Like a Boss

Bossman, Mount Lawley

A and I were sated from a big round of dinner and desserts at Il Lido, however, we decided we needed a detox session. This meant more drinks! Hot tea to be exact, needed in order to cleanse our systems from the decadence we had devoured previously. We hopped onto urbanspoon to check out what our late night coffee options were, a little anxious that we would run in to the rampant party-hard Friday night crowd. Luckily, A suggested we try a newbie in Mount Lawley which was relatively close to my house. Bossman has taken over the spot of my favourite knick knacks boutique shop in one of Beaufort St’s arcades, which also houses Grill’d and Gelare.

We grabbed two spots on a long table at the back, sharing with a few other patrons who were keen to escape the noise from outside. There is no other word to describe Bossman’s ambience than “chilled.” The staff are relaxed and casual, the coffee shop itself is dimly lit with dark furnishing.

There aren’t a lot of seating options inside; apart from our table there were three or four other collections of seats to park at. A and I came up with a common adjective to describe the layout of Bossman – it’s minimalistic. The white washed walls have no decorative embellishments; they are devoid of any paintings, pictures or patterns and there is no exotic furniture. As a newbie coffee shop, it might still be in the midst of their decorative interior designing processes, but I like Bossman’s simplicity.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea and Chamomile Tea ($3.50 a pot)

A and I were approached by the barista for coffee orders, with whom we place our tea orders. I went for a lemongrass ginger tea ($3.50) and A had the Chamomile tea (also $3.50). They arrive in burning hot stainless steel pots paired with china cups. My lemongrass ginger tea was fragrant, infused with a strong lingering scent of piquant ginger which was also evident in the flavour after the first few sips. I got a good three cups out of it! A’s chamomile was reported to be a bit on the sweet side but with a strange aftertaste, which wasn’t really to her fancy. The herbal teas did well to wash down the sugary treats from Il Lido before I proceeded to check out what else the café had on offer.

A sneaky doorway shot!

There are no menus at Bossman, however their front window is crowded with a two-tier cake cabinet. A lot of the cakes and biscuits on offer are of the Greek variety, meaning… walnut alert! The barista sees me lounging outside and comes out to give me a brief overview of what is on offer, enabling my second sugar fix of the night. He recommended the chocolate brownies and the Galaktoboureko both which were nut free. What is Galaktoboureko, you ask? (I didn’t even try to pronounce it; there is only so much a bilingual can do). The direct Greek translation is “Custard Semolina Pie,” which sounded incredibly appealing to me. As the whole tray of Galaktoboureko glistened tantalizingly, the barista informed me that they were a specialty dessert that was delivered into Bossman every now and then. I decided to capitalize on that offer!

Galaktoboureko ($4.50)

I ran back inside to excitedly tell A that I had got a delicious semolina pie, only for her to mistakenly hear that I had acquired a Salmonella pie (aka food poisoning), which made us both shudder in disgust. I clarified what I meant and soon the Galaktoboureko was delivered right in front of me. It was a broad triangular slab, quite generous in size considering its $4.50 price tag.

Usually I am not a fan of filo pastry, but I loved how the usual paper-thin layers had been drenched from the sugar syrup and had become rather malleable. It was reminiscent of a baklava; golden and syrupy. The syrup had hints of orange and lemon. It was crunchy just in the corners where the syrup hadn’t seeped through, the top layer in particular, still retaining its original flakiness – a pastry winner! The semolina was a beautiful creamy custard, though it was a little coarser than your typical custard, closer to a rice pudding consistency. A smashing dessert.

I will definitely be ducking into Bossman in the near future, just to have another of their Galaktoboureko desserts and perhaps sample what else is on offer in their sweets section. Bossman seems like an ideal place for hipsters, students and those who need a bit of an escape from the hustle of Beaufort Street – it caters for those who need a bit of quiet and calm, inviting a sit down session with a newspaper or book. I look forward to seeing Bossman grow, adding to the items they have on offer and to converse with their breezy staff. A great little coffee shop that does Greek desserts… wait for it… like a Boss.

 Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Address: Shop 3, 669 Beaufort St,  Mount Lawley 6050


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  • Open all day from 7am ’til 4pm from Monday to Saturday (no longer open until late)
  • No reservations available
  • Freshly baked goodies on hand daily including more Greek desserts (i.e. baklava and semolina orange cakes) and even some savoury options (i.e. the Spanakopita, a spinach and cheese pie).

– L.


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