Beautiful Food on Blake Street

No 4 Blake St, North Perth 

I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to dining – if I have planned to have a certain dish or have selected a specific list of items from a menu  prior to dining, then I usually get in a manic frenzy of excitement over my anticipated dish. However, if there are deviations from the planned items I get anxious. Mad. Annoyed. Whatever negative adjective suits, that’s me. It’s a strange occurrence that consistently baffles my friends and family.

We arrived at No 4 Blake Street on a Thursday morning with the full intention of having brunch. I had been there previously with one of my uni friends and it was fabulous. The bangers and beans had been a particular highlight, offering a delicious combination of pork and fennel sausages, house beans and potato cakes. It was a top notch breakfast! Consequently, I had high expectations of No 4 this fine and sunny morning.

Summer seating at No 4
Summer seating at No 4

Unfortunately, my sister and I were running late that day so by the time we picked up my cousin and trekked over to No 4, it was just past 11.30am. We chose a seat in their al fresco area, bathing in the shade. There was  a slight breeze cooling us down as we sat and the lunch menu was promptly popped onto our table. I looked at it with a long face and then asked the manager if they were doing an all day breakfast, to which they responded that breakfast service ended at 11.30 am. I shook my clenched fist heavenwards – damn me and my tardiness!

A minute later, the manager raced back genially telling us the chefs would be happy to cater to our breakfast needs and would be willing to cook up a storm for us, so long as we ordered super fast. I had already picked what I wanted prior to even sitting down, so we speedily chose a selection of dishes and our menus were swept up. Easy peasy done. I was beyond happy!

Iced Chocolate
Iced Chocolate ($5.50)

My cousin’s iced chocolate ($5.50) looked a treat. The chocolate sauce had pooled itself at the bottom, requiring a few stirs for even chocolate distribution. The ice cream did well to sweeten the drink up, a dollop of vanilla floating atop the drink. There wasn’t an excessive amount of ice either, which meant that the iced chocolate wasn’t overly diluted.

Carrot, Apple, Beetroot & Ginger Juice ($6.80)

My sister went the healthy way and ordered a freshly squeezed juice. This one was of the carrot, apple, beetroot, and ginger variety ($6.80). It was revitalizing, chilled with ice and sported a nice fruity combination. I could barely detect the ginger infused within, but the apple was prominent in it. I downed more than my fair share of the juice, bringing me back to the equally delicious one I had at Voyage Kitchen a few days prior. 

Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Potato Cake ($15)
Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Potato Cake ($15)

My cousin ordered the Eggs on Toast : Any Way You Like ($11) with a side of potato cake (+$4). This potato cake was crumbed on the outside, packed with soft buttery potato and liberally flavoured with herbs. I had a few spoons of her chosen scrambled eggs, which was well done and firm but still smooth and silky in the mouth. It had a nice amount of seasoning with a good hit of pepper smattered on top.

Kedgeree ($19)
Kedgeree ($19)

Despite the imminent heat, I was still keen on having something heavy for breakfast and opted for the Kedgeree ($19). The kedgeree was lightly curried with big promises of bold saffron flavours, but I felt as though the rice was a little under seasoned. A slight saltiness came from the shreds of smoked cod, which was integrated in plentiful abundance throughout the kedgeree, mingling with stewed pieces of onion and chives. The poached egg balancing atop absolutely divine. My sister and I thought No 4 had showcased some of the best poached eggs we have ever had. Usually, my sister and I aren’t partial to poached eggs (I’m more of a scrambled eggs person) but the general consensus was that they were perfect eggs for us. The poached egg was perfectly round, a liquid golden yolk with a firm white exterior, but slightly translucent towards the centre. The yolk ran like golden lava into my kedgeree, which I mopped up with two slabs of buttered thick-slice toast.

Breakfast Bruchetta with poached eggs ($20)
Breakfast Bruchetta with poached eggs ($20)

My sister’s Breakfast Bruchetta with poached eggs ($20) towered high. My favorite component was the rich slather of avocado salsa; a substantial layer of smashed fresh avocado whipped up with a sprinkle of salt and a dash of lemon. The roma tomatoes were sandwiched in the middle of the avocado and rocket; the tomatoes juicy and ripe. The goats curd was quite tart, adding some gusto to the dish. The thick sliced toast was back in this dish too, holding the whole bruchetta together. The poached eggs were yet again in fine form.

