Best Brunch Dishes of 2016

Frisch & Barc (Como)

Brunch. The greatest meal of the day, served best with sunshine and friends on a Sunday morning. Perth’s brunch scene has expanded significantly over the last couple of years, with new joints popping up left, right and centre (to growing competition).

With competition comes an explosive repertoire of twists on classic breakfast dishes. There is certainly nothing displeasing with the humble scrambled eggs on toast, but there is something special and exciting (if not photogenically pleasing) about a unique and inventive brunch dish.

Here is a complied list of some favourites over the past year:

Frisch & Barc (Como)

Angus Corner Beef Potato Hash (Frisch & Barch)

Frisch and Barc’s answer to breakfast: a thick, crispy round of shredded potato, a curl of Angus corned beef hash and something relatively healthy in the form of some pan fried kale. The sriracha soy was deliciously sweet, sour and salty all at once with a bit of heat! With fantastic service (smiles all around from the Frisch & Barc team), a glam interior and an epic crab omelette and pandan custard French toast, Frisch and Barc is one of the best things to happen for breakfast fiends in Perth.

Mary Street Bakery (Mount Lawley)

MBS Smoked Salmon w Slow Cooked Egg (Mary Street Bakery) 

Mary Street Bakery in Mount Lawley has always been one of my favourite, ever reliable places to take my family to for a breakfast feed. The MBS Smoked Salmon is a relatively healthy dish to crack into if you don’t want anything too heavy (aka the next dish below) too early in the morning. Highlights from the dish are the river of gold erupting from the gelatinous slow cooked egg, the zestiness from the lime, the crunch of the fennel, the daubs of avocado and the mini potato rosti off to the side.

Mary Street Bakery (Mount Lawley)

Chicken & Waffles (Mary Street Bakery) 

Don’t feel like something light? Suffering from an epic hangover? Mary Street Bakery is here to lend you a helping hand. Their chicken and waffles have always been one of my favourite ever dishes in Perth, period. The crunch of the buttermilk chicken (which is always cooked to perfection), check. The crispiness of the pancakes, check. Best of all is the syrup swirling at the base of the plate, which is worthy enough to be mopped up by the remains of any carb related object left on the plate.

Nunam (Northbridge)

Son in Law Eggs w Scallops (Nunam) 

All the accolades for Nunam. This Northbridge beauty has such an amazing array of Asian fusion breakfast dishes on offer, including pig ears with fried eggs, a hot bowl of congee & this epic dish of son in law eggs. The eggs are crumbed on the outside with a wonderfully gooey egg inside. Everything is splashed with a hit of the sticky, tangy and sweet dressing. The (generously sized) coconut rice cake is fantastically caramelised on all sides, bordered by thick, juicy slabs of watermelon. The scallops are predictably delectable, seared to perfection.

Secondeli Cafe (Inglewood)

Coconut Pancakes (Secondeli Cafe) 

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of desiccated coconut, but I adore these pancakes. We visited Secondeli Cafe in their early days and was impressed with their service and food. Efficient, friendly and bubbly waitstaff bring to your table some great food, including a killer rendition of your simple pancakes. The pancakes don’t need too many embellishments – a slight crunch and nuttiness from the coconut, a swirl of salted caramel sauce, a side dish of whipped cream & a couple of fresh bananas perched on top to complete the dish.

Cecchi’s (Ingelwood)

Pane Doro with House Bacon (Cecchi’s) 

I don’t think Cecchi’s has ever put a foot wrong whenever I’ve visited. Pane doro is a sweet Italian bread, which in this instance was thick cut and fried into a French toast style dish. The house cured bacon was crispy along the edge, the apple chutney stewed to perfection, a slab of gooey Asiago cheese sandwiched in between two slices of pane doro. The flask of maple syrup to the side was magical too.

Harvest Espresso (Victoria Park)

 Riz Au Lait (Harvest Espresso)

Breakfast trips to Harvest Espresso have always been memorable. Their chocolate tart, coconut mango bread, prawn rolls and French toasts have always been stuff of legends. The Riz Au Lait is their interpretation of a chilled rice pudding, not a dish from your typical breakfast fare inventory. The Riz Au Lait was beautifully light, served with a perfectly poached pear. Add in the crunch of the vanilla tuille and the salted caramel-like blobs of the roasted white chocolate cremeux, this was a memorable finish to our brunch feast (of chicken ballotines and sweetbreads!).

IMG_8396 2

Brisket Benedict (Tbsp)

Memories of pulling apart the beautifully soft pulled beef at this consistently packed Bayswater gem of a cafe still linger in my mind. The beer braised onions mingled with the creamy hollandaise sauce and any residue spillage from our duo of slowed cooked eggs. And in case all of that didn’t fill you up, then the ciabatta toast was there to do the trick.


French Toast (Asado)

Whoever decided that dipping bread in egg and throwing on a flaming pan for breakfast is a certified genius. Asado does a great version: their french toast is encrusted in cinnamon sugar, perched atop a thick swirl of dulce de leche and served with strawberries. If you are into dessert breakfast and feel like something sweet then Asado’s is a win.

Of course, this is not a definitive list and is subject to more change over the next couple of months! What are your favourite brunch dishes?

– L.


Afternoon Tea at Measure Dessert Bar

A friend of mine recently visited Measure Dessert Bar (the brainchild of Masterchef fame and glory, Karmen Lu), for a friend’s surprise high tea event, and she came back with more than solid reviews all around for their food. I was very much looking forward to taking my mother there for her birthday, so I made a booking for 3 PM on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I had been to Measure Bar three times previously for their range of savoury and sweet desserts, a particular highlight being their matcha creme brulee. I have always been so entranced with having a range of different desserts that cover a variety of palates and flavours; I’ve always loved the spice of a ginger laced treat, the tanginess of a lemon curd tart, the slight sour acidity of berries and fruit, the earthy taste of matcha and tea infused desserts. Hence, I was looking forward to a different dessert-concentrated experience.

We were seated at a table of four, the growing hubbub of gossip and laughter filling up the room. There was even a bridal shower party spotted in the corner, and even a few men braving those looks of possibly judgement.

I’ve drawn parallels of Measure’s interior to a dark, moody weblike nest/ cafe and today it was nice to be out of the burning sun for just a bit.

We had some glasses of still water, followed by our first round of drinks. There were teas from Whistler Blower Tea Co, coffee from Blacklist Coffee Roasters, hot chocolates, mocha, soft drinks and juice. For an extra $5, you could also opt for the champagne option.

My first drink was the 55% dark couverture hot chocolate with a House made marshmallow. It was deliciously creamy and perfect to start our high tea.

A three tier of goodness approached us not long after the drinks. The bottom layer was a selection of savoury petite fours.

The croissant was lightly toasted filled w ham, cheese and decent wallop of mustard. It shed flakes everywhere, only slightly disrupting the consumption of the truffle egg baguette, which was beautifully tangy and had a slight nuance of truffle.

The cucumber sandwiches followed, which were then proceeded by the tomato frittata which had this deliciously sweet caramelised onion.

The next tier was a hefty standard of scones, complimented w strawberry and rhubarb jam. The vanilla bean cream was the winner; I could have swallowed it in buckets! It was liquid gold, peppered the vanilla bean and wonderfully velvety. The middle stage was finished off by springy rounds of almond and raspberry friands.

Now we were approaching the best part; the king of the crux, the ultimate layer of desserts and sweets.

An explosion of cream was ripped from a single bite of the lemon curd pastry round, dusted in powdered sugar. It was zesty and bright in flavour, the pastry light and not too doughy.

The coffee flavoured roulade was the next dessert up for offering, filled with lightly scented coffee mousse and topped with a thick ribbon of decorative cream and crushed hazelnuts.

The matcha macaroon was unexpectedly giant, with its decadently chewy shell and potent slather of matcha flavoured cream inside.

