Super Savings @ 7th Avenue Bar & Restaurant

7th Avenue Bar and Restaurant, Midland

I’m not notoriously known as a food snob, so when we stopped by 7th Avenue Bar and Restaurant one sweltering 40-degree Sunday, I was already sticking my nose up in the air, formulating biased opinions on their quality of food. We were in Midland attempting to escape the heat, whilst shopping at the Midland Fruit and Veg Markets. We had dropped off my sister and her boyfriend at the airport and were keen for a hearty, start up breakfast for the day. Luckily, not only was it beautifully cool inside (thank you fully functioning air conditioner), but everything was clean, tidy and spacious with a wonderful rustic feel. The interior reminded me of an old English holiday inn, with patterned carpet and wooden furniture. We patiently waited to be seated, the waitress apologizing for the wait. We were seated at a table of four. It was all very homely.

Inside in the beautiful air conditioned environment....
Inside in the beautiful air conditioned environment….

The first thing to jump out at me were the prices. $15 for a big breakfast? Crazy cheap!! I sought out something sweet and found the crepes, whilst there was a flurry of big breakfast orders from the rest of my party. They were the first to come out, one with fried eggs and the other with scrambled eggs. Digging into their food with vivaciousness, my sister’s boyfriend’s dad (whew, what a mouthful) thought his fried eggs were wonderfully done, with a well-cooked yolk, just the way he liked it! An abundance of sautéed button mushrooms were nestled in a glass bowl beside it.

7th Ave Big Breakfast with fried eggs ($15.90)
7th Ave Big Breakfast with fried eggs ($15.90)
Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs ($15.90)
Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs ($15.90)

Both big breakfasts ($15.90) had a nice range of usual suspects on the plate. The sausage was thick, meaty and not excessively lardy. The only slight oversights were the baked beans, which were of the canned variety and my friend’s scrambled eggs, which were also of the powdered and potentially store-bought kind. The bacon, however, was sizzling hot, with the fat slightly rendered. Like the mushrooms, the bacon was generous in terms of presence on the plate. Atop were a few sprigs of spout for a measure of greens.

Vegetarian Big Breakfast sans toast ($9.50)
Vegetarian Big Breakfast sans toast ($9.50)

My sister’s boyfriend’s mum ordered the vegetarian big breakfast ($9.50) which came with a wad of wilted spinach, more mushrooms, baked beans and half a fried tomato. She lifted some bread off her husband’s big breakfast, which was thin and crusty. It was slathered in butter and made a good accompaniment to the rest of the dish.

Breakfast Crepes ($9.50)
Breakfast Crepes ($9.50)

My breakfast crepes ($9.50) were delicious. The crepes were four folded blankets, light and fluffy on the inside. The crepes were quite substantial, lined up next to a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. There was the option of honey, strawberry jam, maple syrup and mixed berries (the berries required extra payment). I went for the lemon and sugar option which came on the side. Packet sugar and large wedges of lemon arrived with the crepes and ice-cream which gave me complete control of administering the flavor content. I really loved how the crepes were cooked and thought it was well worth the price I paid for it.

Iced Chocolate (?????)
Iced Coffee

The iced chocolate and iced coffee came in towering glasses. I had a bit of the iced coffee and fell in love with it – the cream was scented with heavy coffee undertones. The drink itself contained its fair share of espresso. It was nicely chilled and an exceptional “wake-me-up” punch for the morning. The iced chocolate also contained a slick slide of chocolate sauce. No watered down, ice cube packed drinks at 7th Avenue. You get value for money here!

The pub section!
The pub section!

Overall, I thought it was a great local pub place for food in the Midland area. The ambience was fantastic – cool, casual and great for families, with the radio busting out some weekend tunes. The menu looked particular extensive, with the prices being dirt cheap. The quality of food wasn’t stand out amazing nor expressing a lot of technical flair, but it was decent on the portion sizes. While a few points were taken off for the canned beans and powdered eggs, my prized crepes were a definite highlight. They were so much better than ones I would have paid for at a franchised café. The service was efficient, prompt and quick predominantly run by a mature service team.  A good old fashioned joint for those in the area.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

Address: 74 Helena St Midland, 6056

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  • Open for lunch, breakfast and dinner, Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.00am, Saturday from 8.30am to 12.00am and Sunday from 7.30am to 10.00pm (kitchen closes at 9pm daily, breakfast available from 7.30am to 11am).
  • Function room hire for bigger parties, catering up to 120 people.
  • Lunch specials available daily, along with a selection of desserts  at the front counter.
  • Reservations available via telephone (9250 1099).

–  L.


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