday night. We were impressed by the food and service at Miss Kitty’s Saloon, so I was determined to visit again with my boyfriend. We came for dinner, without a booking, on a week day before Christmas, which wasn’t so busy this time. Miss Kitty’s Saloon took over what used to be Avenue Nine, and has become a welcoming addition to the Beaufort Street scene. As I had mentioned in our Kitsch Bar review, Miss Kitty’s Saloon is one of the latest projects by chef Iain Lawless, who teamed up with another chef, Liam Atkinson. Following its American and Canadian cuisine (and its name), you feel as if you’re in an old American bar. Think Back to the Future 3, when Marty goes back in time. The Wild West, anyone?

Free peanuts, anyone?

Miss Kitty’s Saloon has a limited menu compared to other places in Perth, but it also offers specials in case you want to try the chef’s latest masterpieces. Last time, L and I ordered the poutine, tamarind pork ribs and chilli beef with waffles, which we had loved, but this time around they weren’t on the menu this time around. To make sure you feel like you’re in an old American-style bar, we were given peanuts to munch on at the start. However, it wasn’t long until our food came out. We ordered quite a bit, and our table was quite small so we had to return the peanuts back. Plus we didn’t want to be full from the free peanuts. We wanted to initially get the roast suckling pig ($44 for two people) but we decided not to – we wished we had in the end!

Crisp corn fritters with hot pepper jelly ($10)

First, we ordered the crisp corn fritters with hot pepper jelly ($10). They were hot, crispy and glistened in the sunlight. The fritters also had a curry taste to them. The fritters were a little bland though, despite the curry taste. We felt that it needed more of the cream, but it was good to eat with other things on the menu, such as the mac ‘n’ cheese.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese with American cheddar and smoky paprika ($12)

The mac ‘n’ cheese with American cheddar and smoky paprika ($12) came out in a small bowl – but don’t think that this doesn’t fill you up! I was expecting the mac ‘n’ cheese to have a strong flavour to it, however my boyfriend thought that it was quite bland. The sauce was rather runny and it was far better to have the sauce with the pasta (as the sauce had all collected at the bottom), than to have the pasta by itself (which was quite dry without the sauce). I’m not quite sure if the mac ‘n’ cheese was worth the $12 price tag.

Pork nuggets with pink pepper ranch, candied chilli and pickled grapes ($16.80)

The pork nuggets with pink pepper ranch, candied chilli and pickled grapes ($16.80) was one of our favourite dishes of the night. The nuggets were crunchy on the outside and so very tender on the inside, with the pork pulled so perfectly with every bite. The nuggets were also quite salty, but the pork was moist from the fat. The grapes tasted a little overpowering, but it gave a nice textural element to the dish, bursting in the mouth. The candied chilli looked pretty on the plate and was not too spicy.

Charcoal tamarind pork ribs with corn, chilli and yoghurt ($19.50)

L and I enjoyed the charcoal tamarind pork ribs with corn, chilli and yoghurt ($19.50) the last time we went, and I knew I had to get them again. Last time, I remembered they fell straight off the bone. Unfortunately this time they didn’t, so it was difficult to eat the ribs, resulting in us using our hands. There were 7-8 ribs in total, which all had a decent amount of meat on the bone, but we would’ve liked more. The corn purée was nice and I wanted to eat more of it off the plate, but the waitress took the dish away before I could. Damn!

Pickled peach slaw ($9)

We knew we needed some kind of vegetable dish during our dinner and as soon as we saw “peach” in the slaw, we knew we wanted it (we love fruit in salads!). The pickled peach slaw was made to order, with the vegetables cut into long, thin slices. Taste-wise, the slaw was tangy (especially with the peaches) and was quite refreshing to have with the other dishes.

Pulled pork and fresh pineapple pizza ($16.50)

We also ordered the pizza pictured above, which was one of the specials for the night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t remember the exact name of the pizza. It was almost like a Hawaiian styled pizza, with the fresh pineapple and pulled pork. The pizza was delicious, and the pineapple wasn’t of the canned variety, which was great. The pizza had been cut into four big slices, but we were so full of food by this stage. We thought that that it wasn’t really worth the $16.50 price tag, as it was simple enough to be made at home.

We decided not to stay for dessert, as the last time L and I went, we had ordered the banoffee pie in a jar and I had rated it just average. Besides, I don’t think we could have ate any more by the end of our mains! Service was great, with the staff regularly checking up on our table. However, when more food kept coming out, they never offered to clear space on our table and just plonked our dishes on the table, even with the limited space we already had. Next time, I would love to visit for breakfast, as their breakfast menu looks amazing.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Address: 882 Beaufort St, Inglewood 6052


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  • Miss Kitty’s Saloon is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5:27pm until late and for brunch on the weekends from 8:27am until 2:57pm.
  • Plenty of parking outside on the street, nearby surrounding streets and out the back.
  • Miss Kitty’s Saloon does “dog ‘n’ a beer” night every Tuesday for $16.80.
  • It is advisable to book a table as it can get rather busy, otherwise you can try walking in at restaurant opening times.

– A.


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