Last but not least (and my personal favourite), was the blood orange tart. The pastry shell was very soft and crumbly, filled with a runny blood orange curd. The top was a sticky layer of Italian Meringue flecked with dehydrated raspberries. One bite and you got a variety of textures; the crumble of the pastry, the pillow-y marshmallow softness of the Meringue and the river of blood orange curd.

We finished off our meal with one more drink, my one being a “Honey I’m Home” Chamomile tea from Whistler Blower Tea Co. It was one of the best herbal teas I have had for a while, as it didn’t come with a strong aftertaste like some teas do on your lingering palate.

The high tea was such a wonderful experience at Measure Bar, and the desserts and drink options all being inclusive of $50 per person. It is one of the better quality high teas I have been to in Perth, as they do speciality desserts that are quite unique. It is highly recommended for any special occasion!

– L.

Chefz Table is the right kind of surprise

Chefz Table, East Perth

Note: Chefz Table has sadly closed, which is so unfortunate in the Perth food scene. Hopefully there will be a similar restaurant in the future. 

Word around the street was that there was a restaurant in Perth that created a menu based on the ingredients you wanted to eat, set at a price that you give them. It was definitely intriguing, and somewhere I wanted to take my boyfriend for a surprise birthday dinner. So I did my research, which included watching a review by Rob Broadfield on Youtube. I needed more information on what Chefz Table was all about. The chefs at Chefz Table loves a bit of a challenge, so you can inform them of your likes, dislikes, and preferences, all to your heart’s content. For us, his selection included at least 70% of the dish to have meat (for my meat loving boyfriend), chocolate, mash of any vegetable variety, and absolutely no seafood or bones. Mine was rather more simple, which included lots of seafood, fruity desserts, no raw food, and no chilli or spicy food.

I reserved a table for two on their website for the Chefz Table Experience, and they emailed me back the next day advising me of the process of how things run, including an example of preferences. In addition to the preferences list, I included a budget of up to $140 per head (their prices start at $125 per head). You can add wine matching but we opted out. You need to pay a deposit beforehand, which can be done over the phone. Better yet, Chefz Table was in the 2014 Entertainment Book! Now, it was time to wait!

Amuse Bouche

When we arrived, we were the only ones there. We were taken to our table, and immediately recognised the waiter, who happened to be one of the best waiters we’ve ever had. We were happy to see him, and he recognised us too — we briefly caught up before our amuse bouche arrived. I can’t remember too much about it but it had broccoli in it, and it was kept rather simple. As I am not a huge fan of the “frothy” texture, I wasn’t too fond of this amuse bouche. There wasn’t really too much to this dish.

My boyfriend’s similar dish without seafood
Scallops entree

As my boyfriend and I had different requests (a major one being our seafood differences), my first dish was a scallops entree, which was served next to a bed of an apple slaw. The slaw was crunchy and tangy which worked well with the simple taste of the scallops. The scallops were perfectly cooked, as well.

Can’t quite remember what was in this dish!
Fish dish


My next dish was another seafood number, with both poached fish and panfried fish. The panfried fish was not as crispy as I hoped it would be, but had a nice semi-salted skin on top. There was tapioca on the dish which was an interesting choice, in my opinion.

Lamb main dish

Our next main dish arrived that featured lamb — our favourite! There was surprisingly a lot more meat than what it looked like, and we were pleased.  The lamb was soft and pulled apart so effortlessly. The peas had an earthy taste to it. We were told the interesting piece of meat on the top was lamb bacon, which was something we had not come across before. It was delicious! Both our dishes had lamb and so my boyfriend loved his lamb dish.

Beef main dish

Next up was easily our favourite dish of the night — beef! The beef was absolutely perfect in the middle; tender, and absolutely full of flavour. There could have been more of the sauce, though, as the amount that was on the plate was definitely not sufficient.

Orange and Beetroot Tea


Our palate cleanser looked more like a candle in a teacup, but it was in fact orange and beetroot tea. Hot water was poured into the cup so that the orange and beetroot can infuse. As we waited, we could smell the scent of the tea infusion, which was tantalising our tastebuds! We mixed the tea around once it was ready, and sipped the hot tea. The beetroot taste was more distinctive than the orange, but overall, the tea wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be, but it was still nice to have.

Happy birthday!


Inside the chocolate cake with layers of cake and chocolate ganache!

To be honest, I slipped in the email a mention that this dinner occasion was a surprise birthday dinner for my boyfriend, because I had heard that they give out birthday cakes. So I was anxiously waiting all night, hoping it would come out… and it did! My boyfriend was mighty surprised. We were able to take the rest of the small cake home, which was nice.

Chocolate Fondant.

My boyfriend loves chocolate fondant, so he was happy when he saw this given to him. Inside oozed our the gooey warm chocolate with the salted caramel sauce. It was to-die-for.

Chocolate Pannacotta

My dessert came in the form of chocolate pannacotta. I love my pannacotta, but I had never had chocolate pannacotta before. I requested that I love fruity desserts, so they scattered different versions of strawberries all over the plate — dehydrated strawberries, which were so crunchy as if it were strawberry chips that was still tangy in flavour. The macerated or drunken strawberries were delicious. Chocolate and strawberries are always a match made in heaven.

Petit Four.

The final dessert was a plate of petit fours, included white chocolate truffle that was interesting and delicious, and a chocolate “brownie”,  which was rich in chocolate but otherwise very nice.

It was definitely a unique experience, especially in Perth where the concept is pretty much non-existent, It’s not for the average diner, so it’s quite expensive for what you get (small degustation portions). Their creativity is unique and exciting, and I almost felt bad for the chefs with our picky requests, but they’ve probably had worse, and they do love the challenge! My boyfriend still remembers the experience 7 months later, and I’m sure he’ll remember it for the rest of his life. The service was impeccable and friendly. Couples began to arrive after we were seated, which was nice as I thought we were the only diners for the night! Some people had ordered the set menu which looked just as delicious.

I’m so sad that Chefz Table has now closed. I’m not sure of the reason why — maybe the concept didn’t take off as well as they hoped? Too expensive? Who knows. I just hope there will be something new that they open up because I would be there in a heartbeat.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Address: Fairlanes Building, Unit 1b 181 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004


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  • Chefz Table closed down mid-2014.

– A.

Sweetly spoilt by Baked 180

Baked 180, Girrawheen

If there’s one thing that everyone likes, it’s cupcakes. How could you get sad at those little sweet morsels sitting there, ready to be eaten? It was an offer that we couldn’t refuse when David and Jenny from Baked 180 kindly invited the Savour The Moment team to come and try their cupcakes. We had heard of Baked 180 before, having seen them at this year’s Taste of Perth Festival whilst ogl-ing over their Maple Bacon Cupcakes (holy cow!) and through word-of-mouth after they had catered for a corporate event. Co-founder Jenny had a passion for baking and initially started in their family kitchen. Her and David started selling cupcakes at university whilst studying (David studied Engineering and Jenny studied Law) and took orders from their customers. Things had taken off with their small business, but they knew it was time to expand. They took over the reigns of a small, run down, and empty what-used-to-be-a-local-fish-and-chip shop, and turned the space into their own kitchen with a small dining area. It’s hard work having to work every weekday at the store and making deliveries, whilst running their stall at the Subiaco Farmers Market every Saturday morning, then catching up on some loose ends on Sunday, before doing it all over again. Now they are looking to move to a new and bigger kitchen, as well as opening a small stall at a major shopping centre. We could see they were proud of what they had accomplished, and it has paid off.

The countertop at Baked 180 is on point.

On one sunny afternoon after stuffing (accidentally) ourselves silly for lunch at Lot Six Zero in Innaloo, we booked ourselves in for ‘dessert’ over at Baked 180 at their Girrawheen store. David and Jenny presented us with their babycakes that were on offer for that day plus some extras – Cookies and Crème, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Chai and Honey, Choc Orange, Cookie Dough, German Chocolate Cake, Lavender and Lemon, Vanilla Vanilla and Carrot Cake (only A could have it).  They all looked so amazing and so pretty – all beautifully decorated with pretty buttercream and garnishes that they have added with their special touch. Their babycakes are priced at $2.20, and their cupcakes are $4, coming in both all year flavours and seasonal flavours.

