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Hello everyone!

Welcome to Savour the Moment!

We are Anna & Lyvia, two newbie food bloggers from Perth, Western Australia. We have both been friends for a good decade, having survived high school together and have stayed in touch on a consistent basis since then.  A light bulb moment struck us barely a week ago – as we both love to look at, talk about and most importantly eat, food, and so we thought… why not start a food blog? Hence, Savour the Moment was born and we are now roaming Perth, documenting all our foodie adventures and flooding your Instagram and Facebook pages with even more photos. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy writing it, and that it inspires you to try out new places in Perth!

Now, a little bit more about the both of us! :)


Hi! It’s Lyvia here with your constant food updates. A bit about myself: born and raised in Perth, WA (with a quick stint in the mining town of Telfer for my first five years), an East Timorese/Malaysian/Australian hybrid with an obvious love of food. As a self-confessed foodie, I am also an avid picture taker (to the chagrin of my fellow friends) and more-than-the-required-normal-limit consumer of chocolate. At a young age, my dream job was to be an author and a cook, but it appeared I was destined for different things in life. My foray into the food blogging world has allowed me the opportunity to consume food, talk about food and write about food, meaning I (luckily!) get a bit of both worlds with Savour the Moment! I have a wonderful family of five consisting of my mum, dad, sister and little brother who I often drag on food-related adventures with me – and who occasionally don’t mind paying for the total bill (I’m just a tad spoilt).

I think the one thing I love about food is indulging in different experiences, whether that be over the humble chicken McNugget or treating myself to fine dining by the waterside. I crave sweet things on a daily basis, to the point where every meal requires a “palate cleanser” of sweets. Food comas are a regular occurrence for me, generally because I have this engrained belief that all humans have two separate stomachs – one for savoury food (main meals, entrees, shared plates, bar food) and another separate one, positioned directly above and slightly smaller, for sweet treats (desserts and drinks) aka “The Separate Stomach Theory.” The theory, while not anatomically possible, is still logical in my terms and is usually referenced during meals when people say they are “too full”. I’m also a big brunch eater – nothing can cheer me up like an inventive twist on breakfast and lunch with french toast being my ultimate kryptonite.  I’m currently really into the tapas scene, edging into exotic Spanish and Mexican cuisines and I also enjoy a good burger. I can also never say no to Italian food – hello, pasta and tiramisu! My absolute favourite food holiday destination is Margaret River, WA. I love the locals, the fresh produce, the food, the weather, the picturesque wineries and their gorgeous beaches. Hopefully A and I will get to go soon for a foodbud travel date!

In particular, I love the social aspect of dining out. Bonding with friends over a DMC or accidentally choking on a piece of chorizo while laughing too hard during a tapas get-together is my idea of a good time. I love how our culture is evolving where catch ups happen over a hearty meal and drinks, whether that be with family or friends. Most of all I love reflecting on these experiences which makes this food blog the perfect platform to express myself! In the future, I hope to be doing this in some small professional capacity – perhaps the odd article for a newspaper/magazine… but only time will tell! Meanwhile, I am just as content immersing myself in the world and discovering new food adventures.

Feel free to read through, comment and contact us for further information! Sorry in advance for those are reading this late at night or in the very early hours of the morning – we don’t mean to make you hungry at an inconvenient time (you should of had more dinner. And dessert.)


My name is Anna, and I am a 23 year old with two loves: food and travelling. I have always loved food, but I began to get into it more after I graduated from high school. I currently work as a graduate registered nurse in Perth, Western Australia, and I’ll be a fully fledged RN in 2014 when I finish my graduate program. Although my job can be rewarding (and hard work most of the time), I love to spend my days eating at various establishments, new and old. I spend my glorious days off work eating new places out. I also love to cook, and when I can, I love trying out new recipes and re-making old favourites. I don’t have a particular favourite type of food (I do love Korean the most, though), and my spice tolerance is extremely low. My background is Chinese/Vietnamese, getting the best of two cuisines. My mum’s homemade authentic cooking is the best, and I always swear by my mum’s Pho and Summer Rolls trumping everyone else.

It all started from baking cupcakes during my university days. This evolved into cooking dinners at least 3 times a week for my boyfriend of six years and I. I began to gift my baking creations to family and friends for Christmas and birthdays. I baked roughly 80 butterfly cupcakes for my sister’s wedding ceremony in 2011 (which I had to bake again because I dropped 90% of them on the floor), I have had birthday parties where I baked and cooked some small delicacies, and in early 2013, I proudly hosted my birthday tea party for roughly 25 guests, where I baked and made all of the food.

However, eating out so often can come at a price: I try to stay fit and maintain my waist line as much as I can and I enjoy the occasional run, bike ride, and fun runs (my proud achievement so far is doing the 12km course for HBF Run for a Reason 2013. Woohoo!).

I have been a reviewer on Urbanspoon for two years now and have decided to put my thoughts on a food blog with my dear friend, Lyvia. I want to share my experiences with everyone else and hope it serves to be useful for those wanting to visit somewhere we have been to.


All you need is a little love. But a little chocolate every now and then doesn’t hurt.
Charles M. Schulz

– L + A


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