The 8 colourful flavours of pork belly are here!

Palsaik Namoo, Perth CBD

The long entrance to Palsaik Namoo.
More information about the 8 colourful flavours of pork belly, taking over the world.

I have and will never say no to Korean BBQ. When my boyfriend and I went to Seoul, we would have Korean BBQ almost every night for dinner. We never got sick of it, and we still aren’t… even though my boyfriend’s jacket still smells like Korean BBQ in Seoul! So when I heard about Palsaik Namoo opening in the city, I knew I had to visit. Palsaik, for short, is well known for its eight flavours of pork: wine, original, ginseng, miso paste, curry, hot, herb and garlic. They also have other popular Korean dishes on offer, if you fancy them, such as mandoo (dumplings) and some Japanese delights. If you don’t want to try the eight flavours of pork, they also have other meat that you can BBQ.

My boyfriend and I met up with a friend for dinner, ready to get stuck into the Korean feast. We arrived on a week day at 7:30pm and were so glad that we didn’t have to wait for a table. There’s also an upstairs seating area but it appeared that all the patrons were seated downstairs that night. We took our place in a booth by the wall. We instantly knew what we were going to get, so we tried ordering straight away. However, we noticed there were only three waiters working that night, and the restaurant was quite busy. We eventually got to order 5-10 minutes later.

The 8 colourful flavours of pork!
Palsaik Set ($59.80)
And our feast begins!

Shortly after ordering, we were given tons of vegetables in the Palsaik Set ($59.80) that included kimchi, bean sprouts, mixed salad leaves and more. What was also included in the set was Seafood Soybean Paste Stew (which was huge) and two bowls of rice. Then the long tray of the eight flavours of pork belly came out. The waiter helped place the kimchi and bean sprouts on the hot plate, along with the first pork belly flavour: wine. We were all salivating at this point, waiting for the meat and vegetables to be cooked. There was only one piece of long pork belly per flavour, but the set was great value to be shared amongst 2-4 people. You can also order four extra pork belly flavours for $19.80, if you’re more hungry. As there were three of us, we ordered another bowl of rice ($2).

Seafood Soybean Paste Stew (included in the Palsaik Set).

Above is the Seafood Soybean Paste Stew, which was cooked on the table. The pot was quite large, filled with kimchi, tofu, prawns and calamari rings. The stew was incredibly spicy. It would be perfect to have in winter, but not so much in summer. There is also a lack of ventilation in the restaurant, especially at the booths by the wall, so the steam from the stew would blow in my face which was quite unpleasant. The stew was bitter from the kimchi but still delicious, although we could not finish it as it was quite spicy and we were full from the rest of the dinner.

Kimchi Pancake ($14.50), also known as “kimchi jeon” or “kimchi buchimgae”.

Kimchi Pancake ($14.50) is one of my favourite Korean dishes of all time. I don’t usually eat kimchi because of its spiciness (and bitter taste) but I absolutely love it in pancake form! Kimchi Pancake is usually quite large in size but this one was thin and absolutely delicious. The outside was crispy in some areas, the pancake was still quite hot, and was demolished by all of us. It is almost a must to get Kimchi Pancake when you go to a Korean restaurant!

My favourite pork flavours were miso paste, herb, and wine. The most memorable pork flavour was the curry paste, which was interesting and basically that same exact curry flavour that we all know on pork belly. I did not have the hot pork belly but apparently that one was really spicy. Eventually, it became hard to distinguish the flavours from each other, especially after having all the flavours of the pork belly one after another.

Our total bill came to $76.30 for three people and we all couldn’t fit any more food in us. We thought the service was lacking, with a limited number of waitstaff in the restaurant, making it hard to flag someone down. But it’s all about the food, and it won us over. We’re hoping to revisit Palsaik soon!

Rating: 7 out of 10

Address: Shop 1, 580 Hay St, Perth CBD 6000 (enter via 68 Barrack St, next to McDonald’s)

Palsaik Namoo on Urbanspoon


  • Open 7 days a week for lunch from 12pm to 3pm and dinner from 5pm until late.
  • They do not take reservations (unfortunately!).
  • They are fully licensed, BYO wine only.
  • Palsaik can also be found in Melbourne, as well as internationally in China, Japan, Korea, USA and Taiwan.

– A.


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