A hop, skip, jump around the Corner…

Piccolo’s Corner, West Leederville

Did someone say candy?

I’m so glad there’s a place like this just a couple minutes drive away from my place. Nothing beats a local, especially when it’s good.

Piccolo’s Corner is situated on the corner of two small streets in the suburbs of West Leederville. It’s a quiet and unpretentious, family-run cafe that takes pride in using recycled materials to dress their cafe, and having mismatched old furniture that would make anyone smile.

Parking is limited, so we were so happy when we found a parking spot. As soon as we walked in, we saw the sign: “Cash Only”. Drats! It was time to go find a nearby ATM…

Ten minutes later, we came back (and luckily someone was leaving their parking bay) and tried again. We grabbed some menus, and sat down next to a display of candies that were for sale. Behind me, was a huge, old mirror that went from the floor to almost the ceiling. We promptly ordered our brunch items, and stared at the candy whilst we waited. Yum.

A pot of chai latte for me, please.

I always love me a good, hot chai latte. It came in a metal tea pot, and lasted me well and truly to the end of my meal. How adorable are the mismatched china? Too cute.

Gorgeous mismatched china; Piccolo’s totally gets me.

Although there were only two of us inside, another couple, and a few people in the outdoor seating area, our meals took at least 20 minutes to come to our table. Not sure why; we didn’t receive an apology or an acknowledgement. Our meals didn’t look too labour intensive. I mean, I could do it at home. Oh well.

Smashed avocado with chorizo, poached egg, balsamic glaze and parmesan on ciabatta.   

I ordered smashed avocado with chorizo, poached egg, balsamic glaze and parmesan on ciabatta. The chorizo was salty, as it should be, which balanced with the smashed avocado, and the sweet balsamic glaze. Topped with parmesan and the ooziness of the poached eggs helped finish the dish. There could have been more chorizo slices, though. Rather small dish, but it was still delicious.

In the background: Poached eggs with Danish feta and beetroot relish on ciabatta.

My boyfriend ordered poached eggs with Danish feta and beetroot relish on ciabatta. In his opinion, the meal itself was ridiculously tasty. A major plus was the generous amounts of feta on top. Places usually get stingy with the feta, and the generous serving here helped make the whole dish tasty. The homemade beetroot relish was also divine. Memorable meal.

I would have loved to have seen the outdoor seating area. Maybe next time when I come back. Service was decent, nothing spectacular here, although they did greet us very friendly with a smile when we arrived, which was nice. I did love the decorations used and how vintage the place looked. The prices were OK, nothing to rave about.

Just as when we were finishing our meals, the place started to get busy, and filled with local mums and their children. We knew by then that it was our time to leave. Definitely a cute place to visit for breakfast or lunch.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: 58 St Leonards Street, West Leederville, WA 6007

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  • Very limited parking on the street, so try to visit on a weekday. If you can’t, try an odd hour on the weekend.
  • Open from Tuesday to Friday, 7am until 4pm, and on the weekends, 8am until 2pm. Closed on Mondays.
  • They do not take any reservations, only walk-ins.

– A.


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