Ahoy Voyage!

Voyage Kitchen, Sorrento

Sunday brunch is my kind of thing, so when the proposal came up that my small foodie crew (consisting of a music teacher, an accountant, a med student and myself, a speechie) go out for some breakfast on the weekend, I jumped at the chance. My friend suggested that we try out Voyage, one of her favourite places by the sea. We all decided to car pool and hike there together, enjoying the scenic ride along with a lengthy snake-line of cars packing West Coast Drive.

Beginning our adventure at Voyage...
Beginning our adventure at Voyage…

By the time we got there at around 10.30 am, Voyage was completely packed. Its popularity was paramount, the whole place buzzing with energy and crowded with the early morning exercise go-ers and cyclists stopping for a bit of breakfast, small families with screaming children and of course ourselves – the keen-for-food 20-something year olds.

We put our names down on the waiting list, watching as patrons filtered in and out at a rapid pace. While we were there, we bumped into my friend’s friend (Perth is so very small) who was in high praise of their coffee – my sister’s eyes lit up when she heard this, well in need of an end of week caffeine fix.  After a five-minute wait we were guided to seats directly next to the open kitchen, a clamour of pans and plates.

Kitchen working hard!
Kitchen working hard!

One thing I noticed about Voyage’s open kitchen was their ferocious efficiency. It was a fantastic insight into a professional kitchen, one that moved as slick as a well-oiled machine. Dishes were lined up, hot portions of food smacked onto them at periodic intervals, closely followed by a disembodied hand reaching out from behind the shelves to quickly prop a piece of bread, salad or garnish on the side of the lined dishes. Dockets were flicked away at a fast pace as the kitchen churned through the orders. It was all very impressive. I observed, completely mesmerized.

Long black with skim milk ($4)
Long black with skim milk ($4)

We skimmed over the beverages menu, my sister ordering a long black ($4) at the behest of the rest of us (you must get the coffee, I proclaimed). The crema had sadly dispelled by the time it was set in front on my sister, which was a bit of a shame. The coffee itself was a dark brew, which my sister enjoyed. Single origin coffee is always the way to go.

Pink Cooler ($7.50)

For beverages, my friend ordered the Pink Cooler ($7.50), a blend of watermelon, pear and apple. It was reported to have been fresh and fruity, everything you could ask for in a Summer drink! The above and below photos are courtesy of NL, who gave me a crash course on photography whilst I was at Voyage. I’m still a newbie with my Digital, so it was good to get some quick tips on how to handle my new device!

Sorrento Sunset ($7.50)
Sorrento Sunset ($7.50)

I opted for the Sorrento Sunset ($7.50) which was a revitalizing blend of carrot, orange, apple and lemon. I felt incredibly cleaned after drinking it! There was also the option of making your own juices, choosing three ingredients from apple, orange, beetroot, ginger, lemon, celery, carrot, pear and watermelon. Smoothies were also part of the drinks menu, with the addition of smoothie supplements including chia seeds, cacao powder and Goji berries for the health nuts out there.

Norman’s Salsa ($18.60)

Our food took about 20 minutes to come out, during which our friend showed us some magic tricks (the best form of entertainment while waiting for food). Considering how busy it was, I was pretty happy with the quick time period it took for the food to be delivered. My friends both ordered the Norman’s Salsa ($18.60) both which looked a treat. It came with a slice of ciabatta toast, followed by two poached eggs and some wilted spinach and marinated feta. Alongside it were a good number of roasted truss tomatoes and half an avocado. Also ordered was an extra set of mushrooms ($4.50) which were tossed in basil pesto. While everything on the plate looked and tasted divinely fresh (with some wonderfully executed poached eggs), my friend wasn’t a big fan of the field mushrooms – she’s more of a Swiss brown mushroom fan. It was reported they were a little under-seasoned, even with the inclusion of the pesto.

