Savouries, Scones & Cakes @ Cape Lavender

Cape Lavender, Swan Valley

I’ve been really into the High Tea experience lately, so when a Living Deal voucher for Cape Lavender came up I was quick to purchase it. The deal was a $50 high tea for two people, which was about a 50% discount on their usual price. Swan Valley is super close to my house, so my sister and I made a booking for a Thursday morning and hightailed up West Swan Road. It was cool and breezy and we were both surprisingly relaxed (weekdays are usually so high strung for us because there are “SO MUCH CHORES TO DO”… a direct quote from Mum, captalised to indicate shouting).

Outside in the sunshine
Outside in the sunshine

I had been to Cape Lavender once before, as part of a self-instructed Swan Valley foodie trail that I took mum and dad on. Previously we had the lavender scones, which were delightfully fluffy and infused with a faint floral aroma. They were a quite pricey for $7 a pop, but they had been quality scones, freshly baked with a sweet glaze over the top. The High Tea deal sadly didn’t include the lavender scones this time around, but I was sure there would be other tasty treats on offer.

Table setting!
Table setting!

The deal included a three-tier high tea for two with hot savouries, sandwiches, baby cakes, mini scones with strawberry jam and cream, a glass of sparkling rose and 10% off any purchase from the gift shop. My sister and I sat down, in high anticipation. The day was quiet, so we were looking forward to a tranquil and relaxing time together.

Bubbly Rosé
Bubbly Rosé

I’m the worst when it comes to alcohol consumption (red face alert), so when the Rosé came out, I was careful to pace myself. Sip by sip, I mentally versed…. only to realise a good five minutes later that I had downed half the glass. It was a lovely Rosé – crisp, dry and well chilled. I love a good glass of sparkling to kick start the day! My sister couldn’t finish hers, so I finished her glass as well. I was swooning by the end of it all.

Three Tier High Tea
Three tier high tea

Luckily, the best distraction from drunken antics is a three tier tower of food, which we were graced with soon after our glasses of wine came out. I loved the colour matching – there were purple napkins, cake stands and a purple Christmas tree off to the side! The high tea itself came with a round of sweet treats at the bottom, sandwiches smack in the middle and a top tier of savoury canapés.

Bottom Tier
Bottom tier

Upon further reflection, it would have been good to start off with the top tier and work our way down but instead my sister and I decided to do a topsy turvey and start off with dessert. These scones weren’t pillowy and subtly scented like the lavender scones I had the last time I were there, but these ones weren’t too bad. They had a lovely sweet glaze on the outside and were crumbly and soft, like any good scone. It worked well smothered with berry jam and dollops of fresh cream. They certainly weren’t mammoth size like the prized lavender scones, but were puffy enough to avoid being too dry. The vanilla cupcakes came with swirls of icing and were moist on the inside. We dismantled the mini gingerbread men with gusto, cracking off their arms, then legs and heads (so very violent) which had a mild spiciness to the biscuit. My favourite of the plate was the raspberry vanilla slice, a slender cube dripping with sugary icing. The tartness of the berries cut through the sweetness of the yoghurt-based cake. The raspberry lemon curd tarts had a brittle shortcrust shell with a liquid lava centre of curd, topped with two super fresh raspberries. A great selection of sweets!

Second Tier
Second Tier

The sandwiches included cucumber, mustard, curried egg and tuna with a rotation of whole grain and white bread. Everything was exceedingly fresh, my only complaint being that there could have been a little more filling in the sandwiches. The internal layers were spread so thinly it was like bread-city as we chomped our way through. The crusts had also been cleavered off, like any good old fashioned high tea sandwiches.

Top Tier
Top tier

The top tier was a winner. The nutty, buttery pumpkin filling in its cracked shortcrust pastry casing was to be celebrated, as was the mini rounds of spinach encased vol-au-vents. The spinach had been wilted and combined with a small amount of butter, the pastry flaky and crisp. The tiny savoury muffins had hints of caramalised onion and mushrooms, with a sprinkle of herbs to elevate the flavour for what could have easily been a run-of-the-mill muffin. Best of all, everything came out deliciously warm which often isn’t a guarenteed with Scoopon high teas.

Lavender Shop
Lavender Shop

We didn’t end up purchasing anything from the Lavender Shop, however several beautiful floral scents wafted our way as we were dining. There are a plentiful of lavender themed merchandise on offer including bath salts, soaps, facial products and scented perfumes which would certainly be therapeutic for an aforementioned chore-obsessed parent. A friend of Mum’s had purchased a natural moisturing cream from Cape Lavender a few days prior, which she was very happy with. Overall, I thought that Cape Lavender had provided a very filling high tea, with a range of sweet and savoury delectable bites. I also enjoyed the touch of wine on offer. Service was also super friendly, set with a beam our way as we complimented the food. A worthy addition to the Swan Valley food and wine trail. One for those who enjoy a peaceful, quiet day out with simple food.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 6 Cranleigh St  West Swan, 6055

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  • Open every day except Tuesday for breakfast and lunch.
  • A lunch special is on offer at Cape Lavender daily including a two to three courser meal (soup, main dish and dessert scones inclusive) for $35 pp.
  • Just around the corner is Margaret River Chocolate Factory and the newly christened Providore (just off West Swan Road) for the tourists out there. Mago Coffees is also next door for those who feel like purchasing a few beans.
  • Bookings available (Contact via telephone: 9756 6609).

– L.


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