Thy Shall Be Content

Love Thy Neighbour, Northbridge (closed)

Update – 29th December 2013: Unfortunately, Love Thy Neighbour has now permanently closed.

I had always envisioned that LTN was a narrow, little coffee bar packed in a derelict car park, wedged in the middle of the infamously dodgy Northbridge China Town area (thanks, Urbanspoon pictures). I was pleasantly surprised to find it was an actual cafe down the end of an arcade and hidden behind Superstar Waffles, with a lovely al fresco setting. I was super keen to try it out for brunch, so I dragged a friend out on a Friday morning to dine there. Day off, woo!

Front entrance of Love Thy Neighbour
Banana & Blueberry Smoothie ($6)

My friend and I grabbed a window side table in the relatively tiny cafe and were given tap water for the start of the meal. Drinks-wise my friend went for the banana and blueberry smoothie ($8), which was crammed to the brim with banana. It sat in a tall milkshake glass and was very creamy and refreshing. I’m a big smoothie person and this was wickedly chilled, perfect for the warming Spring weather!

Affogato ($5)
Affogato ($5)

Despite the fact that caffeine is so very bad for me (a shot after 11 am is a guaranteed all-nighter) I couldn’t go past having some form of coffee fix. The affogatto ($5) at LTN was delicious. A single shot of golden espresso was suspended above a scoop of vanilla icecream, the coffee showcasing a beautiful layer of crema. The coffee itself was dark and bitter suitable for a coffee-icecream combo.

Breakfast Pizza ($16)
Breakfast Pizza ($16)

Food time! My friend ordered the breakfast pizza ($16), which came out with a fresh heap of rocket on the top, concealing the actual pizza. There was a sizzling fried egg smack in the middle, the rest of the pizza was peppered with bits of savoury Princi chorizo and stretchy buffalo mozzarella. The mushrooms were fat and juicy, stewing in flecks of thyme. Somewhere in there were also pieces of fresh tomato which I quickly scooped up. The pizza base was intriguing, a cross between short crust pastry and turkish bread, with a fabulously crunchy edge. My friend enjoyed the pizza base especially. An interesting take on typical pizza!

Housemade Corn Bread ($16)
Housemade Corn Bread ($16)

My cornbread with beans ($16) was spicy with a capital S. The housemade cornbread was a thick and springy slab of brioche, submerged in a ladles of black beans. The beans had a strong hit of chilli and spice, meaning I had the mouth-on-fire conundrum for a good 15 minutes after consumption. A fried egg with a gooey yolk sat on top of the whole dish embellished with the salsa, a combination of red onion, tomatoes and kernals of corn. The corn itself was a bit raw and could have done with more time in the pan, ’til it was just golden. It was a very appetising dish nevertheless. So very filling!

The interior of Love Thy Neighbour
The interior of Love Thy Neighbour

Service was efficient at LNT, our food was delivered quickly and our dishes cleared promptly after we finished. Overall, I was pretty happy with the selection of brunch dishes on offer at LTN and their drink options. There were also some tasty treats on the counter including cakes, slices and cookies. A hidden gem in Northbridge, which is definitely worth a visit (if you can find it!).

Rating: 6 out of 10.

Address: 7/189 William Street, Northbridge 6003

Instagram: #ltnperth

Love Thy Neighbour on Urbanspoon


  • Open for breakfast and lunch from 7am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • T/A coffee available on the car park side of LTN, good for a quick coffee fix and speedy getaway!
  • Al fresco seating available near the car park and in the arcade.
  • No reservations available, walk in only!

– L.


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