Lemon Meringue Tart ($6.50)

There was a small wooden table displaying some delectable daily tarts and specialty cupcakes towards the front of the restaurant. I gazed at them forlornly and then made the executive decision to have a round of desserts after our meal. My sister is particularly amorous of lemon meringue tarts ($6.50), so she was there in a jiff hovering over the aforementioned table. No standard “stick the tart on the plate” affair with No 4 Blake Street – instead it was placed carefully on a long black board along with a smear of lemon curd. What beautiful presentation! The lemon meringue tart itself had a tall pinnacle of Italian meringue, fluffy and sticky. The meringue had an almost chalk-like texture in the middle, which crumbled easily as we made our way through it. The lemon curd was slightly acidic and had a pasty consistency. The pastry broke away in biscuit-like chunks as we made our way through it. Delicious.

The No 4 Chocolate Garden ($18)
The No 4 Chocolate Garden ($18)

Ever the avid chocoholic, I wasn’t going to leave No 4 Blake Street without sampling The No 4 Chocolate Garden ($18). Simply put, it was a beautiful and inventive little creation with some wonderfully complex flavours. The chocolate pot started with a deposit of chocolate soil on top, all crunch and crumble. It was adorned with brittle sugar flowers, crystallized to the point where they snapped easily and were flavoured with a hint of violet. Buried beneath that was a small scoop of chilli ice cream, which added some fire to the palate and was intertwined with crispy meringue pieces.  Thick, luscious lashings of peanut hazelnut caramel which were lightly salted, veined their way throughout the chocolate pot. The whole thing was submerged in a velvety, decadent chocolate mousse, which I could not get enough of. It’s worth going to No 4 Blake Street just for this chocolate pot – exceptional, exceptional, exceptional!!

The dessert selection!
The dessert selection!

No 4 Blake Street itself is a beautiful restaurant. The stone white building housed a sunny al fresco area and a dark restaurant section decked out in black. It’s very easy to find parking, with a lot adjacent to the restaurant as well as ample spaces on the surrounding roads. No 4 had a peaceful, classy ambiance about it which was also reflected in the little embossed black menus we were given for the drinks and breakfast section.

I loved the service at No 4 Blake Street. They were quick, professional and polite. On top of that, they were sensitive to their diner’s desires including my own personal need for breakfast at lunchtime. Service was timely and the request for dessert was approached soon after we finished. My cousin and I thought the lovely man who took our order looked similar to Mark Pellegrino from Supernatural and Arrow fame, so for a few minutes we gazed at him inquiringly which I’m sure he found strange. Despite this, he was all smiles and laughter even when I (accidentally) forgot to give up my Entertainment Card to notch off the number (Surprise! A 25% off total bill discount has popped up in the Gold section). I was keeping it hostage for my next visit, we joked. The team at No 4 Blake Street also has a wonderful extensive list of credentials which is a true reflection of their professionalism and efficiency. In addition to that, they cater for pretty much any dining experience – breakfast, lunch, dinner, degustation and high tea.

I thoroughly enjoyed my second time dining at No 4 Blake Street and will be sure to recommend it soon to anyone in the North Perth vicinity. The desserts were in a class of their own; refined and creative. With good food and great service, No 4 Blake Street is a wonderful place for anyone looking for a casual but tasteful dining experience! I certainly thought it was value for money considering the quality of food. Will be back for sure.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Address: 4 Blake Street, North Perth 6006



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  • No 4 Blake Street is open for breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday (from 7.30am to 11.30am on weekdays, 7.30am to 3.00pm on weekends). It is open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday (6.30pm ’til late) which comes with a fixed three course menu including amuse broche, homemade bread and butter and matched wines (optional). Alternatively, they also give you the option for a two courser dinner from $70 per head.
  • There is a small list of children items on the menu for fun family dining!
  • No 4 Blake Street also does High Tea on Saturdays from 2pm.
  • In the Entertainment Book with a Gold Card discount (25% off the total bill).
  • Reservations available and highly recommended (though I went in without one on a weekday morning).



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