Worth the Wait!

The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen, Perth CBD

Meandering around the city to find the Butterworth!

A number of great deals have come out from the Urbanspoon newsletter as of late, including a 50% discount off the total bill for the Butterworth Bar & Kitchen. When the deal first came out, I frantically booked three weeks ahead for a table of five, utilising Dimmi, for a Saturday night. These Urbanspoon deals seem to be the means for breaking into the market (The Butterworth is relatively new) allowing customers to sample the menu you have on offer at a reduced Perth price. The Butterworth seems to have parked itself neatly to the ever-evolving CBD food scene (aka Brookfield Place) so I was very keen to give it a go.

Suffice to say, booking for a dinner a good three weeks in advance results in an agonising wait. When the day finally came, I called to confirm my booking realising rather stupidly that I had only booked for two people as opposed to five. When the panic attack subsided, the staff member on the phone quickly fixed up the booking for me without a problem and we were on our way!

Our waitress was lovely, polite but friendly, quickly providing us with menus, linen napkins and topping our glasses up with water on a consistent basis. The table did get a bit cluttered towards the middle of the dinner, just because there were a few wine glasses that hadn’t been swept away (all of us were boring and didn’t indulge in any alcohol for the night). Our complimentary bread came speeding out, piping hot little buns with a little dish of butter and salt. Generously, we were given more fresh bread throughout the night by the owner, which was a wonderful touch! The more ravenous of our group was certainty satisfied.

After much debate, we finally ordered two a piece of the blue swimmer crab. The entrees were very nice, moist pockets of blue swimmer crab flesh. My sister’s boyfriend thought that there wasn’t an even ratio between the paw paw and crab, resulting in the paw paw overpowering the crab, which I agree with. However, I did like the contrast between the juicy cubes of fruit and the smooth richness from the crab. The jamon added a nice salty bite and a chewy component to the dish, similar to pancetta. Very unique combination of flavours! Sidebar: Sorry in advance for the photos, amateur photographer in the house….

Blue swimmer crab, jamon, paw paw, fresh tumeric ($20**)

My sister and friend’s market fish was the barramundi. It had a nice crispy skin, cooked to perfection – slippery and flaky inside, with the flesh a pearly white colour. It sat atop a medley of celery and cucumber. It was a tad on the small side, but generally there were positive reviews all around.

Market fish, celery, cucumber, ruby grapefruit, tatsoi ($45**)

My surrogate brother had the blackwood valley organic beef scotch fillet cooked to medium rare. After much coaxing, he managed to get the phone from me to fix the “lighting issues” I had and fiddled around for a bit, before proceeding to take the worst food photos of the night, only managing to create different shades of black and brown. Several filters saved it though – good job, bro! The fillet was cooked a little more medium than medium-rare, but the sauce was said to be quite nice and he loved the potato slab that came with it.

Scotch fillet 300g ($41**)

My sister’s boyfriend and I each had the lamp rump and we were insanely impressed by it. The lamb had been sliced to thick portions and fanned out on the plate. The meat was perfectly seasoned, just pink on the inside and was so tender that it melted in the mouth. I wasn’t a big fan of the peas, which tasted a little old, a little too wrinkled on the outside. I enjoyed the pan fried gnocchi, though I would have preferred the pasta to be “normal size” to compliment the lamb. I could understand however that the gnocchi was miniature size for aesthetic purposes. All in all, a great dish that was extremely filling and satisfying.

Lamb rump, gnocchi, garden peas, cured lamb belly ($39**)

I could never pass up dessert, especially those that were as intriguing as the ones listed on the menu. Everyone else was pretty full from another round of complimentary bread, so I forced my poor sister to share the chocolate dessert and the saffron macaroon …. only to realise halfway that I liked the chocolate one more and proceeded to demolish it singlehandedly. I am very spoilt.

The saffron macaron was lovely, the saffron itself very understated but as a whole I found the dish rather cloying– there was the hard sugar casing from the macaron, creamy saccharine honey mousse and another crunch from the honeycomb with nothing really to break it up in terms of flavours – everything was just really sweet. In saying that, it was still a beautiful dish and probably more suitable to share with a bigger group.

Saffron macaron, honey mousse, chocolate truffle, honeycomb, pollen ($16)

I loved the textures in the chocolate. The chocolate tower cracked open with a smash of the spoon revealing a rich tube of chocolate inside, which I devoured with vigour. The chocolate itself had an interesting texture – a little crumbly, like it was dehydrated chocolate.Everyone else had a bite and comments were that it used a deliciously dark, dark chocolate – I like my chocolate with a high cocoa content so I was pretty pleased with it. The marshmallows were charred on the outside, reminiscent of toasting marshmallows on an outdoor campfire, crispy on the outside and gooey inside. Yum. The caramelised white chocolate was like scattered pieces of chunky cookie-like portions and added a nice textural element. It was also the most artistic of all the dishes presented, really working with the negative space on the plate.  I would have this again (by myself).

Textures in chocolate, marshmallow, caramelised white chocolate ($16)

The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen was a great place to have a catch up dinner with friends and family in a sophisticated restaurant. It was nice and quiet that night, with only a few more tables occupied. Their dishes have some great elements and their service was great.

I would definitely recommend it as a place for a future function/birthday celebration simply because the layout of the place appears to cater for a whole set of demographics. Maybe I’ll try lunch or breakfast next time!

** Original prices listed, prior to discount.

Rating:  6 out of 10.

Address: Ground Floor of Exchange Plaza, 2 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000

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The Butterworth Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon


  • Our 50% Urbanspoon discount was applied without a hitch, with an overall total of $135 for five people. Pretty decent!
  • The Butterworth is open for breakfast ’til late, Mondays to Friday. Open for dinner ’til late on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.
  • Extensive wine list available

– L.


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