More Than Just a Deli

Hobart Deli, North Perth

Being a huge movie freak, I was highly anticipating of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and decided to catch up with my beautiful cousin (who had just conquered her WACE exams, woo!) before our eventual drooling over Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson. We decided to grab a spot of brunch (as you do) prior to the cinema sesh. Both Jezebelle and Little Guildford, my two brunch targets, were closed for a Thursday breakfast so we settled for Hobart Deli. After some exemplary parallel parking from the cousin, we walked down the suburban streets to Hobart Deli’s doorstep.

Outside the Hobart Deli
Outside Hobart Deli

It’s a case of a “it’s bigger on the inside” for Hobart Deli because it looks deceptively small on the outside but seats a large crowd inside. It’s already filled to the brim with those who are preemptively enjoying their weekend. My cousin and I squeeze our way through and grab a tiny table for two in the corner. My cousin gets us durable looking plastic cups in colours of terracotta for water replenishments. I pop up to the counter and place my order, only to find a multitude of cakes and slices at the front. They all look rather scrumptious, as do the pre-made sandwiches and focaccias in the deli display cabinet. Food choice dilemma!

French Toast
Brioche French Toast ($19.90)

I have a silent celebration in my head when I see the words “salted caramel”. French toast it is then… yet again. The Brioche French Toast ($19.90) comes out with a few slabs of well rendered bacon, still sizzling from the pan. A single slice of french toast, cut into two triangular portions sits beneath it. The brioche is on the smaller side, being thinner than your normal thick cut breads. The french toast is a touch gooey inside from the egg, with a crisp exterior. The salted caramel is adequate, with a mild balance of salt and sugar and a maple syrup-like consistency. I would have preferred if the sauce was more viscous, really accentuating the glossy consistency of a thick caramel. I’m all for mopping up the remnants of a good salted caramel concoction with left over french toast!

Breakfast Parfait ($14.90)

My cousin’s breakfast parfait ($14.90) looked pretty impressive, a tall sundae glass holding layers of stewed nectarine, vanilla yoghurt and crunchy granola. The home-made toasted granola was a mixture of seeds, oats, sultanas and nuts. It was a tough task for my cousin to finish it as the granola was drier than reasonable expectations even with the combined nectarine and yoghurt, requiring a lot of munching and crunching (I had a few spoonfuls and my jaw got a good work out). Perhaps if there was a little less granola and more even layers of yoghurt throughout, there would have been a good balance between the muesli, yoghurt and rhubarb. The touch of honey did nicely to sweeten up the parfait.

Cake display
Cake display

Service was pretty standard. The cafe was busy, but it was hard to place a smile on anyone who really worked there that day. As boisterous as the customers were in Hobart Deli, the staff appeared to lack energy. The food came out at a good time though, which was a positive. I wasn’t particularly blown away by Hobart Deli’s food, but again it could be a case of choosing the right things and dining at the right time. The food is presented neatly and had decent flavours, but there wasn’t any real wow factor for me. Nevertheless, we left relatively full and made it a point to perhaps dine there in the future, sampling some different items for the next visit.

Oh and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was amazing. Now leave me while I YouTube/Google everything on Jennifer Lawrence.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Address: 45 Hobart Street, North Perth WA 6006

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  • Open for breakfast and lunch, Monday to Sunday (7am to 5pm on weekdays, 7am to 4pm on weekends).
  • Takeaway options and catering available.
  • No reservations available.

– L.


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