When life gives you Lemons…

Lemon Lane, Claremont

The entrance to Lemon Lane – the yellow sign is unmissable.

Lemon Lane is housed outside of Claremont Quarter on Bayview Terrace, away from the hustle and bustle of Claremont, in a small laneway, resembling what Melbourne is famous for. I found Lemon Lane from Bayview Terrace. I saw the bright yellow sign, spelling out “Lemon Lane”, and noticed the huge graffiti art on the left side brick wall; kind of what you expect when you walk through lane ways, such as when on your way to MoVida, in Melbourne. Lemon Lane is the new offshoot of the previous Lemon cafes, Lemon Station (Cottesloe) and Lemon Espresso (Claremont).

A small cafe with black painted walls, mirrors, and a white ceiling.

Lemon Lane is a small cafe with seating outside the entrance, inside (as pictured), and in a small al fresco dining area behind where I was sitting. It is a brightly lit cafe despite the black painted walls, and the mirrors on those walls helps light the cafe up. We were seated next to a window, with a wooden toolbox filled with goodies such as your usual utensils and condiments, and two menus . The toolbox took up a bit of space on the table but it wasn’t a huge hindrance.

Chargrilled chicken club sandwich, bacon, smashed avo, tomato, fried egg, tarragon mayo, wild rocket ($20)

My boyfriend ordered the chicken club sandwich ($20), which he loved. The waitress gave us a choice of sunny-side-up or both sides for the fried eggs. He ended up choosing sunny-side-up, and when he got the dish, they were just as you’d expect. The bread was perfectly toasted, still retaining its crunchiness, even the bottom slice at the end of the meal. The top slice had tarragon mayo slathered on the bread which tasted absolutely delicious with the rest of the constituents. The chicken was a highlight – peppercorns all over the chicken made such a difference. I definitely recommend this dish.

Spanish tortilla Omelette w/ chorizo, potato & red capsicum, smoked chipotle mayo, Manchego cheese, green salad ($18)

When I ordered the Spanish tortilla omelette ($18), I expected tortillas. Now, pardon my ignorance, but I didn’t realise it was like a quiche. Nevertheless, I still loved it. I drizzled the lemon over the Spanish tortilla and the salad which gave it the extra tanginess. The Spanish tortilla was both hot in temperature, and hot in spiciness due to the chorizo, which I could tolerate. My favourite part was the melted cheese… Yum! The smoked chipotle mayo helped give the tortilla more flavour but I omitted it as I didn’t want the extra spiciness. The salad was fresh and delicious. The shaved Manchego cheese made such a difference. The salad was tangy, salty (from the cheese), and fresh, complimenting the tortilla.

Everything’s better with cheese…
Huge wall graffiti outside the cafe.

As we walked past the front counter, we couldn’t help but drool at the sweet treats available. These included chocolate brownies and muffins. There was no fault in service, and prices are decent. Lemon Lane would be a perfect place to take a break from shopping at Claremont, or even the first stop for breakfast before a whole day of shopping.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Address: 40 Rear Bayview Terrace, Claremont WA 6010
Website: http://lemoncafes.com.au


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  • Open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch.
  • Reservations are accepted at (08) 9284 4600 or by email at lane@lemoncafes.com.au. They also take SMS Ordering for coffee only! (0450 708 403).
  • Their menu is always changing, so the food reviewed may not be available. If you want to see the latest menu, feel free to email them at kate@lemoncafes.com.au (I was advised that they will be changing their menu soon as of end of November 2013).
  • They offer gluten-free options, and are liquor licensed.

– A.


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