Being merry and well at The Merrywell

The Merrywell (Crown Perth), Victoria Park

The ultimate “dude food” at The Merrywell

My first experience at The Merrywell was last year, a few months or so after it was opened and it was not a positive one. All I remember from the night when I went with a group of friends, was waiting for at least one hour for a table (it could have been more). When we finally got a table, our food did not come for another hour and it wasn’t even the food that we had ordered! I vowed never to come back until they had developed more.

Skip to a year later, and boy has it changed! As the only opportunity to catch up with a friend that works at The Merrywell arose, my friends and I decided to have dinner at The Merrywell so that she could have dinner with us after her shift. Luckily, we were able to easily get a table at the lounge at the front.

We thoroughly examined the menu and interrogated our friend about each meal. We decided to skip the mains and share instead. We picked out our alcoholic drinks and decided next time to carpool as the drinks were, yes, delicious!

Strawberry Fields 1L alcoholic jug ($55)
Raspberry mocktail (not on the menu) and Caribbean Affair cocktail ($19)

As my friend works behind the bar, she made our drinks for us and even made a mocktail for one of my friends that was not from the menu. She advised me that the bar staff are actually able to make drinks not from the menu, which was great to hear. The mocktail had raspberry puree, muddled strawberries, cranberry juice, and lemon juice. We all loved the drink; it tasted just like drinking a Redskin candy bar. It was really good.

We also shared a 1L seasonal jug amongst three of us, which was called Strawberry Fields ($55). It contained Gin, Aperol, Strawberry Liquor, lemon and soda. Although the drink was pretty expensive, it tasted pretty damn good. It lasted us until the end of the night, a few rounds between three people. It was sweet, fruity, and wasn’t too alcoholic. The other alcoholic jugs also sounded amazing. Another friend also got the Caribbean Affair cocktail ($19) containing Coconut Rum, Passionfruit, and Apple Cider. It was quite strong so my friend didn’t drink all of it because she was driving, but it was delicious and very passionfruit-y.

The Merrywell Chips ($15)

Mmmm… The Merrywell Chips ($15) were basically crisp ripped potatoes with bacon aioli. It was a shame that there wasn’t many chips included (probably about 10) considering it was priced at $15, but the bacon aioli was to-die-for! Far out. Bacon makes everything better! The chips itself was delicious, although oily, but tasted exactly like crisp ripped potatoes.

Macho Nachos with BBQ Pulled Pork ($19)

The Merrywell is all about dude food. And these Macho Nachos ($19) were just that. We chose to have BBQ Pulled Pork out of Wagyu Beef Chilli and also asked to have the pickled jalapeno omitted. It also came with creamy cheese sauce, black beans, and chipotle sour cream. The nachos were so good that they were finished first. It looked amazing when it first came to the table. There’s nothing I can fault about these nachos. They were crunchy, had heaps of sauce and was packed full of meat… which tasted soooo good!

Pink Snapper Tacos ($22)

A lot of items on the menu were, unfortunately, chilli. We tried our best to order not so chilli meals, but then these Pink Snapper Tacos ($22) came out. The jalapeno was left out, but there was something on the tacos, presumably the red spice on top, that made my mouth on fire. Thankfully there was a stack of lettuce on the tacos to help cool the spice, but it wasn’t enough. However, the fish was delicious.

Lollipop Buffalo Wings ($21)

Another chilli alert! I took a tiny bite out of these Lollipop Buffalo Wings ($21) and I could not finish the rest. My mouth was already on fire from the Pink Snapper Tacos. My friends, who normally can take spicy food, also found this dish to be too spicy for them. The celery and delicious blue cheese fondue, although it looked out of place on the dish, was a nice accomplice to cool the spice. I would have loved more celery sticks to dig out the rest of the blue cheese fondue!

Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Cups ($22)

We had also ordered the Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Sriracha Mayo and Mango Salsa ($22) and yes, once again, it was also quite spicy. At this point, I felt like I had lost all my taste buds. The cups were a little difficult to eat as everything was spilling out of it. The shrimp was massive, but it didn’t have too much flavour in it. Thankfully, the sweet mango salsa helped out with the flavour. I thought the dish looked quite ordinary.

Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers ($22)

 At this point I was quite full, but I could not pass on the Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers with White Cheddar, BBQ Caramalised Onions, and B&B Pickles ($22). B&B pickles, which were bread and butter pickles, were also known as sweet and sour pickles. Some people are not fans of pickles, but I loved them. The brioche buns were sweet, soft and delicate and the wagyu patties were salty. The cheddar cheese had also melted all over the wagyu patties.

Desserts in a Jar ($9 each): Chocolate Brownie, Fresh Strawberries and Cream and Apple Crumble.
Still dreaming of the Chocolate Brownie dessert…

I was really excited to try one of The Merrywell’s Desserts in a Jar ($9 each), as I had seen photos of them online and they looked so delicious. We first had the chocolate brownie, which was definitely our favourite out of the three. Chocolate mousse was wedged in between a slab of brownie at the bottom. It was sweet and so very good. Toasted marshmallows were on top, which were crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. I would definitely recommend this dessert!

The fresh strawberries and cream was quite literally just strawberries and cream. What else? A little boring but oh well. The apple crumble was cold, crunchy and delicious. It is a perfect dessert for those that do not want a sickly sweet dessert to end the night.

Burswood (now Crown Perth) has changed so much. It looks completely different, and so many new restaurants have opened up. I can finally say that The Merrywell has improved immensely since I last visited. I am so relieved, as it is definitely a place to have “dude food” and they have quite a large menu to select from. My friend who works there had helped us with the ordering our meals and clearing our plates, but there was always waitstaff around to ask, whom were friendly. We were certainly merry and well after our feast at The Merrywell.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Address: Crown Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood 6100


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  • The Merrywell is open every day from 11:30am until midnight, with the exception of Friday and Saturday being closed at 3am. The kitchen is open until 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and midnight from Friday to Saturday.
  • Click here for the dress code at The Merrywell.
  • There is now plenty of free parking available at Crown Perth.
  • The Merrywell does not take reservations.
  • If you can, check out The Merrywell at Crown Melbourne!

– A.


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