Breakfast Board ($18)

My sister defied expectations and ordered a Breakfast Board (generally she goes for something smaller) which was $18.00. The board included zucchini fritters, a yoghurt pot and a brioche slider filled with egg. The zucchini fritters came with smoked salmon and lemon sour cream drizzled on top. The zucchini fritters were charred on either side with a moist, shredded interior and were packed with zucchini. The lemon sour cream added some zest to the fritters and the smoked salmon was fresh with a slight briny undertone.

The brioche slider was filled with a poached egg, tomato relish, pecorino and rocket. Whilst my sister enjoyed the well-poached egg, the sharpness of the pecorino and crispness of the rocket, she wasn’t a huge fan of the brioche bun. Unfortunately, the tomato relish had soaked into the bun resulting in it becoming rather soggy.

Potted Yoghurt (one third of the breakfast board)
Potted Yoghurt (one third of the breakfast board)

The last component was the potted yoghurt with berry compote and mixed nuts. The yoghurt was of the strained variety, resembling a white volcano erupting vibrant purple lava. The sweetness of the berry compote contrasted nicely with the sourness of the yoghurt, topped with a crush of crunchy nuts. My sister swept it all up in a few scoops and gave me a spoon to try. I’m not a massive devotee of Greek yoghurt, but I still quite enjoyed the berry compote.

Free Range Chorizo, Spring Onion and Cherry Tomato Omelette ($19)
Free Range Chorizo, Spring Onion and Cherry Tomato Omelette ($19)

I fell in love with my Free Range Chorizo, Spring Onion and Cherry Tomato Omelette ($19) which came in a cast iron pan. The open omelette was swathed in a fountain of rocket which I immediately attacked to get to the top layer of the omelette, which was doused in a pool of sour cream and capsicum relish. There was a lovely tomato-y sweetness to the relish, offset by the tartness of the sour cream. Beneath that was a very thick, soft, fluffy omelette which crumbled away with every bite. They were beautifully cooked eggs, with a bite of salty chorizo or burst of cherry tomato juice at every interval to keep things exciting. I also liked how the spring onion had been sautéed so that its flavor wasn’t too prominent in the omelette. The Manchego crisps were also a nice touch; a thin crisp lattice of oven baked cheese. It also came with a round of toast. I was thoroughly impressed with the dish, as were my friends who gazed at it forlornly while I scraped the very bottom of the pan.

Service was good, the staff moving at a fast brisk pace. They were polite enough, taking a photo of our brunch crew when requested and clearing away our dishes. The food was mostly good, with only one or two factors preventing the dishes from being perfect, though I thought that my omelette was top-notch. Voyage’s summer menu also has quite a number of different breakfast options to choose from, which is sure to satisfy any dining patron.

I also loved the ambience of Voyage – there is a wonderful, cool, sea breeze from across the road and a great energy to the place. Thankfully, Voyage has expanded into the space next door, meaning that more people can enjoy the food and drinks on offer! A recommendation for anyone whose looking for a brunch option!

Rating:  7 out of 10.

Address: 128 West Coast Drive, Sorrento WA 6020
Website: www.voyagekitchen.com.au


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  • Voyage is open for breakfast Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (6:30am to 5.00 pm) and breakfast to dinner Wednesday to Saturday (6:30am to late).
  • Breakfast menu available till 11:45am on weekdays and 11:30am on weekends.
  • Lunch is served 12pm to 3pm Wednesday to Saturday.
  • Take-away are options also available – a beautiful range of cakes are on offer at the counter!
  • Reservations available, though walk-ins also accepted.

– L.


2 thoughts on “Ahoy Voyage!

  1. I also love Voyage although I haven’t been there for a couple of years….looks like you may have triggered me into changing that! The omelette looks fabulous…LOVE manchego. Got so carried away with the stuff in Spain. (And got so FAT!)

    1. It was my first time and I really enjoyed it! One of my favourite omelettes in a while haha :). I’m a massive manchego fan too, so it really tantalised my tastebuds ;). Holidays are always the worst times for the waistline haha :).

      x L

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