The Cool Kids On The Block

The Cool Room, Fremantle

Beach umbrellas and retro furniture outside of The Cool Room
The front counter of The Cool Room, with an open kitchen

It was a nice cool Summery day where I decided to tag along with my siblings, their partners and my niece as I had always wanted to visit The Cool Room in Fremantle. I didn’t realise it was located in a quiet neighbourhood in a small shopping complex, which also houses a hound barber shop, secondhand and vintage furniture and other miscellaneous bits and bobs. I seriously felt as if I was travelling back into the 70’s. Beach umbrellas and vintage furniture filled the outdoor seating area at the front, and my ears heard a woman playing the ukelele and singing to the customers which was the first time they were trialing live acoustic music! It was a nice touch but unfortunately I couldn’t hear it very well when I seated inside.

The Cool Room is pretty C-O-O-L!

I entered the cafe and noticed more retro furniture. Before I knew it, I was stepping on… ASTRO TURF! Awesome. This place was something different. They were even using vintage fridges and the kitchen was even vintage (still clean). The kitchen was open as well as behind the counter, and the smell of the kitchen when they were cooking was amazing. It was as if I was in a 70’s kitchen at someone’s 70’s house.

I was looking to see if they had a menu available, until I realised the menu was written on the walls. I only ordered one drink, and had bites of my siblings’ cakes that they had also bought with their drinks. Their menu looked really delicious, however. This proved to be true as many locals came and filled the small cafe to have their lunch. On the plus side, they also have all day breakfast. Tick!

Sunrise: Watermelon, strawberry, and orange juice ($5.50)

I ordered the Sunrise, which was watermelon, strawberry, and orange juice ($5.50). I thought it was greatly priced for juice, as you would normally pay $7 for juice at other places. It was delicious, sweet, fresh, cold and perfect for summer and with the cakes we were having.

Baklava, carrot cake, and Sunrise.
Gorgeous carrot cake with pomegranate.

My siblings ordered carrot cake and baklava, which I happily tasted. The carrot cake had chunky bits of carrot in it (like grated carrots) which tasted home made. The cake was brittle and fell apart, yet still retained its moisture. It was topped with a glaze that tasted like the flavour of sour cream – it was tangy to complement the sweetness of the cake. The carrot cake was garnished with pomegranate, in which the bright red colour looked amazing against the whole slice of cake. The pomegranate also tasted delicious with the cake. The baklava was very sweet, and would be absolutely perfect to wash down with some hot tea. It had multiple layers to it, and was kept very moist.

The delicious food menu options at The Cool Room.
The delicious food menu options at The Cool Room.

We watched people spill into The Cool Room, some even lazying on the couches outside, having a snooze. The Cool Room is very relaxed and service was friendly and casual. The staff even sent meals next door, which was nice to see. The Cool Room is located outside of Fremantle, so it is not as busy as if it was in the Fremantle city, but still has that relaxing Fremantle vibe about it. I would love to visit again and have a meal here.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Address: 114 Holland Street, Fremantle WA 6160




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  • Open from Thursday to Sundays 8am to 3pm, and now open for dinner on Friday nights.
  • Limited parking in the car park at the complex.
  • The Cool Room is quite small with limited seats so try to avoid at busy periods.
  • All day breakfast: yay!

– A.


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