Let the tasting begin! Cookies and creme on the front left.

Cookies and Crème (all year flavour): Oreo vanilla cake, frosted with Oreo buttercream, sprinkled with crushed Oreo biscuits, and drizzled with dark chocolate.

  • A – The Oreo vanilla cake was moist and delicious, putting in the Oreo in the cake gave it a nice addition other than a vanilla or chocolate cake. The cupcake wasn’t overly sweet as other cookies and creme cupcakes can be.
  • L – Cookies and Cream was my favourite ice cream flavour growing up, and having it in cupcake format was icing on the cake (pardon the pun). The best thing about Baked 180’s version was that it had specks of Oreo cookies stirred through the base, making it a delectable little treat!
Red Velvet (all year round)

Red Velvet (all year round): Light, red Belgian cocoa buttermilk cake, frosted with cream cheese and sprinkled with red velvet crumbs.

  • A – Had the distinct rich cocoa taste with a delicious cream cheese frosting that was simple but tasted like a luxurious cupcake.
  • L – Not excessively sweet, light and fluffy cream cheese icing, and vibrant in ruby red, the Red Velvet was another winner for the team! It also happened to be my mum’s favourite flavour of all the big cupcakes we took as take away.
Salted Caramel on the front left.
Check out that delicious drizzle of salted caramel…

Salted Caramel (all year round): Housemade salted caramel inside our Belgian chocolate cake, and drizzled over salted caramel buttercream, sprinkled with a touch of naturally pink Murray River sea salt flakes.

  • A – This was a favourite of ours as you can’t go wrong with salted caramel! We were happily surprised to see a dollop of salted caramel inside the cake. The cupcake was sweet, the caramel could be salted a bit more – still get hints of salt from the delicious pink Murray River sea salt flakes.
  • L – Ditto from A’s commentary, the salted caramel was probably my second favourite of the whole lot! There was a nice balance of salt and honeyed sweetness from the salted caramel sauce, and it looked mesmerising drizzled across the cupcake.
Chai and Honey (seasonal flavour)

Chai and Honey (seasonal flavour): Chai tea cake filled with smooth honey, frosted with chai tea buttercream, drizzled with more honey, and sprinkled with chai tea leaves.

  • A – Chai tea is my go-to drink, and this flavour was one of my favourites. Reminded me of the carrot cake because of the spices but it was even better. Wasn’t too sweet which was good because that means I could have more than one. No drizzle with honey but there was some inside which completed the whole chai and honey experience.
  • L – Chai is one of my favourite flavours, exotic and aromatic with hints of spice, sugar and cinnamon. The honey was a bonus, snuck in the centre of the cupcake – there was a nice crunch from the tea leaves sprinkled on top too.

Choc Orange (seasonal flavour): Zesty orange and Belgian chocolate cake, frosted with orange zest cream cheese and dark chocolate pearls.

  • A – Strong punch of orange as soon as you take a bite, especially if you only take a bite with the orange zest! Choc orange can be overpowering but Baked 180 limits that overpowering taste with a noticeably lesser amount of the cream cheese.
  • L – I am not a huge fan of the chocolate and orange combination, but I certainly appreciated the execution of Baked 180’s choc orange cupcake. The chocolate cupcake was dark and rich, contrasting dramatically with the zing and zest of the orange icing. The icing had heaps of flavour, and was pretty potent!
Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour)
Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour)
Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour)

Cookie Dough (seasonal flavour): Eggless cookie dough stuffed into our vanilla cupcakes, frosted with cookie dough buttercream, and topped with choc chip cookie crumbs.

  • A – A special take on a vanilla cake with cookie dough inside the vanilla cake, that fans who love eating cookie dough batter would love. Not too sweet but still tasty for those that don’t like overly sweet cupcakes.
  • L – If you weren’t one of those kids who ever ate raw cookie batter or licked the cake bowl, then you were missing out on an essential childhood experience. The cupcake flavour was a throwback to those good days, a moist vanilla cupcake containing a pocket of raw cookie dough, and topped with a swirl of icing, as well as some soft, crumbly shards of chocolate chip cookies. So good!
German Chocolate Cake in the front center.

German Chocolate Cake (seasonal flavour): Sweet and sticky coconut and pecan filling in our classic Belgian chocolate cake, frosted with vanilla buttercream, topped with a shard of pecan brittle.

  • A – The filling had that rich chocolate taste that chocolate lovers would absolutely love. The cupcake was beautifully dressed with a shard of pecan brittle that wow-ed us. The coconut garnished on top of the buttercream gave the added strong punch of flavour even with just a few pieces.
  • L – If you like Bounty chocolates, then this is the one for you – rich chocolate cupcake, permeated with veins of sticky coconut and crushed pecans. It looks a treat too!
Lavender and Lemon (seasonal flavour)
That lemon curd!

Lavender and Lemon (seasonal flavour): Light lavender cake, filled with our housemade lemon curd, frosted with lightly tinted purple cream cheese, sprinkled with culinary lavender, and a dollop of more lemon curd.

  • A – My other favourite cupcake for the day! I couldn’t taste the lavender very well in this which was a shame but the lemon curd was absolutely divine – I LOVE lemon curd. There was lemon curd inside and dolloped on top so the cupcake had so much flavour to it. This cupcake would be so perfect for a baby shower!
  • L – My number one flavour of all the cupcakes! Lavender is a beautiful hue, and when combined with lemon curd it can be an unstoppable flavour (whilst also looking beautiful). I loved the tartness and sweetness of the curd, and not only was it found on top of the icing, but also in the middle of our cupcake. Highly recommended!

Vanilla Vanilla (all year round): Fluffy Madagascan bourbon vanilla cake frosted with creamy vanilla buttercream, and sprinkled with rainbow confetti sprinkles.

  • A – I thought this cupcake was rather average and simple as vanilla can be. Not too much to say about this cupcake, except it would be nice to have with a hot cup of tea.
  • L – Vanilla cupcakes are seem to be deceptively straightforward, but it shows how the very basics can be done well. The base wasn’t excessively sugary, the texture of the cupcake was airy, but not too dry, and the icing was spot on. There was a nice crunch from the rainbow sprinkles too.
Carrot Cake at the very front next to the German Chocolate Cake.

Carrot Cake (seasonal flavour): Moist carrot, warm cinnamon spice, and walnut cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

  • A – A classic flavour that was full of cinnamon spice in the moist carrot and walnut cake. The cream cheese frosting was delicious and the white chocolate in the cream cheese made it more sweeter and richer in flavour, which was nice.
How amazing in their branding logo? Love.

To top off our wonderful experience, we decided to take a few of our favourites back home to share with our precious loved ones. We selected two of the Chai and Honey, one Red Velvet, and one of the Salted Caramel. Jenny and David were generous enough to give them to us complimentary – we couldn’t believe our luck! And the surprises didn’t end there….

So sweet!

Just as our cupcakes were being delicately placed in their secure Baked 180 container, David brought out a giant box, patterned with the Baked 180 logo. Best of all was the beautiful note attached to the box: “Thank you Lyvia and Anna for coming down and trying our cupcakes. We love Savour The Moment! From the Baked 180 Team.” The message brought a huge smile to each of our faces – it was the perfect touch to a wonderful cupcake-tasting experience. If that didn’t convince us that food blogging was such a promising and rewarding venture for us both, then nothing would!

How to share this between us!?!


Low and behold, we returned home to open our present, and found even more cupcakes, all lined up and ready to be eaten. We now had the dilemma of splitting the cupcakes between us (amidst multiple photo styling shots), but luckily that was resolved quickly, and we had enough cupcakes to last us for the next couple of days.

