Keen for Kitsch!

Kitsch Bar, Leederville

Living so incredibly close to Leederville, I had meant to try Kitsch Bar out for a while. The previous head chef and owner has since moved on to opening Miss Kitty’s Saloon (one of my favourites) in Inglewood, and Wee Bar (my local – I want to visit soon!) in Mount Hawthorn. Kitsch Bar is a trendy, artsy and quirky bar serving Thai and other Asian inspired tapas. You could miss if you drove past; I didn’t even realise it was there until I had to look it up. It is also quite dark which is why my photos are lacking in quality. My apologies!

I went with a group of friends for a friend’s birthday dinner. They seated us in a small nook in the outdoor seating area by the side of the bar. The space was quite tight and I found it weird that our head level (when seated) was at the same level where the waiters and waitresses would hold the plates, resulting in near misses with our heads knocking over the plates in their hands. It was quite dangerous and annoying but there was nothing we could do about it. They would unintentionally knock us from behind as well when walking past or cleaning the plates away. We had to be cautious every time they walked past. Not something I wanted during dinner.

Sticky pork ribs with smokey plum sauce & pineapple (GF) ($19.50)

We sat as a group of four among all our other friends, and ordered our meals between two people. The first dish I shared with my boyfriend was the sticky pork ribs with smokey plum sauce and pineapple ($16.60). We were disappointed with this dish. Although sweet and tasty, we were expecting tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. Instead, it was dry, had barely any meat, and it was full of bones and small ribs. Really disappointing and overpriced in my opinion.

Slow braised beef with coconut & tomato (GF) ($24.40)

Fortunately, the slow braised beef ($24.40) was a winner. The beef was tender (yay!) and the coconut worked amazingly well in this dish. We also ordered jasmine rice ($3.80 per person) to fill ourselves up, which came in a small rice container. The smell was amazing, with fragrant coconut milk infused in the rice. It was a perfect compliment to the braised beef. It was also not too overly chilli, as it had a “one chilli” rating next to it on the menu. Winning!

Slow roasted pork belly with hot & sour apple salad (GF) ($25.90)

Mmmmmmm… slow roasted pork belly ($25.90). This was our last main meal of the evening between us. The pork crackling was perfect – crispy, fatty, salty. The pork belly was soft and delicious, and the accompanying hot and sour apple salad was great with it. Crunchy and fresh. Just the way I like it.

Watermelon granita with coconut sorbet ($9.90) with vanilla liquor GF ($13.90)

We couldn’t skip out on dessert! We were mighty stuffed by the end but we had enough time to digest for dessert. We were the only table that ordered dessert and when they came out, everyone was amazed at how awesome they looked. I ordered the watermelon granita with coconut sorbet ($9.90) but there was also an option for vanilla liquor ($13.90). Whilst the watermelon granita was nice, I found it weird with the coconut sorbet. The coconut sorbet was creamy; its texture not matching well with the icy cold granita.

Peanut butter parfait with salted caramel & praline (GF) ($9.90)

As soon as we saw “salted caramel”, we were sold. I wish I had this just for myself. These were the only two desserts available. The peanut butter parfait was cold, sweet and deliciously peanut butter-y. The salted caramel – need I explain more? I would definitely recommend this dessert! It was good to share between two people.

Kitsch Bar is small but comfortable and is a good place to have drinks. There is limited parking on the street and in the car park next door, unless you come early. Kitsch Bar is located away from the busy Leederville strip, which is nice to get away from the crowd that can form in the night. A great addition to the ever-so-busy Oxford Street.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Address: 229 Oxford St, Leederville WA 6007
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  • Kitsch is pronounced as “kitch”, where the “s” is silent. Like the start of “kitchen” and rhymes with “pitch”.
  • Kitsch Bar is open Tuesday 5pm – 10:30pm, Wednesday to Saturday 5pm to midnight, and closed on Mondays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • Bookings available anytime after 4 pm. Contact via telephone: 9242 1229 to make a booking.

– A.


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