Introducing pintxos, Spain’s best thing

Pinchos, Leederville

I had first read about Pinchos as I was on my way to Singapore in November 2013 and I had read in the airline’s magazine that Pinchos had recently open. Quite an odd encounter, but I’m so glad I had read that magazine!

Pinchos is located where Snags and Sons used to be in Leederville. The owner and chef is the same, Justin Bell, who also owns the massive Jus Burgers. Pronounced as “peen-chos”, pinxtos is basically “pinchos”, small snacks originating from Spain, similar to tapas. Pinxtos means “thorn” or “spike” in Spanish, so therefore they are usually served on skewers, making it a perfect snack.

I first heard about these little Spanish snack foods when the first pintxos bar in Perth opened up, called Bar de Halcyon, located in Wolf Lane. I unfortunately haven’t had the chance to try it out yet.

The way you order at Pinchos reminded me of how you order dim sum in Hong Kong (especially at Tim Ho Wan, which by the way, has the best baked BBQ pork buns ever): you are given an order sheet/menu and you write in how many plates you want of the dishes available. It’s great, because you actually get to keep track of what you are ordering, because there are quite a lot of dishes you can get.

We decided to try Pinchos a few days later after coming back from Singapore. We visited on a week day, which was great because it wasn’t too busy (and Pinchos, like Snags and Sons, is quite a small place). We seated ourselves in front of the open kitchen, and admired the counter that had all the pinxtos you could order. The pintxos ranged from $1 to $5. Not only do they have pinxtos, but they also offered tapas plates, as well as the lovely meat boards that combined some of the tapas plates. This worked out great because it was slightly cheaper to get a board than to get the individual plates by themselves.

Pintxos Jamon: ham, potato omelette and caperberry ($2)

We decided to start with Pintxos Jamon, which was ham, potato omelette and caperberry. It was our first ever pintxos and it was delicious, although we had to get used to the idea that these were $2 each, which was over in 2 seconds.

Pintxos Chorizo con Miel: Sausage, honey and cheese  ($2 each), and Pan con Queso de Cabra y Habas ($7)

We had another pintxos to try, which were the Pintxos Chorizo con Miel ($2 each). This pintxos had sausage, honey and cheese in it, with a pickle on top. This pintxos was great: it was sweet from the honey, the cheese had melted, the chorizo was salty and the pickle gave a tangy crunch. The flavours were balanced perfectly and I would have loved another one.

We decided to have something more substantial, so we had Pan con Queso de Cabra y Habas ($7) which was grilled bread, goats ricotta, broad beans, asparagus and PX vinegar. I forever love goats cheese, so I really enjoyed this simple dish. It was packed full of flavour from the goats ricotta but it was also fresh due to the broad beans and asparagus.

Surtido de Embutidos ($27) – Meat board

My carnivorous boyfriend was itching to try the meat board (Surtido de Embutidos) ($27), which feeds 1-2 people. It includes the tapas plates: Chorizo y Jamon (spanish sausage and ham), Chicharrones (roast pork belly, cumin and lemon), Albondigas de Cordero Arabe (lamb meatballs, beans, yoghurt, fig and dukkah), and Croquetas (smoked ham, chicken croquettes). The impressive board came out completely filled with delicious meats. The highlight was the pork belly; moist and tender, just like how pork belly should be. Our second favourite were the meatballs. I would definitely recommend this board, or at least the meatballs and roast pork belly dishes.

Gazpacho con Piquillo ($7): Spanish summer salad, red pepper puree

With all the meat we had ordered, we needed at least a hearty salad to go with it all. We chose the Gazpacho con Piquillo ($7) a Spanish summer salad with red pepper puree. The majority of the salad were gorgeous tomatoes, however it was also dressed with a really crunchy bread, somewhat reminiscent of croutons. The salad was also drenched in tasty but tangy red pepper puree. It was a perfect summer salad to accompany the other dishes.

Pinchos would be a perfect place for supper or for a light dinner. The prices are reasonable, although if you had not eaten the whole day, I would not recommend Pinchos. For the same amount of money or less, you could visit other restaurants around the area such as Little Caesars, Jus Burgers or Grill’d across the road and be full, but I would recommend Pinchos for a whole new experience. I wouldn’t say it is the best tapas, but I don’t think that’s what they’re trying to be. Pintxos is the new thing: it’s great that Perth is becoming more aware of other cultures and we can sample them without having to leave the country. Pinchos is great for small groups up to 3-4, but not for large crowds due to the limited seating and small venue.
Service was OK and they were extremely helpful when we asked them questions. Even the owner, Justin, had come out and served some of our food, genuinely hoping we would enjoy the food.
Delicious, sophisticated food: what more could you ask for?
Rating: 6 out of 10
Address: 749 Newcastle Street, Leederville 6007
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  • Open every day from 11:30am until 9pm (except Tuesdays to Saturdays open until 10pm).
  • Thankfully, you can make reservations on 9228 3008!
  • If you’re missing Snags and Sons, don’t worry. They have opened up at Jus Burgers in Northbridge (on William Street)!
  • – A.