A final thank you to Jenny, David and the rest of the Baked 180 team for inviting us, for telling us your special story, for the cupcake tasting session, and of course the present and the special note that came with it (it will be a prized memento in our blogging keepsake box!). Their packaging is beautiful in brown and turquoise, and they boast seasonal flavours which will keep us all on the lookout for what’s hot on the flavour scene.

Thanks David and Jenny!

Baked 180 is the perfect option if you are looking for a sweet catering option for a special occasion, and if you have the time, pop into their cafe for some dine in options – cupcakes and coffee is always the best way to go!

No current rating as the food was complimentary :)

Address: 6/1 Tonkin Place, Girrawheen W.A 6064

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  • Baked 180 is open Monday to Friday 7am until 4pm (but closes at 2pm on Fridays) and is at Subiaco Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am until 12pm. The cafe is closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Their cafe is small that fits roughly about 10 people so feel free to take away!
  • As aforementioned, Baked 180 do seasonal flavours to mix it up a bit. Visit their website to see what they’re baking for the season!
  • Baked 180 is currently popping up at Food Amongst The Flowers at Claremont Quarter (located in The Lane opposite Lucioli) from July 9th, 2015, and is open Thursdays and Fridays (10am to late) and Saturdays (8am to 2pm). From August 2015, they will also be showing up at Inglewood on Beaufort (Beaufort Street Monday Night Market) every Monday night from 6pm to 9pm.

– L + A.

Fantastico, Francoforte Spaghetti Bar!

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar, Northbridge
(Two reviews on separate occasions)

Spaghetti anyone?
Spaghetti anyone?

There are certain people that you love spending time with (and by that, I mean quality time, with people who make you laugh a little more, smile and appreciate life). They’re the people who relish your passions, respect you, understand that everyone has individual differences and will willingly put conversation with you prior to social media/phone consultation. I’m going on this spiel because as I get older, I’ve come to realise that it’s not the quantity of your social group, but rather the quality of the people you surround yourself with.

Tables and menus

I’ve got a good batch of friends now that I can depend on for outings – whether that be for dinner or lunches, a random exercise sesh at Jacobs Ladder, picnics, or games night. It’s a bunch of people that include my sister, my two best friends from high school, and a childhood friend I reconnected with after a good seven years. The best thing about having friends that are supportive, is that they spur you on, whether that be career advice or life insecurities. These people know me – they don’t complain when I whip out the camera (or “ban” me from taking food photos) and wait patiently when I snap away. Simply because, they respect my process, my creative outlet and they are all pretty easy going. And that’s basically all you need in people you can depend on, and have lots of fun with.

Starting off with a drink!
Starting off with a drink!

This particular night, we were all catching up for dinner. We had spent the last few catch up sessions rotating a hosted dinner at each other’s houses, and decided to let someone else do the dishwashing for a change. My friend had suggested Francoforte Spaghetti Bar, and I was an immediate yes. I needed some pasta in my belly, stat. I also needed something to quench my thirst, which came in the form of San Pellegrino’s Aranciata Rossa (or, as I like to call it, Italian Fanta).

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar does not do reservations, so my sister went there early at 5:40pm to secure us the (only) big table there. She sat there, grinning like a loon, while the rest of us were (predictably) late. But we all got there by the 6pm mark, all eight of us. I loved the outlay of Francoforte, with the exposed cement walls, dark timber flooring, dazzling fluorescent lights that skated the patches of grey. It was all very rustic and urban, like a modern New York apartment, or maybe a kitchen loft. Very cool. Along one side were stacks of tinned tomatoes, Roma Italian, just incase you forgot it was an Italian restaurant.

Antipasto ($)
Antipasto ($9)

My sister and her boyfriend ordered the Antipasto platter ($9) to share which came with bread, artichoke, cheese, a mixed salad and homemade olives. The antipasto plate was a bit too simplistic in my opinion – I was expecting a bit more meat, maybe cold cuts like ham, or a few rounds of chorizo. Instead there was an abundance of olives, some fruit (rock melon), sun dried tomatoes, and something extremely sour in the middle that looked like currents. There was a bit of Italian sausage, but it was rather thinly sliced. I suppose for $9 it was expected that it wouldn’t have an abundance of meat, but I still wish it had a bit more. It was very striking presentation wise however, with big swirls of black balsamic.

Squid Ink Pasta ($)
Squid in Vino ($16)

We ordered a bunch of pasta dishes to share, which turned out to be a great idea (especially for a food blogger who likes to sample everything). Squid in Vino ($16) was a pasta dish with baby squid, chickpeas and white wine sauce. There was also that surprise of actual squid ink drizzled on top. Curled up pieces of squid were scattered in a potent ink sauce – it tasted like the sea, fresh and a touch fishy. The sauce turned promptly into a pool of black within a couple few turns of the fork, like water turning into red wine. It was the one dish everyone kept on going back to after taste testing the first round of pasta dishes!

Eggplant Sugo ($16)
Eggplant Sugo ($16)

The Eggplant Sugo ($16) was my second favourite dish of the night, prominently because of the juicy sweetness of the seasoned eggplant. Placed against the backdrop of the tomato sugo, it splashed a combinations of flavours across the palate – zesty, punchy tidbits. The eggplant also added a touch of oiliness to the spaghetti, which really attributed further to the flavour and the wonderful texture of the pasta. I literally had to fight my best friend for the last few strands – it was a pasta plastering of fists!

Guanciale Carbonara ($16)
Guanciale Carbonara ($16)

The Guanciale Carbonara ($16) was the hell raiser at our table because everyone wanted a big piece of it. I loved the cream sauce, mostly because it wasn’t stodgy like many white pasta sauces can be – instead it lightly coated the pasta, mingled with feathery shaves of parmesan and pecorino cheese. The salty crispiness of cured pigs cheek, so similar to bacon but a little lighter, added some fantastic flavour and texture to the dish.

Cartdriver's Pasta ($16)
Cartdriver’s Pasta ($16)

The Cartdriver’s Pasta ($16) included porcini and portobello mushrooms (fungi, I translated in my head – it was one of very few words I actually remember from high school Italian, one which also included torta… I think I’m starting to see a food related pattern in my foreign language recall….). It also came with tuna, onion and tomato. The whole dish was decidedly too fishy for me due to the large presence of tuna and I felt it was also a touch saltier than all the other dishes.

Porco Rosso ($16)
Porco Rosso ($16)

The Porco Rosso ($16) was a meaty dish of Italian tomato sugo and traditional pork sausages, which resembled crumbling meatballs. I loved the sharp acidity of the tomato sugo, which really lifted the fattiness of the pork sausages. The boys all really enjoyed this dish because it was the one with the most meat content and succeeded in filling up the final spots and spaces in our tummies.

Bread ($2)
Bread ($2)

I don’t remember whose idea it was to order an extra side of bread ($2 for 2 slices), but I was super glad we had something to mop up those remains of pasta sauces which sat swimming, lonely at the base of the dishes. It was crusty on the outside, and perfectly spongy inside. An inspired side dish for pasta!

Inside Francoforte Spaghetti Bar
Inside Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

Spaghetti was a perfect foil for a wet and windy Thursday night, Francoforte’s cosy, warm interior a small niche hallowed out in a little arcade. We saw half a dozen people we knew, all trying to escape the rain while we waited with contented stomaches. Service was terrific, headed by the lovely bubbly girl with the top ponytail, who served us at the till and then later handed us our crazy number of pasta dishes.

We all got a bit confused about what we had actually ordered (the sheer size of everything), but the girl took it on board with a big smile, and listed off all our dishes again, against the docket. To have that patience on a Thursday night is a serious merit. The only downside was the wait on our food, which reached just past the 30 minute mark. To be fair though, we did order A LOT of food.

