Sayers Sister is the word

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

I am quite sure that most Perthians would have visited Sayers or Sayers Sister before. Sayers Sister is no doubt one of my favourite places to have breakfast/brunch in Perth. If you’re visiting Perth, or if you’re from Perth and haven’t gone to Sayers or Sayers Sister yet, you need to go. Sayers Sister is, as it is named, the “little sister” of the ever so popular Sayers Food in Leederville. I have only visited Sayers Food once despite living next to Leederville, and it’s just as good as Sayers Sister. It’s so popular that even food critic Matt Preston and chef Gary Mehigan once visited Sayers Sister and the extremely starstruck L even managed to get a picture with them. She won’t ever live that one down.

A pot of sugar with another jar of sugar.

What makes Sayers/Sayers Sister the “best”? Some say it’s the coffee, most say it’s the food. I love Sayers Sister because of its uniqueness. There’s nothing like seeing a long communal bench filled with sugary treats and more sugary baked delicacies in front of you when you eat. Or that feeling when you sit in the big, high back lounge chairs having breakfast or lunch, that makes you feel important. Or the exposed bricks and quaint décor that you can’t stop staring at.

I will always have a soft spot for Sayers Sister, or at least where Sayers Sister is located. The place used to be a doctor’s surgery, which was my family doctor, who I had visited ever since I was born until the surgery was moved around the corner. It’s weird seeing how much was changed. I still remember the faded blue painted walls, the blue chairs that lined the walls, the TV in the corner of the room, the water cooler next to the receptionist’s desk where just before the kitchen is now. Sayers Sister has completely transformed what used to be a doctor’s surgery.

Even though I had already been to Sayers Sisters three times before, I am never sick of it. I caught up with a girl friend before Christmas on a hot, yet extremely busy day (which shows how popular this place is). I sat at the bench waiting for her and a free table, which resulted in us moving two times, but the staff were OK with it.

Once she arrived, I went up to the counter and we ordered pronto. Although I was waiting for a couple to order, another customer had come up behind me and ordered his coffee straight after the couple finished. The staff were OK with it, but as I had waited for a few minutes behind the couple, I felt as if the staff were more concerned about their regulars. Which is fair enough, but don’t forget the ones that come less frequently.

“Iced Karavan Tea”

We first ordered our drinks. I unfortunately did not take note of what was in this tea, but I remember the words “Iced Karavan Tea”. It was a seasonal drink, which sounded perfect for the really hot day. The drink came in a particular mug that seems to be the trend nowadays in restaurants. It sounded like a sweet tea drink on the menu, but it wasn’t very sweet at all. We tried to add raw sugar to it and it became slightly sweeter, but we both would’ve loved it to have been more sweeter.

Getting right into our impressive and huge brunch dishes.
Bruschetta with bacon, fresh tomato, avocado and pesto with poached egg and basil leaf ($18.50)

My friend ordered the bruschetta which came with bacon, fresh tomato, avocado, pesto, a poached egg and basil leaf ($18.50). Sayers Sister presents their dishes impressively and serves them in large portions, which is great – who won’t complain about that? The dish looked so delicious. The bacon was perfectly cooked with that salty bacon taste. The pesto brought out the freshness of the dish, along with the avocado that was placed on top. The yolk oozed out the poached egg once broken. My boyfriend had this dish once when we came one time and he really enjoyed it as well.

Lemon myrtle and mustard seed, enoki, button, field, brown and oyster mushrooms, bacon and fried eggs with toasted brioche and fig chutney ($18.50)

I had the lemon myrtle and mustard seed, enoki, button, field, brown and oyster mushrooms, bacon and fried eggs with toasted brioche and fig chutney ($18.50). Usually I don’t mind brioche, but I didn’t really like the brioche in this dish. I didn’t like the sweet aspect of the dish, but I was glad that there was the tomato sauce because it cut through the sweetness – it gave the whole dish a kick. The bacon was perfectly cooked again and the fried sunny side up egg was also perfect. The fig chutney had a good sweet flavour to it, but it tasted dry and chewy. Was this meant to be chutney? It looked more like a dry fig. Thus it felt a little out of place.

My favourite at Sayers Sister is the potato rosti, poached eggs, bacon, onion jam, and lemon scented wilted spinach ($19.50). There’s so much flavour to the dish and I am a huge fan of potato, so I loved the rosti, which came out like a slice of cake. It’s a simple dish but hit all the right places.

Service was friendly and the staff were accommodating to all of their patrons’ needs. My boyfriend had once struck up a conversation with the co-owner and chef, Mark Sayers, when Sayers Sister had just opened, and he was really nice and my boyfriend had a good conversation with him. Sayers Sister is almost exactly how I want my future house to look like. Take note, Anna!

Other than the quaint and cute décor, the food is amazing. The coffee is great and parking can be a bit of an issue. Weekends see the small café go into overdrive. Even weekdays can be really busy. It’s so hard getting a table at Sayers and Sayers Sister is almost the same. But don’t let that stop you from going. Trust me, it’s good.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

Address: 236 Lake Street, Northbridge WA 6003

Sayers Sister on Urbanspoon

  • Sayers Sister is open every day, from 7am until 5pm.
  • Their breakfast menu on Monday to Saturdays starts from 7am until 11:30am, and on Sundays from 7am until 2pm.
  • Their lunch menu on Monday to Saturdays starts from 11:30pm until 2:30pm, and on Sundays from 11:30pm until 3pm.
  • Limited street parking available outside and around surrounding streets.
  • They take bookings for mid-week ONLY up to 8 people via phone.
  • Sayers offers catering options for canapes and cakes which you can view here.
  • Sayers/Sayers Sister uses 5 Senses coffee beans.
  • No cash on hand? No problem, there is an ATM near the counter!

– A.


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