The Ribs @ De Cribs!

De Cribs, East Perth

A and I have this recurrent problem where we plan out a date for a foodie outing and then have a difficult time figuring out where to go. It’s not that both of us have a specific criteria we need to fit into for our food targets (if anything, A is the most open minded person when it comes to choosing food places). Rather it’s the opposite: we have way too many places to conquer in so little time. And the list is growing!


This time around we selected an Entertainment card option and went for the new-ish option of De Cribs near Claisebrook Cove. We grabbed some free parking within near vicinity and set down the steps to a cafe-style joint by the swamp-like lake. I had made a booking beforehand and we were quickly seated by the window. A ordered a mocktail, which was suitably fresh and fruity, while I went sans drinks.

MYO Tacos ($12)

I felt like a bit of Mexican so we tried the MYO Tacos ($12). It came on a slab with some sliced red onion, tomato, lettuce and a mound of grated cheese, all which were freshly shredded and cut. A ramekin of paprika-infused pulled beef came with it. A and I were instant fans of it, this moist and succulent meat, piling it immediately into our tacos. Another ramekin of salsa sauce was positioned next to the pulled beef, a collaboration of chunky tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic. The salsa added some tang to the tacos, throwing some bold tomato flavours into the mix.

Taco Assembly!
Taco Assembly!

The taco shells were quite obviously of the El Paso store bought variety and unfortunately a tad under baked. It lacked the crisp edge and crunch that comes will a well oven roasted taco shell, so we were a bit let down by that.  The amount of pulled beef was also quite small in proportion to the four tacos provided – I wish there had been more of the meat! Nevertheless A and I began to fill up the shells with gusto, my main goal to assemble the taco so that the cheese would melt and I would have a gooey mess on my hands! Success was cemented from the heat of the pulled beef, however our tacos went everywhere resembling deconstructed versions of the whole tacos moments before.

De Ribs – Pork Ribs ($36)

Our entrees were swept away and we turned our attention to the main courser, the De Ribs: The Pork Ribs ($36). Both A and I have never tried pork ribs before (waddup beef ribs) so we were in high anticipation of De Ribs heralded dish. Two large racks of ribs were dosed in a sticky sweet honey sauce, a baked potato and salad placed on the side. The ribs themselves were lovely. A generous amount of meat pulled easily away from the bone, a smack of flavour erupting from the honey sauce. I don’t know how i feel about paying ~$17 each for one rack of ribs (though I had to keep in mind it was Perth). The potato itself was more boiled that roasted, inserted with a blob of sour cream and bacon. The scant amount of pan fried bacon had been chopped into sticks and fried off to beyond crisp making it quite dry. While the potato was cooked, it lacked the crunchy caramalised skin associated with a fine roasted potato. The salad was nice enough, mixed leaves with halved cherry tomatoes. Shredded carrot and a viscous vinegary dressing completed the salad component of the main.

Chocolate & Frangelico Trifle ($12)

The Chocolate and Frangelico Trifle ($12) was our dessert option, looking all for the world as a simplistic sundae. I felt a bit down about its presentation until I took my first bite – it was delicious. Clouds of fluffy white chocolate mousse, decadent chocolate cake in which the sponge had melted away to form a rich chocolate-like paste which floated in my mouth. Each bite was interrupted by shards of salted caramel hazelnuts, all crisp and crunch. The hazelnuts were chunky and coated in an amber crystal that was the salted caramel, a well balanced blend of salt and sugar. It was like consuming a well executed praline, as it was brittle and biting. Speared into it was two sticks of chocolate wafers, which were again of the grocery-store bought brand but were suitably melt in the mouth and housing spirals of fudgy chocolate. Recommended!

The ambiance of De Cribs was interesting – A and I discussed how it was supposed to be a American restaurant but had missed the mark in terms of decor. The simple wooden chairs and tables and run of the mill paper menu could have belonged to a food franchise. A peculiar mural on the back wall, which looked like an abstract take of the Perth highway lit up at night didn’t really pique my interest either. There was nothing really remotely American about the layout. The ambiance outside looked a lot nicer – by the waterside, under the trees in the warm summer night heat perhaps plonked in the large cushy armchair on the side. A casual setting for the East Perth go-er.

Service was good, with our food coming out at a good pace and the waitress dutifully and politely taking our order. Our 25% entertainment card discount was deducted, resulting in a total bill of $54. Our waitress also didn’t scratch out the panel on the card, meaning another visit for next time! I thought there wasn’t any identifiable X Factor in the food. De Cribs lacked finesse in its presentation and didn’t encompass any marked creativity within its dishes. However, I did like how the menu was quite extensive providing a range of different entrees, mains and desserts. The ribs and desserts were standouts for the night. A and I left pretty full and pleased with our discount!

Rating:  6 out of 10.

Address: 22 Eastbrook Terrace, East Perth 6004

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  • Open Tuesday to Thursday for lunch and dinner (11.30 am to 2.30 pm, 5 pm to 9 pm). Also open Friday and Saturday for lunch and dinner (11 am till late) and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner (10. 30 am to 9 pm).
  • Weekly specials on offer (i.e. Tuesday night $20 meals!!).
  • Reservations available (via telephone: 9202 1928)

– L.


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