I would certainly recommend Francoforte Spaghetti Bar to anyone who happens to be in the Northbridge area. The ambience of Francoforte is commendable, a simple layout that utilises dim lighting and polished timber to create a moody, intimate atmosphere, which definitely fits into Northbridge’s character. Every strand of pasta was cooked to perfection, which is saying something when you are plating up five large dishes of spaghetti. Benissimo!

L’s Rating: 7 out of 10

A’s review:


My boyfriend and I visited Francoforte after much rave about their pasta, and intended to have a quick dinner before going to a show in Mt Lawley. I had walked past Francoforte before it was open, back when it was still under construction, and I was already keen on trying to place out before I even knew what it was. I knew we had to go as soon as we had the chance.

Bread ($3)
Guanciale Carbonara ($17 for grande size)

I ordered the Guanciale Carbonara ($17), which was delicious, and very simple. There was salty cured pig cheek that was almost like pan-fried pancetta. This dish didn’t need any other additional seasoning, as the pasta alone had lots of flavour, and it was full of Parmesan and Pecorino so the dish was moist but not as creamy as carbonara usually gets. The sauce was minimal but was packed full of flavour, and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

Porco Rosso ($17 for grande size)

As a huge Studio Ghibli fan, my boyfriend got the Porco Rosso ($17) purely because of that… but also because it was more of a sauce-y kind of pasta dish, which generally has a more strong and sharper flavour with all the tomato flavour in it. The Porco Rosso didn’t disappoint — there was heaps of flavour in the sauce and meatballs. I actually preferred it more than my Guanciale Carbonara dish. There was also a couple of slices of Italian sausage in there which was great. Also very simple though, but who needs a full on pasta dish?


What Francoforte does, and excels in, is very simple pasta. They don’t muck around. It’s simple ingredients for a simple meal, but they do it so well — everything on the menu sounded delicious. I definitely want to try the dessert next time — I’m eyeing their tiramisu! There are very limited seats though, seating roughly 20 to 30 people. I found the service to be relatively slow even though we were practically the only people in the restaurant, such as giving us water after we had our meals. But the service was very friendly.
The interior reminded us a little bit of Melbourne — the wooden features, and stripping to the bare minimum. I remember having a peek inside when it was being built. Francoforte is a nice addition to this little alley way, with Japanese food and waffles just outside, amongst the quirky stores, a bar around the corner, and burger joint at the end of the alley way. Francoforte was exactly what Northbridge needed — a hearty and relatively inexpensive spaghetti bar.

A’s Rating: 8 out of 10

Address: 4/189 William St Northbridge, 6003 


Francoforte Spaghetti Bar on Urbanspoon


  • Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 10pm for dinner.
  • Francoforte Spaghetti Bar has a small menu, but also includes dessert, including their tiramisu (priced at a pretty cheap $6)! They also do coffee too.
  • No reservations available.

– L + A

Bucking the Trend with Bucket Café

The Bucket Café, Perth CBD 

Note: Bucket Cafe has now been renamed as The Wolf, The Bean and The Walnut! They are still in the same place, so check it out :). 

Hidden away in an alleyway
Hidden away in an alleyway

Usually I am meticulous when it comes to dining out – I spend a good few moments searching for a great place to eat, especially when it comes to breakfast and lunch. I’m a big brunch person and this particular day, I was really keen to have a solo pit stop for food at some point during my shopping venture. The day was going to be busy. This time however, I went against expectations and decided I would just “wing it,” and find a random place to eat. Fingers crossed that it would go well!

It was A’s housewarming party looming, and I hadn’t bought her a present. Cue panic attack. Luckily, like many of my present hunting procedures, great rewards are reaped with intense social media stalking. I had finally decided I would purchase her something from the Country Road home ware section. I had a rough idea in my head of what I was going to get her – something practical, something neutral-coloured and something classy. Easy right? Wrong.

I could do with a table like that!
I could do with a table like that!

Country Road has an overwhelming number of practical/neutral coloured/classy/modern home ware, so finding something within my budget was going to be a particularly hard flog. Plus, I kept on getting distracted – why was everything here so beautiful? I was in glass/porcelain/premium oak timber heaven, and it was making my decision making process all the more harder. After several bouts of indecisiveness, I finally settled on a few items of cutlery, got it paid, gift wrapped and headed out into the cold morning, which, because I had now spent a good portion of my day in the store, was now afternoon.

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Matcha Green Tea Latte

I was burnt out and tired, and I needed somewhere to sit, relax, eat and self-congratulate myself. After getting lost in the myriad of alleyways, I finally found Bucket Café, tucked away at the end of Arcade 800. I started off with a matcha green tea latte. I’m a sucker for green tea, so I was really looking forward to getting my head stuck into it. However, I found it a little bit bitter – I gave it a dose of sugar, which gave it a nice kick. Despite its bitterness and almost grainy quality, the milk was steamed exceptionally well, smooth, even and to the right temperature. I might try the Chai Green Tea latte next time, which was advised by the staff to be a sweeter version of the straightforward matcha green tea latte.

Chicken, Spinach & Cheese Quiche ($5.50)

I also needed something fuel-wise, so I had a chicken, spinach and cheese quiche ($5.50). I had it chucked into a take away container in case I needed to dash off, and whilst it didn’t look incredibly appetising, it was actually a thoroughly enjoyable lunchtime treat. The chunks of chicken was melded into a mixture of fluffy egg and cheese, the spinach nicely melted and housed in a short crust pastry. The circle of shattering pancetta was scrumptious, adding a salty sharpness that contrasted with the lovely caramelised apple. I couldn’t stop scoffing it down, and this was despite the fact that I was ravenous – it was very flavoursome for a humble quiche.

A peek of some of Perth's emerging artwork
A peek of some of Perth’s emerging artwork

I was pretty happy with Bucket Café – they by no means are inventive when it comes to food, but they do food simple and good. The service was friendly and fast, my quiche and green tea coming out quickly. I also got a creamy take away hot chocolate for the road, which was delightful as well.

Bucket Café succeeded in what I needed for the day – a quick pit stop for lunch and a place to grab a hot drink. I don’t know if I would come here specifically for brunch – they have a kitchen, but a lot of their “brunch-y” items are sandwiches, tarts, wraps, the run of the mill stuff (though this might have changed now that they have rebranded!). Despite this, I was pretty pleased with it! Another plus was the wooden tables that looked like they had been fashioned from the cross section of huge tree trunks – very awesome. For a random place I stumbled upon, I was pretty happy with it.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Address: Shop 6, 800 Hay Street, Perth CBD 6000


The Bucket Cafe on Urbanspoon


  • Open Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm (breakfast menu served from 7am to 10am).
  • Catering available, for breakfast, lunch and morning tea!
  • No reservations required, walk in’s encouraged.


Fremantle sets the bar @ Chalkys Espresso Bar

Chalkys Espresso Bar, Fremantle

Wooden and steel furnishings with multicoloured pendant light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.

When I envisioned Chalkys Espresso Bar in Fremantle, for some odd reason, I was imagining a wharf with water surroundings, warehouse interior decor, and neutrals. So when I entered the real Chalkys, I was pleasantly surprised. Wooden and steel furnishings, concrete floors, and poster covered walls, without a drop of water in sight. I thought that the cafe was actually right next to the water, as it appeared on Google Maps, but The Roundhouse is actually next to Chalkys, separated by a tall wall.

I always love Fremantle. I love their use of old buildings and how they turn them into something amazing inside (Melbourne much? Which explains that the owners spent quite some time in Melbourne, taking the Melbourne vibe back to Perth). Their use of interior decorating is astounding and I wish I could channel that into my own home. I was on my day off at work and used the opportunity to take advantage of Perth’s gorgeous autumn weather. I drove down to Fremantle to get something to eat, and to pick up supplies from the super cheap Galati & Sons on Wray Avenue. I had a job application to complete (and I wanted to use their free wifi), so I brought my work along, and mistakingly sat opposite the open door that was blowing an insane amount of wind inside.

