Settling Down @ Little Sisto

Little Sisto, Doubleview

The front counter at Little Sisto.

One of my favourite things in life is finding a hidden gem in a quiet suburb. It’s like what you always pass somewhere but you never realise that the place existed there. I always frequent Karrinyup, so I had no idea Little Sisto lived just outside of the suburb. Little Sisto is in Doubleview, a quiet suburb, close to the coast line. You wouldn’t have any idea that Little Sisto is only a mere 5 minute drive from the beach. Little Sisto is clean and polished with no trace of sand from the beach. It looks small from the outside but quite a number of seats inside, and an outdoor seating area (which I did not check out because it was a 40 degree Celcius day).

‘Tis the season to be jolly…
Sweets, sweets and more sweets. Caramel popcorn, anyone?

I visited before Christmas, hence the festive decorations in Little Sisto. The front counter had an amazing array of sweet delights, light bulbs handing from the ceiling (I’m stealing this idea for my own house) and a kitchen in the corner that you can peek into and see the food being made. Little Sisto was half full when I visited, so we sat down next to the wall that was available. We were served promptly, but in a slightly harsh manner. I had heard on Urbanspoon about the service at Little Sisto being rude and pretentious. I’m sad to say that the waitress we had was quite blunt at us even when we were ordering our food, and I felt slightly unwelcome. Not a good start. Anyways.

Smoothie ($8), granita ($7), chorizo and cucumber ($7), mushrooms on multigrain ($12), and a delicious omelette toastie ($12).

I originally wanted the apple, lemon and mint granita but I was informed they had run out of mint. So I ordered a strawberry, lemon and apple granita ($7) instead, and my boyfriend ordered a banana, yoghurt, milk, vanilla and honey smoothie ($8). I had heard that their granita was all the rave, which I can now vouch for. My granita was tangy, to the point at which my eyes were squinting, and it was very cold, which was perfect for the hot day. My boyfriend thought that the smoothie was more of the milky side, thus it could’ve been more sweeter. There wasn’t too much of a flavour in it and the taste of banana wasn’t strong enough. We both thought the drinks should have cost less than what they were, although you do get a decent amount of the drink.

Thyme roasted mushrooms with parsley, lemon and fetta on multigrain sourdough ($12)
Chorizo and cucumber ($7).

For lunch, I had the thyme roasted mushrooms with parsley, lemon and fetta on multigrain sourdough ($12). I felt that it needed some kind of meat in it, so I also ordered chorizo and cucumber ($7). My dish came packed full of mushrooms on top which made me super happy. The sourdough was chewy and was hard to cut, especially with all the mushrooms on top. There was a decent amount of fetta on top, but I really love fetta so I would’ve loved more. The mushrooms were gorgeously roasted with thyme, enhancing the flavour of the mushrooms even more.

We were impressed with the chorizo and cucumber ($7), although it looked and sounded pretty simple. The chorizo was spicy, and the cucumber definitely helped cool down the spice. The chorizo slices were thick, and we noticed how consistent the size of the slices were. The cucumbers were also cut similarly. I’m glad I ordered this because I couldn’t have a meatless dish that afternoon!

Grilled bacon, omelette, tomato, rocket, housemade relish, cheddar on multigrain toast ($12).

Little Sisto is known for their delicious toasted sandwiches, and so my boyfriend ordered the grilled bacon, omelette, tomato, rocket, housemade relish, cheddar on multigrain toast ($12). The sandwich was cut into three differently shaped pieces, and although it didn’t seem substantial, my boyfriend was full afterwards. He praised the taste of omelette in the toasted sandwich and said he had not tasted anything like that before. I had a taste of the sandwich, and found how perfectly toasted it was. The multigrain was delicious and having the omelette in the sandwich made it so much more interesting. I don’t know about you but I would have never thought to put an omelette between two slices of toast… and boy was it delicious!

If you can ignore the less than average service at Little Sisto, then you’ll enjoy it here. I would recommend the toasted sandwiches, if you’re hungry. Little Sisto is a nice place to go to on a lazy weekend afternoon, sipping coffee whilst reading the paper.
Rating: 6 out of 10
Address: 145 Sackville Terrace, Doubleview 6018

Little Sisto on Urbanspoon

  • Open on Tuesdays to Fridays from 6:30am until 2:30pm, and on weekends from 6:30am until 4:30pm.
  • They take coffee orders via text on 0497 060 322.
  • Little Sisto uses 5Senses coffee beans.

– A.


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