Roasting For More

Typika Artisan Roasters, Claremont

Just a spot of brunch…

A and I decided to try out this bright new joint beyond Claremont Quarter. There was immense catching up to do and I was especially keen to look at their thousand dollar roaster, having slaved away as a barista throughout my uni years. As per usual, I got lost and meandered mindlessly through the streets before finding the yellow Lego-like building tucked away on one of Claremont’s side streets.

I love the interior of Typika. The entrance has an open barista/drinks bar where the employees work their magic; the front cabinet boasts some tasty sweet treats (honey joys, chocolate cupcakes and pastries being part of the compilation). The left side has a brightly lit area containing a few steel tables and a wall of greenery. The rest of the place is a variety of dark green booths and high wooden tables with an assortment of stools. The atmosphere is energetic and caters for a variety of different settings – dark and moody at the back, bright and warm at the front. The centrepiece of Typika is a glasshouse sheltering the metallic coffee bean roaster machines. Very cool.

We found a spot just before it got very busy, seated in the sunny area upon a few broad garden seats. To start with I went for an iced coffee (non-naked, which means it came with additional bits and pieces) topped with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was a nice espresso hit for a bleary morning.

Iced Coffee
Golden French Toast ($18.50)

My Golden French Toast ($18.50) was amazing. It had beautiful visual presentation – a two layered stack of French toast, with the bananas settled cross-shaped on top. The maple glazed bacon sat on top of the banana, forming a flower-like arrangement, finished off with micro herbs. The whole thing was submerged in a pool of salted caramel. Where to start? The French toast was just dipped in egg and fried off, so it didn’t resemble the sloppy mess that I’ve had at some other establishments – the bread itself was light and crunchy on the outside. The bananas were firm and fresh, the maple glazed bacon was crunchy on the side but still retained a good portion of fleshy meat. The micro herbs did little for the overall flavour of the dish… but that salted caramel sauce was amazing. The salted caramel was lava-like in consistency, a perfect balance of candied sweetness with a sprinkle of salt cutting through what could have been an overly saccharine dish. I could have consumed flasks of the sauce. Big Call alert – potentially the best french toast I’ve had in Perth so far!

Smoked Cod and Leek Baked Eggs (GF/veg option) ($18.50)

A’s Smoked Cod & Leek Baked Eggs ($18.50) looked scrumptious. It came out in an iron clad pan, melted cheese spilling over the edge. I luckily got to taste a bit of it, and it was a wonderous combination – flakes of smoked cod combined with stewed leek, melting in a puddle of creamy tomato and herbs. There was a lovely balance of saltiness from the cod counteracted by the rich cream based sauce. The cheese gave it a good kick and the eggs were cooked just gooey. A particularly liked the toasted ciabatta that came alongside it; two charred slabs with a little clear pot of butter (which vaguely resembled a small yellow candle). A looked pretty happy with her choice! 

Chai Latte

A’s Chai latte was pretty good; your standard brew with a nice hit of cinnamon on top. No complaints on her end!

The food at Typika looks deceptively simple, but the execution of Typika’s brunch dishes is fabulous. Presentation is pretty impressive with a swirling colour palette and an artsy rustic approach. Great combination of flavours and textures. The service was impressively efficient too, with the dishes coming out speedily, one after another, despite the capacity of the room approaching maximum. The atmosphere of Typika is great too – warm, cheery and alive with conversation  Extremely looking forward to trying more of their food.

Rating:  7.5 out of 10.

Address: 331 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010

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  • Typika is open for breakfast and lunch (breakfast till 11.30am weekdays and 3pm weekends, lunch after 12pm)
  • No bookings available, but there is a lot of room inside! Quite easy to secure a table on the weekdays with a small party.
  • A small sweets menu is now available – churros for those who crave those delicious fried spanish donuts post lunch (or even if you feel like it for breakfast)
  • No separate billing allowed (sadly)

– L.


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