I was welcomed by their friendly staff and was given a menu. I decided to treat myself and got a lemon and peppermint lime iced tea by Stolen Recipe. The corn fritters on the menu sounded so mouthwatering, and I usually order corn fritters. I was craving something heavy that day, so I ordered the Hock, which sounded substantial just by the name alone. They had me at “potato and artichoke gratin”… potato always wins me over.

Stolen Recipe’s lemon and lime iced tea with peppermint ($4.50 for 300mL).

Stolen Recipe’s lemon and lime iced tea with peppermint ($4.50 for 300mL) wasn’t what I expected but it was still nice. It was tangy, a little bit bitter, and reminded me of my granddad’s Chinese medicinal oils with the peppermint. There wasn’t a whole lot of the drink to it, either. Oh well.

Tower of deliciousness.
The Hock – poached eggs, master stock braised pork hock, potato and artichoke gratin and housemade hollandaise ($20).

And then the Hock came out! It was huge! It had poached eggs, master stock braised pork hock, potato and artichoke gratin and housemade hollandaise ($20). The photo doesn’t do the food any justice. I honestly couldn’t finish it, but the Asian in me ate the most expensive bits of the meal to get my money’s worth. There was a crazy amount of hollandaise on it too (L wouldn’t approve!). I would’ve liked less hollandaise on it, as too much hollandaise makes Anna’s tummy a little bit upset. There was even a large amount of meat that had been given (the Asian inside of me gave the tick of approval). The potato and artichoke gratin was so delicious, and it helped tone down the full-on flavour from the pork hock. The hock was soft and deliciously braised. The poached eggs were perfectly cooked, but ultimately, there was just too much sauce. You’re either one that likes just enough sauce to not overpower the dish, or you want more, more, more.

I hung around a bit longer to get some work done, and did some people watching. There were those on their lunch breaks, others catching up with their friends on their days off work, some older folk exploring the sights and sounds of Fremantle and decided to pop in for a coffee, and some local university students grabbing some take away. In the end, I wish I had an excuse to come to always be in Fremantle, whether I was a Notre Dame University student or I was working at Fremantle Hospital. Fremantle is a good idea. Good food like Chalkys Espresso Bar in Fremantle is always a good idea.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Address: 1 High Street, Fremantle WA 6160

Chalky's Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

  • Open every day from 7am until 4pm.
  • They use The Seventh Duchess loose teas! Jasmine Green is one of my absolute faves.
  • Limited paid parking available around the area.
  • They do all day breakfast as well (a major plus in my eyes!).
  • Check out their menus on their website.

– A.

The hidden treasure that is Caversham House

Caversham House, Caversham

Enter, friends!
Enter, friends!

Birthdays can be pretty stressful experiences, especially if it falls upon you to choose the key location for good food and wine. There is the sense of expectation that comes with being the foodie in your family or social circle – people turn to you regularly to select a place that caters for the number of people dining, a specific cuisine, the selected time and date, as well as being a venue that is within everyone’s price range. Luckily, my family are a group of relatively easygoing people, so they weren’t too fussed about where we would be dining. However, you can’t help but feel a little pressured when finding a place that will be suitable for that specific special occasion.

Welcome, welcome!
Welcome, welcome!

Caversham House in Swan Valley is barely a 10-minute drive from my house. My mother hadn’t particularly wanted to go back to Swan Valley (our last three family dining ventures had been there), however I was insistent. I was going to surprise them this time around, with the merits the Swan Valley region had to offer.

Wedding option?
Wedding option?

Storms had been forecast for the afternoon, so I was feeling a tad of trepidation, but as we stepped outside, the weather was absolutely perfect – sun kissed and not too cold, ultimately a pleasant winter’s day! I had booked for 6 people at 1.30pm on a Sunday and our booking had been taken the day previously, with no worries at all.


First off the bat, Caversham House is beautiful. Like, wedding venue beautiful – an apt descriptor, as it is a famed wedding venue in the region. When we arrived, it looked like a wedding had been held perhaps in the morning or the previous day. White marquees fluttered about and the little function room just outside the restaurant had rows of pretty vintage chairs. We stepped inside the restaurant and I was immediately taken by how small the restaurant was – there were seven tables, with our table of 6 being the biggest. Elegance blossomed in every corner – there was a sparkling chandelier, a marble fireplace and walls of ivory white. Next to the room appeared to be another function room, sectioned off by a sweeping grey curtain. At the back was a black leather decked lounge that screamed the 1950’s.

Out in the fields!
Out in the fields!

We were taken to our table, with the cutlery painstakingly laid out. It reminded of one of my favourite quotes from the hit TV show New Girl by Nick Miller: “This place is fancy and I don’t know which fork to kill myself with.” It’s a particularly hilarious quote that comes to mind (and launches me into a fit of giggles) when faced with half a dozen silverware choices. The wine glasses were also stamped with Caversham House’s logo, which was another touch of grace and class.

Bread ($3 per person)
Bread ($3 per person)

The staff at Caversham House are paramount professionals – cloth napkins laid on our laps, jugs of ice water placed on the table, followed by leather bound menus. We decided to buy a first course of bread – something our family sometimes indulges in, in order to keep the hunger at bay. Caversham House had house made bread ($3 per person), which was served with extra virgin olive oil and sundried capsicum and olive butter. The multigrain bread came in halved rounds, with a toasty crust and a deliciously moist, warm interior. Bread is one of life’s simple pleasures, and Caversham House sure knew how to work it – my dad compared it with damper, with its spongy texture. The prize went to the sundried capsicum and olive butter, which was not only vivid in colour but also added a Mediterranean feel to our very first appetiser.

Pork Belly ($19)
Pork Belly ($19)

Dad also felt like something else sizeable for his entrée, so he ordered the slow roasted pork belly ($19). The pork belly itself was wonderfully cooked – succulent meat that had a delicate snap and crackle from the topmost layer. The seeded mustard mashed potato was nutty, a complex sweetness coming from the rich jus splashed across the dish. The apple and vanilla puree was also very nice, as were the caramelised apple balls, which added a nice crunch to the dish.

Cheeseburger ($13)
Cheese burger ($13)

The service at Caversham House was so considerate, that we didn’t even have to ask for them to bring out the kid’s food first. My brother’s cheese burger ($13) came whizzing out of the kitchen mere minutes after our entrée dishes were cleared up. We noted that, one, this was a step up from fast food burgers – the bread was something of the brioche variety, with its trademark gleam. Secondly, it had a HUGE patty packed inside it, which dripped with juices with every bite my brother scoffed down. It also came with fries,a fresh salad and some tomato sauce, which would make any child exultant.

Char Grilled Loin of Pork ($)
Char-Grilled Loin of Pork ($39)

My sister’s boyfriend ordered the char-grilled loin of pork ($39), which came with a zucchini rosti, roast pear, baby beetroot, rolled crackle and sage jus. I was lucky enough to try a bite of the pork, which was lip smacking good. It’s so easy to overcook pork, but this one was lovely and tender. Everything else was cooked well, which was a good sign for the rest of the mains that were to come!

Salt Water Barramundi ($)
Salt-Water Barramundi ($39)

My mum ordered the salt-water barramundi ($39), which came with roasted corn and asparagus salad, sundried tomato cake, lemon nage and crispy white bait. Mum’s fish was exquisitely moist, but lacked that crispy skin that some barramundi dishes possess. She was particularly impressed by the white bait and the sundried tomato and potato cake. The corn asparagus salad acted like a colourful salsa.

Fillet of beef ($39)
Fillet of beef ($39)

The fillet of beef ($39) was my dish, which came served with a potato fondant, parsnip puree, baby vegetables and traditional wine jus. I was really craving a steak that day, and Caversham House didn’t let me down. The steak was a fine piece of meat, with a bit of height to it. I had requested it medium rare and it appeared to be more on the medium side, but I was still really pleased with it. It was tender and easy to masticate, the mark of a quality red meat purchase. The parsnip puree was smooth, with the red wine jus wrapping everything in a magnificent bundle. The potato fondant was a column version of the humble roast potato, complimented by a small cylinder of eggplant, carrot and asparagus, all which had been immaculately cooked. What a dish!

Breast of chicken ($39)
Breast of chicken ($39)

My sister’s breast of chicken ($39) was moist, stuffed with bocconcini, thyme roasted cherry tomatoes, corn puree and a pancetta rosti. My sister placed a portion of chicken considerately on the border of my plate, and I was immediately smitten by it. Chicken breast isn’t my favourite selection (I’m more of a thighs person), but this one was well cooked and seasoned generously with lemon and herbs, giving the chicken some great flavour.

Knickerbocker Glory ($10)
Knickerbocker Glory ($10)

We polished off our mains and quickly moved onto dessert. My brother ordered the monstrosity that was the Knickerbocker Glory ($10), the only dessert option on the children’s menu. I get a bit fearful when the foremost name of any dish exceeds three syllables, just because it could be a rather complicated contraption – luckily, the Knickerbocker Glory was pretty straightforward, a sundae of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, raspberry coulis and marshmallows. The dessert was topped with a chocolate wafer which my brother couldn’t finish it – rightly so, the whole thing was just huge, a tower of sugar.

Lemon delicious ($15)
Lemon delicious ($15)

My lemon delicious ($15) was a square of lemon syrup cake, which gave me a smack of acidity as soon as I put it into my mouth – it had a lovely light, fluffy texture singing with notes of citrus. The strawberry compote was a nice accompaniment, and the vanilla anglaise was standard. The brandy snap ring added an arty, abstract element to the dish, and tasted like a giant honey crackle (my 13-year-old brother’s words, which was received by murmurs of agreement by everyone at the table). The block of chestnut parfait didn’t have a lot of chestnut flavour to it, but it had the best texture – almost marshmallow-like in consistency and was very generous in quantity.

Banana mascarpone mousse ($15)
Banana mascarpone mousse ($15)

My dad opted for the banana mascarpone mousse ($15), which was accompanied with banana compote, Italian meringue and caramelised peanut puree. Dad said he could really taste the potent flavour of the banana, and the plating presentation was very impressive. I had it in my head that the mousse would come in a martini glass, but I shouldn’t have underestimated Caversham House’s penchant for refined modern dining – my favourite element was the banana pieces frozen in glassy caramel, which was very inventive and looked striking on the plate.

And after….
And after….
…. you arrive at this place!
…. you arrive at this place!

We used our Entertainment Cards, resulting in our total bill being around the $200 mark – we were pretty chuffed with the discount, and the service had been on the ball from the get go. Our main waitress worked in a straightforward manner, quickly and cleanly. We were checked up on multiple occasions by the restaurant director Davide, who was easily charming. Water was filled up on many instances, and the food was incredibly timely. It was fine dining done well, upholding a high standard of quality control. On top of this, it wasn’t only just refined food, but very family friendly, by including a children’s menu.

Simply stunning
Simply stunning

Best of all is the post-lunch walk. Down the limestone stairs of Caversham House hides a gushing waterfall, moss covered walls, statues and a jetty leading out to the bubbling Swan River. It is exactly like something out of the Secret Garden, picturesque and perfect for photo taking opportunities. Also, their lawn is immaculate. Who is their gardener?

Just like a European garden!
Just like a European garden!

Sometimes you get places around Perth that inflate their prices due to the views, but there are those rare moments when you get everything you could possibly need in a memorable dining experience. Caversham House was one of those examples, which boasted green pastures, great service and wonderful food. If you are looking for a place to take family out, from interstate or overseas, Caversham House would be your best bet.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Address: 141 Caversham Avenue, Caversham 6055




Caversham House on Urbanspoon


  • Open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch (11.30pm to 3pm, last orders at 2.30pm).
  • Entertainment Book Gold Card discount, one complimentary main course for when another main course of greater or equal value is purchased (up to $40 in value).
  • Reservations available, contact Davide at or call (08) 9279 1167.


Top 10 Places To Eat feat. Melbourne (Part 1) + Happy 1st Birthday STM!

SAVOUR THE MOMENT is officially one!

We can’t believe it’s been a year since STM started, and we’ve had the privilege to meet some awesome people along the way. We’re grateful for all the opportunities that have come, and we are especially grateful to our family and friends for putting up with our photo-taking-before-eating. And we are especially grateful for the people who actually read our posts or oogle over the food photos. Thank you so much! Hopefully the next year will be bigger and better!

To commemorate our first anniversary since starting Savour The Moment, we are posting a special post that is something a little different from our usual food reviewing posts. We love Melbourne, and people always ask us what’s good to eat in Melbourne. To be honest, EVERYTHING is good in Melbourne.  Whether you’re a regular traveller to Melbourne, wanting to try something new, or it’s your first time, we hope this list that we have compiled is helpful to you.

We’re planning on publishing more lists in the future, as it gives us a break from writing reviews after more reviews, so stay tuned!


Lyvia & Anna

Top 10 Places To Eat

Melbourne: Part One

In February 2014, L and I travelled to Melbourne for roughly 10 days to eat to our heart’s content. I had been to Melbourne multiple times, but it was L’s first proper visit (the first time was a family trip which involved no venturing into the city!), so it was up to me to show L what Melbourne was famous for – the food and coffee! We wanted to write a review about our experience but it got all too much. We aimed to eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) all at different places but we soon realised our stomachs were not prepared for this, no matter how hard we tried!

Unfortunately, food poisoning got the best of me at the beginning of the trip (can you believe that!?!), and as much as I tried to hold it all in me, L took the reigns and ate for two, for me! As my appetite started to come back, I indulged as much as I could.

We’ve come up with this list for those who are stuck on what to eat in Melbourne, whether it’s the first time, or the tenth time. I have included some places I went to prior to this recent visit that I had to add to this list. Also, this is not the complete list as pretty much everywhere we went was good. In the beginning, we carefully prepared and planed a list of everywhere we wanted to visit, and it got overwhelming, so we hope this list helps, and you don’t become overwhelmed like us!

PLACE: Chin Chin (Melbourne CBD)


 Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset    chinchin2

When you hear that long queues is an issue with a restaurant, then you know that it’s amazing. We were lucky enough to grab one of the last tables straight away, five minutes before there was a long line developing outside. Chin Chin does the most delicious South Asian food with the biggest menu we’ve ever seen. We devoured the palm sugar ice cream sundae with salted honeycomb and a lime syrup dessert. Make sure you come early — we came at 5:30pm and it was mostly full!

Address: 125 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000


 PLACE: The Grain Store (Melbourne CBD)

grain1    grain2

The Grain Store screams out what you expect in a Melbourne restaurant. From its exposed ceilings to the wooden furniture, the food is also stunning in taste and presentation. All the breakfast dishes sounded so gourmet and the best bit? It wasn’t even too expensive (average of about $17), which you would expect them all to be well over $20 in Perth. Get anything on the menu and you’ll love it.

Address: 517 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000


 PLACE: Proud Mary (Collingwood)

mary1  mary2 mary3  mary4

Humbly located in the back streets of Collingwood, Proud Mary is always busy and we can understand why. Proud Mary does one of the best coffees in Melbourne. They have a small menu but it’s their coffee that shines the most, according to the locals. Their service was friendly and welcoming, despite it being busy, which made my solo dining experience. My potato hash filled me up for a long time, and I would re-visit Proud Mary in a heart beat.

Address: 172 Oxford St, Collingwood VIC 3066


 PLACE: Auction Rooms (North Melbourne)


auction2    auction3

Auction Rooms combines two of my favourite things — Warehouse converted cafes. Auction Rooms focuses on good coffee with their coffee station positioned in the centre of their cafe. Their food has consistently been great. Their interior is amazing and they use their dining space well, utilising every available area for more patrons. Auction Rooms has always been a favourite of mine, with their amazing coffee and hearty breakfast choices being one of the best in Melbourne.

Address: 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051


 PLACE: Luxbite (South Yarra)

luxbite1 luxbite2 luxbite3 luxbite4

Luxbite in South Yarra is a must go for anything travelling to Melbourne, before, during, or after shopping along Chapel Street. Luxbite has the most delicious sweet desserts and are so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to bite into them. Their many different flavours of macarons are unique and delicious. We shared the Monster Meringue that was delicious, sweet, and enough between us. I’ve had the Endless Love, like a massive macaron, which was just as good as the Monster Meringue.

Address: 38 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141


 PLACE: Cutler & Co (Fitzroy)

cutler4 cutler1 cutler2 cutler3

One of the best restaurants that my boyfriend and I have ever been to. Located in Fitzroy, and easily accessible via the tram from the CBD. Their service is impeccable, and we were more than happy to spend a fortune on dinner here. I still remember the perfectly cooked barramundi I had for dinner, even though it’s been more than two years since I first visited. A must go for any special occasion.

Address: 55-57 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065


 PLACE: Cumulus Inc (Melbourne CBD)

 cumulus2 cumulus3 cumulus1 cumulus4

Same owner as Cutler & Co, Cumulus Inc in the CBD is sleek and classic with beautiful decor and huge windows to bring in the amazing natural light. Their food is intended for sharing but we chose to have our own mains as I had a stomach bug. Their menu is more on the pricey side, however the food is spectacular. My John Dory and mussels main was so delicious, but the highlight was mango jelly, coconut and lime sorbet granita. Make sure you try their breakfast, which is what they’re famous for!

Address: 45 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000


 PLACE: Chez Dre (South Melbourne)

chez1 chez3 chez4 chez2

Found in an alley way in South Melbourne, Chez Dre epitomises Melbourne, showcasing the best of what the city has to offer. From the beautiful interior design to its gorgeous selection in their patisserie and bakery, everyone should be visiting Chez Dre. Everything on the menu sounds amazing, however we recommend the Avo Luxe, which had so much flavour and texture to it. Definitely one of our favourite places in Melbourne.

Address: Rear of 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205


 PLACE: Naked In The Sky (Fitzroy)

 naked1 naked2 naked3 naked4

Recently featured in season five of Offspring, Naked In The Sky is a rooftop bar and restaurant with amazing panoramic views of Fitzroy with the skyline of Melbourne CBD. Naked In The Sky is above the restaurant, Naked For Satan, and their Spanish food is all about sharing. The grilled beef skewers were deliciously tender, and the meatballs were full of flavour. A great place to go to with friends for dinner and drinks.

Address: 285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065 (located on the rooftop)


 PLACE: Seven Seeds (Carlton)

seeds1seeds2 seeds3 seeds4

Seven Seeds’ specialty is coffee, but they also excel in food. They are also responsible for Brother Baba Budan, just a few hundred metres away, also with amazing coffee. Set in an old warehouse, they offer a small menu and they are always consistently busy, as Melbourne University is also very nearby. My Heirloom tomato medley on toasted Turkish bread with cauliflower cream, shaved pecorino & a poached egg was light and simple but packed with so much flavour. What I loved the most about Seven Seeds is that they open at 7am, perfect for that early morning breakfast before you sadly fly out of Melbourne.

Address:  106-114 Berkeley St, Carlton VIC 3053


Of course, this isn’t the end of our Melbourne list, so keep a look out for part two, coming soon!

– A.

All photos taken by A.

Back to Basics with Black Swan

Black Swan Winery, Swan Valley

Just a glass...
Just a glass…

There are more than your fair share of wineries in Swan Valley, and the best ones all have three basic features. Number one, polished, professional service, that eagerly caters for the customer. Two, the food uses fresh produce and sounds fancy (and almost always looks fancy, with clean plating and all), but naturally tastes delicious. Three, it is a restaurant surrounded by spectacular views (usually greenery, encompassing rows and rows of vineyards). Black Swan luckily has all of these dot points checked off, which I was pretty relieved about, as I had chosen this place to take my mum out for the day. I was just about to head off to New Zealand for a work trip for over a month (and Mum was going back to her hometown of Malaysia for a high school reunion), so I was looking forward to some quality mother-daughter bonding time.

Surf and Turf ($)
Surf and Turf ($40)

The Surf and Turf ($40) was appealing to my steak and seafood cravings for the day. I like to think that I am getting to the stage of my life when I know when prawns are cooked well, and these ones were king sized, fresh and translucent. They had a beautiful natural sweetness to them, with a slight smokiness from the garlic, the marks of something lovingly cooked. The grilled rib eye (250gm) was a little overdone, more medium to well done than my mum’s requested medium rare, but it was such a succulent cut of meat, it almost didn’t matter. The dauphinoise potato was a buttery layer after layer of my favourite vegetable. Everything was roped together by an opulent Shiraz jus. The green beans were also cooked to perfection. An almost 10 out of 10 dish!

Chicken 2
Baked Chicken Kiev ($37)

My baked chicken kiev with a brie and apricot farce ($37), was more of a miss than a hit. I had been enticed to try it because it was stuffed with brie, and was expectantly waiting for an ooze of creamy, soft cheese to spill out – instead what trickled out appeared to be a failed version of my béchamel sauce at home. It had a chunky consistency, which looked like the milk solids had separated from the oil content of the cheese. I didn’t really taste much of the apricot either, which would have been a wonderful flavour addition. The chicken however was delectably moist, a portion of the leg and the breast. The polenta cake was nice, but a little too grainy for me – I love my polenta with a silken, smooth texture. Portion size wise however, it was very filling. The orange rum glaze was also a lovely accompaniment to the dish.

Peach Cobbler
Peach Cobbler ($14)

The peach cobbler ($14) was my favourite dish of the day, with a crusty crunch at the top. It wasn’t too sweet, and was hot and moist, like a pudding. A beautiful tartness came from the peaches.The crème anglaise had an oily like film to it at the very top, but it was packed with potent vanilla flavours, and was a nice pairing with the cobbler. The toffee shards were a tad on the thick side and gummed our teeth together, but it added a nice touch.

Hello cobbler
Hello cobbler!

There was a bit of a wait for the mains (about 30 minutes) despite the fact it was pretty quiet in the restaurant that day. I believe there were only four other tables inside at the time with us, the biggest being a crowd of 6 people. The staff however, were very professional, pleasant and exceptionally polite. I think what made the wait all that more excruciating were the heady, wafting aromas emitting from the kitchen – you could tell there was some cooking magic going on in the background!

A touch more of my mum's dish!
One more of my mum’s dish!
A table for two!
A table for two!

The views were wonderful and the service was great, but unfortunately the food was a bit of a mixed bag. The dessert and my mother’s surf and turf had some great moments, but I was a bit let down by my chicken dish. Also, I wasn’t a big fan of the wait – the last time I had been there, I had also experienced the same issue, which perhaps could be down to the need to have one more person in the kitchen? Black Swan Winery is a nice place to go in Swan Valley, but there are a few places you could probably venture to that would have the whole package.

The vineyards!
The vineyards!

 Rating: 6 out of 10.

Address: 8600 West Swan Rd, Henley Brook 6055


Black Swan Winery and Restaurant on Urbanspoon


  • Open 7 days per week for lunch from 11:30am. Open for dinner Wednesday through to Friday starting from 5:30pm and Saturday evening starting from 6pm.
  • The Cellar Door is also open for the wine enthusiasts, with wine tasting bookings available through the website.
  • Entertainment Book Gold Card Discount: 25% off up to $40 in value.
  • Bookings available through phone phone (08) 9296 6090 or via email
    NOTE: Wednesday and Thursday evenings are subject to sufficient bookings.

– L.